Updates to the Anime DVD Bayou!

Hey guys, Samurai here! I have a few new additions to my DVD collection [and a few subtractions to my bank account, but hey, that’s what money is for, right?]. This time around, I didn’t have AS MANY struggles getting these three new disks in my collection, but one of them did give me a bit of confusion. That being said, let’s check out the new acquisitions to my expanding collection and a POTENTIAL addition!

“Trigun: Badlands Rumble” – Yeah, yeah, I can hear your complaints now. “Samurai, why didn’t you get this movie and review it when you reviewed “Trigun” in July?” Well, two reasons. #1, I didn’t have it in my collection at the time TO review, and #2, it completely slipped my mind that there was even a “Trigun” film to begin with! However, my memory was quickly jogged on a recent trip to FYE when I saw the movie sitting on the shelf wiht a $7.99 price tag on it brand new. Yoink! Because I was actively reviewing an anime at the time I bought it, I only had a chance to watch a few minutes, but from what I saw, it looks like your typical “Trigun” story. I’ll have to pay close attention to the dub work this time around as Funimation handled this project and the majority of the cast, save for Vash the Stampede, had to be replaced with new actors/actresses. This is going to be interesting…

“Eden of the East: The King of Eden” – Yes, more “Eden of the East” love. This time, we have the first movie which takes place about six months after the events of the 12 episode series. It’s an interesting movie, but it felt like just another episode of the show, just longer. There was nothing really there to set it apart from the series. Don’t get me wrong at all, I really, REALLY liked it, but I just didn’t get a “Whoa…this is a MOVIE” feel. I got a “Oooh, this is…just a long episode.” feel. That being said, this Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack came from WalMart for around $20 bucks, shipping included. This one actually didn’t give me any trouble like the series did with regards to shipping. I simply ordered it from Wally World, had them hold it at FedEx so I could pick it up on my day off from work instead of leaving it at home, and picked it up when it was ready. Nice, and simple and easy…

“Eden of the East: Paradise Lost” – …not quite like this one, I have to say. “Paradise Lost”, the last movie in the “Eden” saga, is actually a bit better than it’s predessor. It gave me the epic feeling I felt was missing in the first movie without going way over the top. Getting it however did give me a few moments of “Wait, wha???” I ordered it from WalMart about a week after I got “King of Eden” [Had to get paid after all…] and paid around about $27 after taxes and expidited shipping. Once again, I had the order placed on hold at the local FedEx office and left my cell phone number to be called when it’s ready. So a day or two pass and my mother knocks on my door. “Hey, you got an automated call from FedEx…they said your package was ready to pickup?” Huh? But I intentinally made sure that they had my CELL number and not the house number. WEIRD. So I went about my day puttering around the house, figuring I would just go and get my package that afternoon, when my mom said “Hey, Josh. Fedex called AGAIN.” What the…Okay, Okay. I’ll just go get it NOW. I got dressed and headed out. I picked up the package, they checked my ID, scanned it, had me sign, and I walked out the door. Late that afternoon, the phone rings AGAIN. Guess who it is? FEDEX….telling me my package was ready to be picked up…even though I already picked it up, signed for it, took it home, unwrapped it, played it, and was listening to the somewhat boring Commentary Track with Mike McFarland. Go…freaking…figure. In any case, look forward to a complete review of “Eden of the East” in it’s entirety…heaven knows after all I went through to get it, I had better take the time and write up some good reviews for it.

“Deadman Wonderland: Complete Collection” (POTENTIAL ADDITION) – I’m labeling this one as a POTENTIAL addition because, well, while I really, REALLY loved “Deadman Wonderland” during it’s run on the resurected “Toonami” timeslot, and while it would make an awesome review for this month in particular, I look at the pricetag and I slam on brakes…BIG TIME. With tax, it comes to over $50…for twelve episodes…WHAT THE DEUCE?! That comes up to $4.54 per episode! Geeze, like I said before, I’m all for supporting the industry, but if the industry is going to take a chunk out of my wallet like this, I’m not going to have enough money to support it AND me! It looks like I’m going to hold off on reviweing this one guys until either one of two things happen:

  1. The price comes WAY down…and I mean WAAAAY down…like around $30, because I absolutely REFUSE to pay more than $40 for just 12 episodes…[And before you mention “Highschool of the Dead”, I remind you that I used a $10 coupon for it, so it brought the price down to around about $42. And before you mention “Oh, you can buy it from ‘XYZ’ website! They have sales going on all the time!” please know that while I do appreciate your suggestion, I am EXTREMELY particular about where I buy my anime online.]
  2. It’s available for streaming dubbed online through my Magical Sony Streaming Box. [Funimation has setups with a lot of major streaming sites like Netflix, Crackle and if memory serves, Amazon, so my chances of catching it there are pretty dang good, actually…]

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