My Apologies

Yo, Andrain here. I’m gonna be late. Sorry, I got a good explanation, and I’m not quite ready to do a Soul Eater review just yet. It’s alright though. If you guys will just save your candy a couple of days and keeps the Saints out, in about 3-5 days I’m going to be in the absolute pristine condition to take a good hard look at Soul Eater. Yare yare, it seems I managed to become a creature of the night when I fear All Saints Day over all Hallows Eve. Well can’t be helped. Stay tuned.


Yare, Yare…what to do, what to do? I guess it’s my fault–I should’ve realized that Number One would have such a severe case of P.T.A.E.A.S.D [Post Traumatic Anime Ending Absurdity Stress Disorder] after he told me about the ending for “Soul Eater”. Guess the next review is mine…oh well, there’s IS one show I can think of that I can review in short order that I recently just got around to watching. And it seems somewhat appropriate for this month–after all, what’s scarier than a tiger that can fit in the palm of your hand or a scary evil-looking dragon? Yup. I’m getting into that one. So stick around as I bring an end to Spooky October with the anime…




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