A Review of “Tokimeki Memorial”: Only Love: Pi Piyo Pi Pi Piyo Pi.

Yare Yare, What?! What are you looking at me like that for! I’m working on stuff… Kinda! I can’t help it if gaming for the last time with my shipmates all together was so much of a dream I couldn’t do anything else! I also can’t help that Google never got the Final Chart! So… So… It’ not my fault! *Puts aways Hayate The Combat Butler* ‘eh? No I wasn’t spending the last two days reading this masterpiece for all Otaku that I’ve already repented for not reading sooner… Ahem… in any-case I’ll get some work done. I suppose I’ll bring in some high school into these anime (I know I told Samurai I didn’t have anything other then KnoJ for Middle School….) so I’ll start with this one based on the Tokimeki Memorial Galges. Galges are NOT Eroges! They are perfectly safe and for all ages! So without further adieu let’s see what we’re getting ourselves into. I’m Andrain and this is a review of Tokimeki Memorial: Only Love

Warnings or Objectionable content- You’re Good, just try not to act like our MC through this series. It will save you much pain later on.

Story Premise: Aoba Riku is a guy who can never stay in one place too long and has transferred yet again to another new school. This guy just wants a peaceful life. Too bad this school won’t help there and he’s attacked by a giant mob his very first day! Pretty soon his life becomes even more chaotic as he finds himself in the middle of a Love Tetrahedron that would make most men… myself included want to murder him with great malice.

Basic background into a basic harem no extreme background to make it cheesy they keep it simple and taking the background and turning it interesting. It’s not bad but it’s nothing that leaps either (18/25)

Characters: Ho crap does this show have a wacky colorful cast each of them equally diabolical or just plain freaking insane. It’s actually kinda cool to hang around that school but we might as well focus on our hero and the three heroines.

Aoba Riku- One of those guys who can’t plant roots. I know the feeling really, I do… but after this nutty school… ugh he becomes the bane of my existence. I have never seen someone three-time so naturally! BAH! If this was anything like real life he would have been beaten ages ago! CURSE YOU NIPPON! But seriously, he’s a pretty air-headed guy. Second year, goes with the flow way too much and is pretty contemplative. Other then being a lump of ‘insert yourself here’ as he was designed. He was an ok character.

Yayoi Mina- Mina is a first year member of the swim club. She’s also the first to develop a little crush on Aoba-san. She likes Dolphins too. She’s the quiet shy type with a great deal of inner strength I’d say but she gets really really hooked up on Riku after he agrees to give her psychological support… REALLY GUY?! Ugh…. WHAT DID YOU THINK SHE WANTED?! Moving on…

Kasuga Tsukasa- Tsukasa is a second year ace of the Volleyball team. Tsukasa is a hopeless romantic. When deciding her first relationship would start with a meeting of fate she bumps into Riku-kun the next morning… and INSTANTLY DECLARES HIM HER MAN! Then proceeds to lead him off somewhere after school all without introducing herself. Sporty, unable to cook, and a genki girl. I liked Tsukasa but I’m not sure I could keep up with that energy.

Amamiya Sayuri- Sayuri is the perfect girl. You spend the series listening to legends of her deeds. A wall is of course set up around her heart because she is that perfect girl that all the boys are insane for. Obviously that’s a facade, she has her own rather interesting issues. Aoba seemed way too naturally drawn to her but that was probably due to her man-grabbing aura. I don’t blame her. I blame Riku for being such a playa.

Hiyako: The Voice of reason in this series and the overall strongest at this school. He’s the reason you watch this. No joke… too bad he’s not the star… THIS IS A REAL MAN

The other characters in this series are beautifully varied. It’s got a little bit of everything. Single down on her luck teacher, Manly Man Baseball Captain, and one of the most evil Student council presidents in history… The characters make you actually want to go to this school. I’d run 100K laps on the beach with that Baseball team. The only thing really bringing it down is how stupid and…. playa this MC of ours is. Oh well… (20/25)

Animation: Crisp, Clean, crazy, All of the girls are cute which is important for something like this but the guys are generally animated well too. No complaints here (12.5/12.5)

Music: That OP… Oh it’s almost as bad in getting in your head as Soramimi Cake (Azumanga Daioh)… ALMOST.

The EDs are also well done as well (Yet are not included on Youtube… oh well.) The background music also works well and plays suitably for the dramatic moments. Well done on this score overall. (12.5/12.5)

Performances: Ok… *stretches* Here we go, the story itself… was BAD! That’s guy fantasy going WAY too far. I couldn’t get away with any crap this guy managed to pull and somehow ended up ahead! I hate him… A big problem were the girls involved. I like them really did but… oh my WOW they… ugh.. So the V/As were pretty much not gonna make this work no matter how epic they were. I have to say though, the V/As played this script out wonderfully. They all did well main and supporting characters alike. You got to appreciate and enjoy each of the characters. So lets begin out shout outs: Aoba Riku, played by, Miyano Mamoru-san! Well this guy gets around, Light Yagami, Riku from Kingdom Hearts… Moondoggie! And… Why yes Shinku Izumi from Dog days!I LOVE THIS GUY! No wonder I didn’t drop this instinctively! Fujita Saki played Mina-chan. Where have I heard that before? Wait… That’s…. Hatsume Miku! HOLY CRAP! Tsukasa was played wonderfully by Shiono Anri. That’s surprising though she did an amazing job I can’t believe I have nothing of note on her. Finally Saiyuri was voiced by, Makishima Yuki, Yuki-san has been in Soul Caliber the fighting game but also not much of note. That’s disappointing too. Let’s see who else… Holy crap… Hiyako-kun is Kadowaki Mai! That’s Ilya-chan from the Fate/ series… and she’s Taneshima Popura (WORKING!) The main character and the freaking chicken are some of the biggest in the industry. Going down the Wiki list… I’m seeing some Industry titans… This is amazing… The world they created was beautiful, but background means nothing over a crap story. This Anme was made based on an MMO… I suddenly understand EVERYTHING very very well. (15/25)

Scoring Summary:

Story Breakdown – 17/25
Characters – 20/25
Animation – 12.5/12.5
Music – 12.5/12.5
Performance and Production – 15/25

Final Score – 78/100 = 78% – (C)

Well I watched this series before years ago and I thought it was a little sappy but ok. Age makes a man wiser I suppose so it can’t be helped. I don’t particularly recommend this series for random viewing now. Try it you might like it but outside the characters there isn’t much to love.

Next time I’ll take a look into the fantastic side of High School. A school where the students rule and power is consolidated into the Miyagi Academy Maximum Authority Wielding Best Student Council. I of course am referring to:

See yuh for now.


2 thoughts on “A Review of “Tokimeki Memorial”: Only Love: Pi Piyo Pi Pi Piyo Pi.

  1. I haven’t seen this series since it first came out, but I remember really enjoying it at the time. I wonder if I’d rethink it, too, if I watched it now.

    1. Well the secondary characters are as awesome as I remembered. It’s just this guy… Three-timing like a boss. It don’t matter if he’s flirting with other girls… or they fight together over him! Nah! Not at all!

      Miyako-kun is still as awesome as you remember… Wonderful world Building, messed up plot.

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