“Digimon Adventure 02” Ending Revisited and Remixed [Part 1]

[Hey guys, Cajun Samurai here! You know, myself and Otaku Andrain really took the creators to task for their handling of the ending of “Digimon Adventure 02”. We thought they could have done something more with these characters we’ve come to know and love. To that end, I came up with the idea that perhaps we, the loyal fandom, could come up with some far more suitabe epilogues for our beloved characters. Because my Second in Command was occupied with his AWESOME review of “Digimon Tamers”, I thought I would enlist the help of an old writing buddy of mine who I have had the honor of calling my friend for quite a while. So, with that being said, let’s open the Digi-Portal one last time and look to see what could’ve been…]

Cajun Samurai – Hey guys, I’m Cajun Samurai!

Paige – And I’m… Paige. No nickname needed.

Cajun Samurai – Yup. Ladies and Gentlemen, we finally got a girl here! I figured it would be a pretty good idea to get some thoughts on “Digimon” from another fans point of view…preferably a female. Low and behold, one became available!

Paige – I tend to pop out of the woodwork every once in a while. Mostly because I don’t like being left out.

Cajun Samurai – Okay, well before we get started onto our main topic of discussion, could you let our readers know your history of Digimon viewing?

Paige – Sure! I was a Fox Kids kid, and my sister and I watched the first two seasons religiously. I even, at the tender age of eleven, figured out how to program the VCR the day our parents took us to the Renaissance Festival because we just had to know how the kids managed to get away from Piedmon.

Cajun Samurai – See, kids nowadays wouldn’t know what you were talking about; “Program the VCR” and whatnot. Kids nowadays just have to click a few buttons on a keyboard and voila–the DVR programs itself and saves it automatically…you don’t even need a tape.

Paige – It was pretty impressive, at the time. I doubt Izzy himself could’ve done much better.

Cajun Samurai – I don’t know… we are talking about a boy who can type on a computer keyboard…WHILE WEARING GLOVES.

Paige – True… I was not wearing gloves when I was using that remote.

Cajun Samurai – Don’t doubt the powers of the Green Socked one. In any case, the main topic of discussion today is “Digimon Adventure 02”.

Paige – Because apparently he hasn’t said enough on the subject. But today’s discussion, I daresay, will be significantly more lighthearted than the last.

Cajun Samurai – Indeed. We won’t need to bring out the demonic apparitions like we did last time. This one is just going to be a light hearted conversation about that…ending…

Paige – Easy, Socks. Everybody knows how we feel about that ending. But complaining about it never did anyone any good. That’s why today, we are going to talk about how we would fix that ending. This is how Digimon 02 should have ended!

Cajun Samurai – Okay, so we all know how “Digimon Adventure 02” ended…Tai became an ambassador, Matt became an astronaut, Mimi became a cooking show host, Izzy became a Computer Expert of some sort, Joe became a doctor, Sora became a fashion designer, TK became a novelist, Kari became a kindergarten teacher, Cody became a defense attorney, Yolei became a house wife, Ken became a detective, and Davis…Davis…

Paige – Accomplished his dream, and what more can one ask out of life?

Cajun Samurai – …a noodle cart.

Paige – A noodle INDUSTRY.

Cajun Samurai – It’s a noodle cart. A Cart… With which to transport noodles…

Paige – All over Japan. All over THE WORLD. He’s a noodle tycoon. A noodle millionaire.

Cajun Samurai – I really feel that’s a wasted opportunity there. Okay, as we touched on in the last review, the endings and how everyone wound up kinda-sorta left a bad taste in my mouth. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of them were GOOD endings and genuine to the characters as we know them, but, overall, the endings could do with a bit of a…change up.

Paige – I agree. Things would have gone a lot differently if eleven-year-old Paige had been running the show, pun intended. It may be a little late, but I’m finally getting my chance. So let’s start with the leader that started it all, Tai.

Cajun Samurai – Yes, Tai. Our Premiere Goggleboy and the template for all leaders to come after…Crying shame they didn’t follow said template with all other goggle boys.

Paige – So true. Tai was the best kind of leader because he grew into the position. And that’s why, and I hate to start this discussion off this way, but I actually agree with the way the show closed his storyline. Tai would be the ultimate Digital World ambassador. I can just see the world changing, average people all of a sudden having Digimon partners, and our heroes would have the responsibility of easing the transition. And I know Tai would be the first one standing up for Digimon rights.

Cajun Samurai – Hmm…Okay. When you explain it that way, I can see why they picked Tai as an ambassador. That is a relatively big role to assume–representative of both the real world and the digital world.Now, be honest, were you shocked when they cut his hair?

Paige – Well someone had to do something to that mop. It was the butt of many a joke with my sister and I growing up. Instead of ‘yo mama’ jokes, we told ‘Tai’s hair’ jokes.

Cajun Samurai – “Tai’s Hair” Jokes?

Paige – Oh, lord, you’re going to make me recite one, aren’t you? Okay, here goes: This takes place right after Skullgreymon becomes Agumon again. The Digi-Destined are all relieved to see their friend is back in control. Matt: “Wow, Agumon, you gave us all a scare.” Mimi: “And to think it was Tai’s love and affection that made you come back.” Agumon: “That wasn’t what made me remember you guys.” Tai: “No?” Agumon:It was seeing Tai’s hair” Sora: “That’s amazing.” Tai: “I know! You’re so mean, Agumon.” Sora: “Not that. I mean how could he have missed it before?”

Cajun Samurai – [::snickers::] I have to admit, that is funny! Weird as heck, but funny!

Paige – To a couple of pre-pubescent girls, it was hilarious. Don’t judge me.

Cajun Samurai – Never, never. In any case, I feel the need to mention the fact that Tai has a son by someone off-screen.

Paige – Yes, and am I the only one who finds it strange that anyone who has off-screen spouses generally have children who are exact clones of themselves? And anyone who has an on-screen spouse has children who are clones of the parents with their hair colors reversed. That Digi-Destined DNA must be highly dominant.

Cajun Samurai – You’re 100% correct there! Though, officially, there’s only one on-screen spouse that we see, and we’ll come to them a little later. But yeah, apparently the genetics of the Digi-Destined overrode any of their other parents DNA…which is a LITTLE creepy.

Paige – It’s a lot creepy. But we should move on. I trust you have a better idea for Matt, rather than make him a totally random astronaut?

Cajun Samurai – Random is the understatement of the year. I really DON’T get where that came from. We’ve always known Matt to be musically inclined. He played a harmonica in season one, and in season two he has a band. How does THIS translate to being a freaking ASTRONAUT?!

Paige – Maybe he wants to bring music to the Martians?

Cajun Samurai – AN ASTRONAUT, Paige… Please tell me…when has Matt EVER expressed ANY kind of interest in space?

Paige – Yeah, yeah. They were obviously picking professions out of a hat at this point. I don’t know, I kinda think Matt would be a good teacher. Maybe mentoring middle school kids. He was a good brother to TK. My vote goes to Matt teaching music class at a middle school. After his years as a teenage rock star, of course. What do you think?

Cajun Samurai – Now that makes sense! Give Matt a mentorship role that uses the skills that has been established throughout the series! He would make an AWESOME music teacher!

Paige – Wow, I guess I’m pretty good at this. The show should’ve just asked me to help them out.

Cajun Samurai – Heaven knows they need the help. Okay. Let’s look at Izzy. Umm…now he’s very vague. He researches the Digital World with Joe’s older brother.

Paige – Maybe he could explain the super DNA the Digi-Destined have.

Cajun Samurai – It would’ve been a better, more direct job than researching the Digital World. I mean, come on, what is there to research? He spent most of season 1 researching the digital world, and season 2 he was doing pretty much the same thing.

Paige – Yeah, and with all he discovered in just those two seasons, think of all he would’ve learned in 25 years. It’s got to be old hat by that point.

Cajun Samurai – I know! I mean, by 2027, one would THINK that you would have figured out a helluva lot about the Digital World…

Paige – Maybe he was categorizing Digimon. That would take a while.

Cajun Samurai – Uh-huh…so even with his DAUGHTERS help…he can’t get it done? There isn’t a computer program that could do this?

Paige – You know, I think a better explanation would be that the Digital World would change as technology changes. And as the Internet grew, hackers would try to mess up the Digital World. Maybe Izzy’s writing DW Spyware.

Cajun Samurai – Ah…so he’s a protectorate of the Digital World…that makes even more sense! And THAT is what Izzy should be doing!

Paige – Agreed. Much more fitting.

[Okay! So that’s it for our first 3 Digi-Destined! Coming up next, we re-write the endings for four more of our Digi-Destined pals! We also discuss who should be getting married to who and we also pay homage to one Digi-Destined who helped us out in the US during a great national tragedy! Oh yea, we also question the existence of books in the year 2027! All that and more coming up!]

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  1. Osu Paige-san! Hmmm Contrary to rule 29 you seem like a decent reasonable non-Fujoshi (read Fan-girl assumed to be nutty Yaoi Fangirl). Welcome, you should come by again.

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