“Digimon Adventure 02” Ending Revisited and Remixed [Part 3]

[Greetings guys! Samurai here again bidding you welcome to Part 3 of our remix of the “Digimon Adventure 02” ending with our special guest, Paige. I have to admit, this was extremely fun to do and I welcome the opportunity to bring Paige back one day for another discussion! This last installment of our discussion will address the last four of our Digi-Destined crew and we will finally…FINALLY address the large Growlmon in the room and discuss the most hotly discussed topic in all of “Digimon”…other than why did the Digi-Destined not change clothes when they went back to the real world for the first time? Without further ado–let’s jump into it!]

Cajun Samurai –
Okay…while we’re on the subject of the law, let’s look at our Reformed Digi-Destined, Ken.

Paige – He was a detective, right?

Cajun Samurai – Yup. This…in some part of my mind, makes good sense. I see Ken as being the kind of person who feels he still has to atone for the things he did in the Digital world as the Digimon Emperor.

Paige – Yeah, it was already established that he possessed both the brains and the brawn for this career, but I have to wonder if he’s selling himself short here.

Cajun Samurai – How do you mean?

Paige – I mean, maybe he would’ve been a regular old street detective when he graduated college at the age of 15, but 25 years later, Ken definitely would’ve been high, high up in the ranks of Japan’s version of the FBI.

Cajun Samurai – You have a point there…Ken is an established genius, so it would stand to reason that he would skip ranks easily.

Paige – Especially since he could start so much younger than everyone else.

Cajun Samurai – Maybe they took the puppy-kicking thing into account and kept him lower in the ranks.

Paige – Why are you trying to knock this? You know I’m right. Don’t defend the show’s writers, Socks; We all know you had no more respect for them by the time this episode came around.

Cajun Samurai – Right, right…Especially after our next subject…Yolei becomes a Housewife.

Paige – No shame in that. What would you rather see from her?

Cajun Samurai – I don’t know…but it seems like they could’ve done something more than just regulated her to be a housewife. She’s a bright character, an intelligent character. She could’ve managed her parents’ convenience store and made it a big chain of stores around Japan. She could’ve done just about ANYTHING and I would’ve been a little more forgiving. But, I understand to the ways of the Japanese to a point. Typically, once you get married and have kids, as a housewife, you devote 100% of your energy to them, leaving the male to be the breadwinner.

Paige – Well, maybe she did manage the store before she got married, then.

Cajun Samurai – If it ain’t happen on the screen it ain’t happen.

Paige – She could have! In our ending. Would that make you happy?

Cajun Samurai – …Happy!

Paige – Okay, good. Who next? We’re running out of choices here.

Cajun Samurai – Well, we got Kari next…and she’s a Kindergarten Teacher.

Paige – Ah, yes. Kari. This will be interesting. We never could agree on her fate.

Cajun Samurai – Or her love life…

Paige – Two very different schools of thought when it comes to Kari. The smarter, more romantic half of the Internet agrees with me, that she should end up with TK.

Cajun Samurai – This is understandable. I mean, there are signs abound that show where these two would make a good couple…but there are also pockets of fans that believe she would be best served with Davis as her partner. Honestly, I can see both arguments. And, as you are probably well aware, I took both flavors and did some interesting things with them.

Paige – Why would she choose that goofball? Kari is the girl next door. She belongs with the boy next door. That’s TK. So which flavor did you like better?

Cajun Samurai – Each had its pros and cons. And heck, it’s been so long ago…and I enjoyed writing for both of the couples. But if you were to lean on me for an answer…

Paige – ::leans forward:: Yes?

Cajun Samurai – I would say…Daikari. I’m sorry, but writing for Daikari is a little more fun than writing for Takari coupling. I’ve used this description before, but writing for Takari is like playing in a clean, white sandbox while writing for Daikari is like playing barefoot in the mud. Sure, you can have fun doing both, but its different levels of fun–I mean, Takari pairing is always so pure, white, clean…but Daikari gives you a little more grit, a way to expand the characters more.

Paige – No! Life is too muddy as it is! You don’t like Takari because you know it’s meant to be and that bores you. And maybe, maybe from a fan fiction point of view, you’re right. But we’re not looking for what would be more interesting. We’re wrapping things up. Things are done, this is the happily ever after. And TK and Kari make more sense. They have the history. They have the chemistry. They have the kooky older brother/best friend tag team. It’s so perfect!

Cajun Samurai – IT may make sense, but that doesn’t automatically make it INTERESTING. To me, that’s the easy way out. That’s the safe way out. Sometimes you just have to take risks and take chances. And to me, the writers dropped the ball there. They had the opportunity to take a chance and do something out in left field and make something interesting…But instead, they played it safe.

Paige – Doesn’t matter. Things don’t need to be interesting after this. This is the end. Do you want to watch the end and go, “Hey, wait! I want to see what that would be like!” And you would be disappointed because there’s nothing left. All we want to know is that our beloved characters are happy. You know that TK and Kari would be happy. You don’t know about Davis and Kari. A Daikari ending would not wrap things up. So tell me, which is the better ending?

Cajun Samurai – The Daikari ending. I still say that keeping things interesting, even up to the end is important. But, that’s just my opinion and we need to move on to the last and final topic of discussion.

Paige – ::grumbles:: The part where I make Davis rot at the bottom of a pit for all of eternity?

Cajun Samurai – You just don’t like Davis, do you?

Paige – No, he’s a stupid head! He should have never been leader and he certainly isn’t worthy of Kari! Now, see, you got the 11-year-old me to break free. All these years I’ve been civil towards him, masking my true feelings.

Cajun Samurai – [::sighs::] We’ve discussed Davis prowess as a leader in the 02 review…and yes, he’s not the most effective leader…but I say we give him an ending that will at least send him on his way that makes somewhat logical sense. Point blank–he should act on his soccer skills and become a Soccer pro.

Paige – Okay, fine. I’m an adult now, I can be mature about this. Soccer pro it is.

Cajun Samurai – That way, he can actually be on “Time” Magazine’s cover for something other than noodles… In any case, I think we’ve covered everything! Was there anything you wanted to discuss from seasons 02 or even 01?

Paige – No, I think we’ve said plenty. I don’t even think we need another “Tai’s Hair” joke. In fact, maybe we just take the first one out before we post, huh buddy? ::big hopeful smile::

Cajun Samurai – Negative! But, I do have a surprise for you! Something from way back in the day, my friend!

Paige – Wow. Those jokes are about on par with mine. What a simple time it was, when we thought that was the epitome of comedic genius.

Cajun Samurai – Yeah, but oddly enough, I find myself still able to laugh…which says a lot about my sense of humor I’m afraid.

Paige – Hey, if it’s good enough for me at 11, it’s good enough for me now!

Cajun Samurai – In any case, it was fun taking this trip down memory lane with you. It was amazing getting a female point of view of Digimon’s ending.

Paige – Thanks for having me! I’ve had a blast. Hopefully we did it justice. I know we at least did better than the show’s creators.

Cajun Samurai – I like to think we did. Our ending put our beloved cast of characters on a MUCH better path than the creators did. In any case, I hope to have you come around again.

Paige – Anytime, Socks. You need only ask.

Cajun Samurai – Well, that’s it for our bonus discussion on the ending of “Digimon Adventure 02!” I’m the Cajun Samurai…

Paige – And I am… just Paige.

Cajun Samurai – See ya later!

[And thus ends our commentary and modification of the ending of “Digimon Adventure 02″! Coming up in this last week of August, we will finally…FINALLY…FINALLY reveal the new awards system for the blog! And coming up for September, we will be going back to school and looking at a few school based series! We will also be tackling one of the great, unanswered questions of the internet…one that has blown up many a forum and blog since their premiere; Which is cooler…”Nichijou” [My Ordinary Life] or “Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou” [Daily Lives of High School Boys]. Or, to simplify matters…]

3 thoughts on ““Digimon Adventure 02” Ending Revisited and Remixed [Part 3]

  1. Hey there. That was an interesting discussion. Cajun samurai, I agree with u about daikari. N btw have u noticed that Kari’s kid got her whistle back? D one that got lost in Adventure 02?

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