The One Year Anniversary of the Cajun Descent…

Can I tell you a secret?

When I first came up with the idea of creating an anime review blog, the idea terrified me. In fact, it still does. Why? Because there are thousands of anime review blogs on the internet right now. Mine is not the first, and heaven knows it’s not going to be the last. How would mine stack up? What can I possibly bring to the ongoing conversation about Japanese animation that hasn’t been brought before? And then it hit me like a sack of crawfish; I can bring myself. I can bring my thoughts, my feelings, and my unique sense of style to the table.

And with those words, a self-imposed challenge began–can I really bring Cajun Style while offering commentary on a Japanese staple?

Well, it’s one year later, and I can now say, with 99.98% certainty that I have achieved my goal. Today is the one year anniversary of the launch of “The Cajun Samurai”. Without threatening to go into “Sappy Comment” Territory, I just want to give a heartfelt thanks to every one out there who encouraged me over the last year and who helped me out when I needed it. It’s because of all of you liking, commenting, and your overall positive vibes that I’ve found the energy to keep this blog up and running! Heaven knows, there were days when I just did not feel like typing a single solitary character–I wanted to watch anime, but I didn’t want to sit down and do the work behind it. But it’s thanks to all of you, yes even YOU, who inspired me, guided me, and encouraged me to keep writing!

I started this blog with one simple idea: I wanted to give voice to my love and frustrations about a medium that I have been involved in for the better part of a decade. For me, anime provides a method of escaping the day to day grind; it gives me a chance to see other people live their lives, experience thrilling victories and crushing defeats…all from the comfort of my room. I want people to see this blog, not just as a place to get reviews or the latest news, but as a place where one can express gratitude to those men and women who create those stories of victory and defeat, who make it their life’s work to tell these stories, and to those who play the parts in both native and foreign tongues. Do I praise every single anime series or movie that comes across my screen? Heck to the no; as you guys are no doubt fully aware, I have reamed my share of shows and movies over the last 12 months, and heaven knows I’m not done yet. But let me be perfectly clear about one thing; I give sharp critiques not because of any malice or hate, but because of frustration that comes when I see the potential of a show or an actor/actress not being fully utilized or giving their all. I love anime, and just like with anything you love, when you see someone or something not doing it due justice, you speak up , much like a sports coach will give you feedback on your performance during a practice or a game.

Okay, enough of the past, let’s look to the future. Year 2 of “The Cajun Samurai” promises to be extremely interesting and, for me at least, extremely challenging. However, it’s that interest that makes me pop a DVD in my player and watch the same show for 26 or more episodes, its that challenge that drives me to sit down in front of the computer and type out line after line after line of commentary, and its your approval I hope to earn, keep and maintain! [::bows deeply::]

Now, if I’m not mistaken, there are two reviews left for Spooky October! One from Otaku Andrain and one from myself! So here’s to another year of success! Now, back to work!

7 thoughts on “The One Year Anniversary of the Cajun Descent…

  1. Well I was in a bad mood when this was posted, so I’ll just sneak in to comment now. Thank you everyone for your support. You know, I saw that pic everyone comes to this site for on /a/. Same filename I made it, so I know they got it here. It’s strange to have any sort of impact on the net, but hopefully, we’ll start getting a touch more traffic for our content rather then our awesome photosense. Thanks for everyone’s support. I’m currently re-Marathoning AKB0048 before work. That second season can’t come soon enough. I’ll get to work on my review later.

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