2012 – The Year of the ‘Bros

Hey guys, Samurai here! You know, I was thinking about something earlier today. 2012 has been, for the most part, a year for the ‘bros. By which I mean that there seems to have been quite a few popular shows this season centered around two or more male lead characters who behave much like brothers, even though they may not share a blood relationship. So I figured that I would highlight some of my favorite “bro” shows of this past year thus far. Granted, this list might expand as we are only a few days into the Autumn 2012 season, but I think I have plenty material to keep you guys entertained.

1. “Daily Lives of High School Boys” or “Nichibros” – One could argue that this show started us on the path of bro-dome. This series, as per the title, follows the daily lives of several high school boys who attend an all-boy high school, primarly focusing on three friends; Tadakuni, our straight man/face palmer, Hidenori, our glasses character front man, and Yoshitake, our blonde haired oddball. This show pretty much opens a window into the world of high school boys and the subtile bonds of friendship that form when you cram so many crazy, somewhat hormonal guys into a school together. It’s approach to those of the non-bro persuasion is hilarious, as all the girls in this particular series are certifiable insane, which, when you think about it, is how all guys see girls for the most part. This show also gives us another bro trio in the form of Karasawa, the cap wearing lone wolf-style character, Motoharu, the tough on the outside yet gentle on the inside character, and “Vice President”, the tanned skinned, blonde haired Student Council…vice president. These three guys, while not the center of a lot of episodes, definately stick together like the main group does, and they look out for each other when it comes to dealing with the mysterious creatures known as girls.

2. “Space Brothers” or “Uchubros” – Ah, Mutta and Hibito. These guys are the perfect example of bros supporting one another. When older brother Mutta gets sacked from his high-end car design job after head-butting his boss, his younger brother, an accomplished astronaut living in Houston, reminds him of their childhood promise of going into space and also sends him an application to join the space program. Thus “Space Brothers” begins, following Mutta’s trials and tribulations as he goes through the tests to become an astronaut like his younger brother Hibito, who is already slated to become the first Japanese on the surface of the moon. Mutta is driven with mindset that the older brother must always be ahead of the younger brother, and thus he aspires to become an astronaut in time to join a crew going to Mars. This show displays the brother relationship between Mutta and Hibito perfectly; it’s competition, but it’s not life or death–that is, Mutta WANTS to become an astronaut for his own reasons, but if he just so happens to beat his brother to Mars, then that’s just an added bonus. Watching these two interact is always fascinating and fun and they compliment each other perfectly.

3. “Kids on the Slope” or “Apobros” – This show is pecular in that, while our two male leads, Kaoru and Sentaro are not related by blood, they may as well be as their relationship throughout the series has been nothing short of bro-like. In fact, the female lead, Ritsuko, in one particularly interesting episode, referred to our odd pair as “two princes” [Get your mind out the gutter, Yaoi fangirls…you know who you are!]. The way Kaoru and Sentaro argue, indirectly make up, and rock the house with their jazz playing  [accompanied by their “older brother” Junichi on trumpet] makes “Kids on the Slope” a perfect bro anime.

4. “Kimi to Boku” or “Kimibros” – Do NOT adjust your set…all the principal male leads in this show are indeed male. Shun is just…well…gentle, shall we say? This show, which ended its second season run earlier this year, features a cast of five friends: the aforementioned Shun, the gentle soul with long hair, Kaname, the glasses wearing tsundere, the twins, Yuta and Yuki, and Chizuru, or blonde transfer student and resident bundle of energy. Though only Yuta and Yuki are the only flesh and blood brothers in this series, in a way, all five of them form a bond together that is very sibling-esque. They argue and tease each other, but at the end of the day, they still care for each other and still hang out often–even sleeping over at each others houses at the start of the first season.

5. “The Cajun Samurai” or “CajunBros” – Well, seeing as how OtakuAndrain teamed up with me earlier this year, and since or antics both on-blog and off are a combination of “Nichibros” and “Uchubros”, I think we would fall into this category. Heaven knows we’re about as opposite as opposite can get, and of course, we have our share of disagreements and arguments–between my Cajun temper/Angry Black Man mode, and his Otaku Rage mode, we can get into some heated discussions. But, at the end of the day, we’re still as cool as the other side of the proverbial pillow.

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