A Final Goodbye From the “Digimon Adventure” Crew!

Hey guys! Samurai here! I was going through YouTube trying to find the original “CD Dramas” I mentioned in the discussion I had with Paige the other day, when I stumbled across what has to be THE coolest bit of “Digimon” memerobilia I think I ever heard! Apparently, in addition to the CD Dramas and countless music soundtracks, there was a CD released called “Digimon Original Story Special ~With~” which features, among other things, farewell messages and skits from the Season 01 through 05 Digi-Destined to the viewers. According to the Video Description, a blog called “Digital Scratch” translated the dialogue into English. Sadly, that blog was taken down by WordPress, but the translations still exist! So, as a close out to this highly-successful “Digi-Month”, I figured I would let our beloved Chosen Children from seasons one and two send us on our merry way! This first video is from the original “Digimon Adventure” group. The translations below are in the order you hear them on the audio: Tai first [Taichi], then Joe [Jyou], Sora, Izzy [Koushiro] , Mimi and Matt [Yamato]. Enjoy!

TAICHI: This is Taichi Yagami. How are you guys doing? Are you eating wel– oh, sorry, that’s exactly what I said to Agumon. Let’s all go on another adventure again, some day! Bye!

JYOU: Hello, this is Jyou Kido. It’s been awhile! As usual, I’m still falling into holes and rivers. Whenever I step onto the train, I trip immediately. But I always keep thinking that I’d like to get into university without dropping. Mmm… I’ll do my best!

SORA: This is Sora Takenouchi. My favorite foods are watermelon, Kyoho grapes, and liverwurst — I’m sorry, that isn’t right! Those are Yuko Mizutani-sans favorite foods. Well, anyway, thank you for always supporting Digimon. The Digital World is forever as long as no one forgets about it. I will never forget it for the rest of my life, either. Please continue to keep the Digimon in your hearts.

KOUSHIRO: This is Koushiro Izumi. It has been awhile, everyone. Um… [pause, then awkwardly] There are still a lot of things that I don’t understand about the Digital World yet… and I’d like to collaborate more with Tentomon and Gennai-san in many ways… and clarify each mystery one by one. Ehm… [pause] I’m doing fine. How about you, everyone?

MIMI: And so, to do this properly once more, long time no see! ♥ This is Mimi Tachikawa. Did you make sure to get my video mail? I’m doing totally well, as you can see. ♥ [in a bit more solemn tone] Hmm… a lot of things happen in life, wouldn’t you agree? But no matter what sort of troubles I face, I can do my best because it makes me feel alive. [giggles] If I’m going to live, I might as well do it enjoying myself! So, let’s do our best together, okay, everyone? Until we see each other again. Bye!

YAMATO: Yamato Ishida. Hello, everyone. Are you living your days in happiness? I am. Bye now.

Coming up Next, we hear from “Digimon Adventure 02”!


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