A Cajun Samurai in the Hurricane!

Hey guys, Samurai here! As you probably already know, there is a little storm in the Gulf of Mexico called Issac setting course for Louisiana. As you also know, yours truly is in Louisiana sitting right in the crosshairs of Issac. While this is not my first rodeo with a hurricane [I’ve gone through Gustav, Rita, Katrina, and Andrew in my 27 years], it’s still a bit unnerving each time those hurricane tracks point in my direction. But, fear not guys–all appropriate precautions have been made that can be made have been made, and I’m in a safe location with all the essentials for both mind and body! Bring it on, Issac; I’m ready for ya!

If you guys are interested in what it’s actually like to be inside a tropical storm/hurricane, follow @CajunSamurai101 on Twitter, and I’ll be updating [For as long as power allows…heh…] about what I’m doing and the status of the storm. Fair warning: with no electricity in the house, things can get rather boring, but I’ll try to keep it interesting!

4 thoughts on “A Cajun Samurai in the Hurricane!

  1. Oh well… You know what really sucks… They always happen on my Birthday or around so I always feel like crap getting a bunch of money and I have donated it all to relief efforts before.

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