A Review of “Best Student Council” – The Covert Squad is Watching You.

Here At Miyagami Academy There exists a group of girls who hold more power and authority then any of the faculty members. The Miyagami Academy Maximum Authority Best Student Council. Otherwise known as… BEST STUDENT COUNCIL!

Ah, Well here’s number two of my contributions to Back to School month (Which is running over because I lack a sense of time these days… SORRY!) I had to pick something with flare that was well not as normal yet, still kinda normal, yet completely out there! I succeeded of course! So to make up for everything I’d like to introduce you to one of my favorites. Even though there’s no way this Review goes the normal way… Oh well in Any case! I’m Andrain and this is my review of the Gokujou Seitokai (The Best Student Council).

Warnings and Objectionable Content: Let’s see, Miyagami Academy School for Girls… Catholic isn’t mentioned… There’s no Chapel on Campus… and there are no Nuns, Fathers, ect…. Good! Huh? Why are you looking at me like that? I got nothing against the Catholic Church! It’s just in Anime where the Church is concerned every sort of school is a Yuri fest. So as the Church has nothing to do with this. It’s safe for all ages!

Favorite Moment: The Card Game Episode… That one was hilarious!

Availability: This one is an older one! Brick and Mortar stores are unlikely! Take your search to the internet!

Story Premise: Rando Rito-chan is having a rough time. Her mother died and she’s out of money. Well for some reason this guy named Mr. Poppit is watching over her and got her enrolled in the Miyagami Academy School for Girls. Rito-chan is… just a tad on the baka side so it’s good she has her friend Puuchan with her, a puppet who is nothing more and nothing less. Oh and he does talk. What? Rito-chan does ventriloquism? In any case, the apartment she was going to move into burnt down and she lost all of her possessions and eventually made it to the school after hilarious doings. One of her new friends spoke to her about the Maximum Authority Best Student Council, that if she were to join, would allow her to get room and board for free! She somehow manages it even while holding no special skills! Guys I love this story, it’s a pure hearted comedy about girls doing crazy insane nutty things. This school even has a 70mm (maybe bigger?) Howitzer! I mean come on! There’s a plot too but let’s not spoil that in the middle of all the fun. (25/25)

Characters: Ah… Well… Ahem, There’s a lot of them… I thought Nanoha StrikerS had way too many characters, this anime uses the entire OP to INTRODUCE THEM ALL. That’s helpful because there are REALLY a lot of them REALLY… yet… You get to know all of them pretty well, from the beautiful fun hearted student council president, to the mysterious Shinobi of the school’s Covert Squad, to the Invincible swordswoman who constantly loses her glasses. We have variety, we have flare, this doesn’t leave me wondering about any of the characters! Even the teachers get their own episode (even if there are only two mentioned.) Remember, there’s a puppet too! So I mean, we’re completely chock full and I’m not taking my day off to introduce all of them! My only criticism of the characters… Any of the guys you see you should expect to be total jerks. Just to let you know. This is a girl school, and well let’s face it, Guys are guys I guess? Meh thinking about it harder they’re not all jerks… but ‘eh I’m taking two points! (23/25)

Animation: This is an older anime but this completely insane school is brought to life wonderfully. The characters have amazing facial expressions… Clothing is great, the school itself man…it’s amazing… and well… there was this one moment that may or may not have caused a spontaneous nose bleed out of me… Konata would call it Ojou-sama Maido Moe! Aka… THIS

Sorry for the surprise, That’s Best Student Council President Kanade Jinguji. She’s REALLY rich, so the contrast, not to mention how GREAT that maid uniform looks on her! Ahhh… *coughs* Of course this anime is older, so there’s no super high depth so I have to remember that. So I got no complaints about animation quality (12.5/12.5)

Music: ‘eh… I don’t know, I think the music is the weaker point here. It’s good but, meh… I don’t know it’s appropriate but I got no real praises to throw around. I guess it does it job helping the world building but it does in a way that well, well like I said before, you’re watching the OP to get the names of everyone. The ED is pretty good but I’ve got others that are definitely higher tier. (10.5/12.5)

Performances: This is… another rare day, REALLY rare, I watch this anime subbed but you know what? Mostly due to the nature of this anime, it dubs pretty darn good! The English peeps, way too many to name, all do a top notch job! No Joke! They did good! The Japanese are just as remarkable as usual and some of my favorite names pop up… The Voices of Nanoha, Melfina (Outlaw Star), Osaka (Azumanga Daioh), Midorikawa Lettuce (Tokyo Mew Mew), Mikoto Suo (School Rumble). Let me put it to you this way… they had SOOO much talent here that they WASTED the HOLY voice of the late Kawakami Tomoko-sama (Athena Glory, Revolutionary Girl Utena,) on a character whose trademark was being unable to speak in a proper manner. Ok, I gotta take points for that… No excuse, at least Konami redeemed itself in being able to create anime. (23/25)

Scoring Summary:

Story Breakdown – 25/25
Characters – 23/25
Animation – 12.5/12.5
Music – 10.5/12.5
Performance and Production – 23/25

Final Score – 94/100 = 94% – (A)
Sorry for the lateness, and everything, You guys got me to work on my day off! be grateful! In any case, I have no idea what the Samurai has in store so I’ll let him guide you into next month I gotta go back to work and learn how to work a Nuclear Reactor…. Surprisingly difficult. Take care everyone, and may the Way of the Moe lead to the… Holy Grail? I guess! Ja-ne

Oh yeah I hope you all are ready to Wideface! Season 4 of Hidamari Sketch in 2-3 Days.


3 thoughts on “A Review of “Best Student Council” – The Covert Squad is Watching You.

  1. Wow. I’m surprised you liked this series so much! I really enjoyed it at first, too (I think I watched it on Anime Network), but I became bored toward the middle and never finished it, right around the time some random trouble making character was introduced. Perhaps I should return to it one day.

    Oh, and Pucchan’s awesome. I don’t know how he translates in Japanese, but the English dubbed version for him is hilarious!

    1. I guess Individual mileage must vary, but I found this something pretty easy to marathon myself. This might be one of those I have some Rose tinted glasses for.

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