Madoka Magica MasterCard hits Japan…For A Contract and Bandai Entertainment Closes Shop…

Hey guys! Samurai here! I was cleaning out my old RSS feeds, when I stumbled across this old story from Anime News Network. It seems as though the anime “Puella Magi Madoka Magika”, an anime that has drawn more than it’s fair share of viewers to our blog, thanks in part to OtakuAndrain’s glowing review, is releasing a trinity of movies; two this year in October and a third possibly next year. In celebration of this, MasterCard is releasing a limited edition credit card featuring the main cast of the show in all their kawaii glory.

To be eligible for the card, [Available only in Japan–sorry guys…] you must, quite literally, sign a contract. The perks are pretty good though; the Membership Fee of 1,312-yen [Or $17  in US Greenbacks] is waived for the first year, and every year thereafter, provided you use the card at least once a year. In addition, if you enroll in the program before September 20th, you’ll be eligible to win a few tickets for the first two “Madoka” films. And if that wasn’t enough, each card member will receive an “Original Premium Card” every month, eight in all, starting in October along with a special mount for the cards.

Now, I currently have a credit card, and I already have a hard enough time as it is trying to keep it in my pocket to avoid using it…the LAST thing I need is a credit card with cute little magical girls on it staring at me from the depths of my black wallet with their cute eyes as if to say “Go on, Samurai-oniichan…buy it…you know you want to…go ahead…aren’t we just the cutest little things you ever seen? Go ahead and buy it…if you don’t, we’re going to cry…you don’t want us to CRY do you?”

Speaking of crying, I got some sad news for those who are fans of Bandai Entertainment USA. ANN reports yesterday that the anime licensor in the US has officially discontinued selling Blu-Ray, DVD, Comic and Novels. ANN reports that the last shipment of comics and novels will come at the end of October 2012, and the DVD’s and Blu-Rays will be on November 30 of this year. Granted, while we did break the news earlier this year, and had a lengthy discussion regarding this issue, it still comes as a punch to the gut to know that such a trusted licensor of anime in the US will no longer be releasing material. A good many of the DVD’s in my collection are from Bandai, including but not limited to:

“Lucky Star”
“Cowboy Bebop”
“Psalms of Planets Eureka Seven”
“The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya”
“Pilot Candidate” [Well…nobody’s perfect…]
“Please Teacher”

So my fellow anime fans, if you are a fan of these or any other titles from Bandai Entertainment USA, then you had better get while the getting is good because after November 30th, ain’t no more getting to be had!

Source: “Madoka Magica Gets MasterCard Credit Card” Anime News Network []

Source: “Bandai Entertainment to Discontinue Sales of Home Video Products and Graphic Novels” Anime News Network []


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