A Full Review of Digimon Tamers: Wow T.K. Reminds me more of Horatio Caine!

Hey guys, with Seasons 1 and 2 out of the way I decided to do something with my little bits of freedom… wait what? No previews? Well Gezz if you need them that badly go see OASG. They put some real time and effort into that stuff. I mean, I made myself useful by apparently getting that one Madoka pic that apparently everyone seems to want as most of the hits to this site these days are done by image searches… but I digress… I’m totally into training at the moment but it doesn’t mean I won’t do something around here. Now, I had the option of doing Season 3 or another season. You know maybe try one of the undubbed Seasons, 6 or 7. Well… I’m in too good of a mood to do 7… and you’d need to have 6 around to explain things. Well point is I decided to do season 3. Because I could! So without further adieu. Here’s a full review of Digimon Tamers.Warnings and questionable content: Well towards the end there’s something to raise your eyes about. I can’t talk about it much without spoilers but suffice to say it’s not TOO bad. Just like all Digimon, this is suitable for children of all ages.

Availability: Well… damn… Uh… Amazon…. Apparently its selling the bootleg? Ok… That’s odd, so in other words… Might wanna just internet this one guys!

Premise: Take what you remember about Season 1 and 2 and just THROW ON THE GROUND! Different Universe means different rules. Digimon is a famous  and favorite cardgame. However, oddly enough an apparently secret government agency known as HYPNOS is looking into Bioemergence of Digimon throughout Japan. Of course the most important one is when young Takato Matsuda/Matsaki is granted an Arc type Digivice and scans the drawing of what he calls Gulimon. Soon the Lizard type digimon appeared in the real world as Takato is quickly thrown into the world of Digimon Tamers. Dubbing this was a gamble. America doesn’t have the same view as Japan when it comes to Television. Japan has this thing where they take shows… and like… GIVE THEM AN ENDING. It doesn’t make series go on and on… so rewritting the Digimon aka dubbing Season 3 was risky. I think it paid off. This was a great series throughout and introduced me to my first Tsundere! The card system increased the usefulness of the Human partners though eventually Normal Digivolution overwhelmed that and the Mega-forms kinda made the card system useless. Still it wasn’t too bad. They could have used the cards better. Oh yeah I gotta take points off because… AMURRIKA IS EVIL (No seriously… it’s our fault…). (21/25)

Characters: Well first of all let’s start with Takato, He’s a googlehead, a newbie in this strange strange world. He’s got no clue, and that’s all right. It’s nice to see this young son of some bakers work with his newly born digimon to well deal with the issues he’s got. He’s generally kind and is one of those try your best types. There isn’t much to say about him at the beginning. Takato’s Partner is Gulimon. He’s immature and acts very much like a child. He also has natural box skills. Solid Snake only wishes he can use a box like this guy.

Next comes Ruki Nonaka/Rika Makano. Textbook Tsundere who was tsundere before people became tsundere for tsundere. Rika appears as a cold girl who doesn’t give a darn about the Digimon who she mercilessly slaughters. She wants strength but eventually it’s proven to be not enough and she’s eventually brought around. Rika’s Partner is the Shinobi like Renamon, a digimon similar to her partner who is also a bit cold and comes to warm up.

Finally to complete the core cast there’s… oh dear Lord that’s Chinese… ano… “Jian” Wong… who we call Henry. Henry is a pragmatic Tai-chi type dude inner peace and all. This shows when he finds a Digimon game and his partner Terriermon goes crazy after digivoling in it into his adult form. Eventually Henry gains Terriermon in the real world but doesn’t allow him to fight afraid it’ll happen again. He too is brought around. Terriermon… is a Bro. No Ifs, ands, or buts, about it. Doesn’t matter which version, he still has his signature phrase “Momantai” A Cantonese phrase that basically means Hakuna Mattata, best translated as, “Take it easy.”

Oh wait! I can’t forget the MASCOT!… what’s that? Digimon are their own mascots? NONSENSE! This is Calumon! He’s Tiny, Cute, and apparently useless! That makes him the Mascot. Doesn’t even get an official partner either! But this little guy is a total Bad-ass. He just does what he wants!

The characters in this series are not perfect in any way and hold all sorts of issues inside them. There’s way too many throwaways. But that’s alright. There’s even a Crazy Girl who talks with Sock Puppets. She’s pretty awesome too… until she falls to the Emo side… Poor girl. At least she finds her boyfriend. *Nods* Everyone kinda has a reason to be there so yeah this was a good story. Also All FOUR! (The Legendary ultramega super dimesion traveling Multi game spanning Super Tamer Ryu Akiyama appears at the end of the series. Ryu is a subject of his own for the Wonderswan system…) reach Mega form! Total Positive! So I give the character section…. (24/25)

Animation: We’re talking a bit old again but solid and the Digievolutions sequences are completely badass all around. No Joke, maybe the best in the series. Especially the Megaforms. I really like the animation here. I honestly think Toei stepped up their game on this one All the strange art styles and designs reflecting artist conceptions and programs or what not really made this a masterpiece. (12.5/12.5)

Music: Digimon has a pretty set pattern. English… whatever ignoring that. In Japan they get An OP, Two Eds and an Evolution/battle theme. Stuff o LEGENDS! Tamers does not disappoint in fact we get three Battle themes! Pre-evolution, Evolution, and Mega Forms. Each more epic then the last. In fact the mega theme has actually stole second place from Brave Heart. With the Xros-wars (Season 6) Battle theme’s final remix taking the top. So let’ talk about them. The OP is called “The Biggest Dreamer”

The First ending is called My Tomarrow. It still packs the full force energy and is an excellent song

The Second ending is a more reflective song that ues the Piano and some woodwinds for a more serene feel that has nice pick up.

The first battle theme is called Slash!!!

The Second, being the evolution theme is appropriately titled “EVO.”

Finally the Mega Form theme “One Vision.”

You heard them right? Let’s face it. The Soundtrack is divine. (12.5/12.5)

Production- The dub was GOOD! It was good! It did some things better then the original. It was good. Somethings annoyed me to no end. I remember as a kid as I tried to match the first two seasons to the third… It didn’t help that Riely looked exactly like Miyako when she was strapped in… Takato’s Teacher had Kari’s Voice actor… and then there was this guy!

Takeru with SHADES! HECK YEAH Sure he had a different name but it was like… DUDE! You can’t tell me Yamaki isn’t as equally awesome with another famous Shade wearer you know… this guy!

Anyway. This series was done RIGHT by both sides of the pond.

Takato was voiced by… Tsumura Makoto. Dude… Folks That’s Astro Boy SHE’S FREAKING ASTRO BOY. Review over! Maximum points! Ahem… sorry… Moving on! Brian Beacock made a spectacular performance as Takato in the States. Really! It was awesome.

Guilmon was voiced  by Nozawa Masako who often plays Lizards and Grandmothers…. and overpowered Monkey people since she is Son Goku… Gohan and Goten… In English Guimon is played by the Guy who is Roger Smith from the Big O and TOM… Steven Blum… equally as odd yet equally as effective.

Ruki is played by Orikasa Fumiko. Well that’s not bad… She’s a Precure… Cure Rhythm specially (Nozawa-san played one of the Precure’s Grandmas who may or may not have done it too that’s a mystery so yeah… Being a part of the Precure Club is a symbol of being a voice actress. No joke.) She’s also Kuckiki Rukia. Lt. Riza Hawkeye and even Meia Gisborn from Vandread… we have to review that. Rika is played by Broadway Star Melissa Fahn who has played many roles many many roles…. Man she’s a piller… For us though we know her best for Voicing Ray Beams, TypeZERO and TypeTHE END from Eureka 7.

Renamon was played by Imai Yuka best known as one of the Wedding Peaches, one of the Voices for Cure Windy (No not the official Cure Windy it’s complicated…) and the Queen of the Witch World from the Ojamajo Doremi franchise. She’s got a pretty wide range of temperatures Definitely a good choice to play Renamon. Mari Devon plays Renamon in English… Most notables are that one, Togemon and Izzy’s Mom from season 1.

Jian Wong was played by Mayumi Yamaguchi who is best known for her Debut role as Gabumon! Henry Wong was voiced by Dave Witenberg who was also the INVINCIBLE Fogore! from Zatch Bell.

Terriermon was voiced by Tada Aoi who only had one really major role other then this one yet is one of the most beloved characters in anime history. She’s Ed… not Elric… the other ED…. you know HER. So unlike in Japan America gives Terriermon to Mona Marshall. Yeah Samurai can tell you about all the other times he’s heard Izzy’s voice.

Ah, and finally the Voice of every Leomon you’ll ever see is Hirata Hiroaki. Not bad right? since that’s Nanba Mutta from Space Bros.

We got Ed and Astro Boy voicing this? Really? how the hell do you make that combo?! Well Toei did and the voice work and everything was so freaking bad-ass no matter how you look at it. This more then makes up for Season 2 ON BOTH SIDES OF THE PACIFIC! Doesn’t matter which version you watch. If you want the awesome music go Japan. Either are presented excellently, (24/25)

Well this was a surprise. Going over things I’m surprised how well this series held up over time. This series does a damn load of good and was a really needed reboot of the Digimon Franchise. Let’s go over these scores.

Scoring Summary:

Story Breakdown – 21/25
Characters – 24/25
Animation – 12.5/12.5
Music – 12.5/12.5
Performance and Production – 24/25

Final Score – 94/100 = 94% (A)

Let’s see I took off points for the interesting Card system at the beginning becoming useless, the fact that in the end it was America’s fault as usual, Few too many throwaway characters (They had a spot kinda sorta) and the fact the English version didn’t bring the epic music in. Honestly It’s really really good. Every bit as good as the Original Digimon Adventure. I very much approved of this series then and even now.

What are we doing next? Honestly? I have no idea.


6 thoughts on “A Full Review of Digimon Tamers: Wow T.K. Reminds me more of Horatio Caine!

  1. No previews? Well Gezz if you need them that badly go see OASG

    Wait what–

    They put some real time and effort into that stuff

    No we don’t I swear! (Oh, and also, we moved addresses.

    Availability: Well… damn… Uh… Amazon…. Apparently its selling the bootleg? Ok… That’s odd, so in other words… Might wanna just internet this one guys

    It’s streaming on Crunchyroll actually.

    Finally the Mega Form theme “One Vision.”

    I love One Vision. I like this one best though, because this has an epic intro:

    But ok fine, Tamers was awesome. Obviously, someone on staff forgot the memo that this was mostly intended to be for kids. Whoops 😀

    1. But Crunchyroll=the internet? At least I thought it did… *facepalm* Now see what you made me do… I checked my console and got to see My Madoka review is the most hit on the blog… only because of all the image hits! I honestly would LOVE to know what pic it is that everyone in the WORLD seems to want. Same goes for Sakura to a lesser extent. Meh oh well.

  2. i just finished season 3 of digimon and i love it but this is really weird but the end of episode 51 the season finale made me cry. But great reveiw too. it was sooooooooooooooooo sad how Terrimon, Renomon and guliomon leave soooo sad.

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