A Tag-Team Review of “Digimon Adventure 02” – Inferior Digi-Iteration [Part 1B]

[Hello guys, and welcome back to the continuation of Part 1 of our review of “Digimon Adventure 02”. If you recall in the last post, myself and OtakuAndrain gave you the basic summary of the second season of “Digimon” and our review thereof, which wasn’t very complimentary…you ain’t seen nothing yet…]

Cajun Samurai – Now…[::picks up his long axe staff::] let’s talk about how this thing ended.

OtakuAndrain – [::Eye flash in an Amber Color as he takes hold of the great blade::] Do we have to?

Cajun Samurai – We do. We would be in dereliction of duty if we didn’t. Okay, so after the last of the REALLY bad baddies is defeated, we’re treated to a 25 year fast forward: that in and of itself is cause for face palming.

OtakuAndrain – Oh you mean that… not that the final boss was any good either…

Cajun Samurai – You mean the re-hashed baddie from 01?

OtakuAndrain – I mean the whole damn thing…

Cajun Samurai – Noted.

OtakuAndrain – So… go ahead; you were saying about the 25 year union?

Cajun Samurai – [::his aura starts burning red behind him::] Oh yeah…Now it should be noted that at the twenty-five year reunion, it is revealed that all the Digi-Destined have grown up and now have children and digimon of their own.

OtakuAndrain Tai made it out pretty bad ass.

Cajun Samurai – A Digital World Ambassador–HOLY CRAP HE CUT THE HAIR! While I do know with age comes change that was ONE change that shocked me.

OtakuAndrain – Matt was feeling so Moon

Cajun Samurai – Yeah… And here starts my confusion–so Matt…Mr. Rock and Roll…decides “Hey, why don’t Gabumon and I become Astronauts!”

OtakuAndrain – Yep…

Cajun Samurai – …that just puzzles me…

OtakuAndrain – Izzy obviously is kicking Bill Gate’s Hind end…

Cajun Samurai – See, that one I don’t have a problem with. He’s been ESTABLISHED as a computer genius so it makes PERFECT sense that he takes a computer career route!

OtakuAndrain – Mimi was… Mimi…

Cajun Samurai – A Cooking show host…uhhh…okay. I’ll grant a pass there.

OtakuAndrain – Takeru is the one cashing in…He’s the novelist, or rather, the writer since his story isn’t quite a novel…

Cajun Samurai – In fact, it’s Takeru who is writing the story as we see it play out, and acts as the narrator, so we should blame HIM for how this whole thing turned out. Noted…

OtakuAndrain – Kari is a Kindergarten teacher.. I wonder how she’d deal with Anzu?

Cajun Samurai – Hnnnngh….my heart… Too…much…MOE… Sora is a Fashion Designer…wait–what?

OtakuAndrain – [::Eyes are burning as a dark shadowy figure appears behind him::]

Cajun Samurai – Our Tomboy character…becomes a Fashion Designer…

OtakuAndrain – Do we REALLY want to talk about Sora right now…?

Cajun Samurai – I know, I know… Sora does seem to be Public Enemy #1 when it comes to THAT particular subject.

OtakuAndrain – Well of course in the Dub she’s shown to be the first NTR most of us have ever seen.

Cajun Samurai – Uh-huh…

OtakuAndrain – Oh, you need a definition?

Cajun Samurai – It would be helpful.

OtakuAndrain – In Manga and Anime terms, the NTR as it’s called occurs when someone whom we all know has someone they probably ought to be with for whatever reasons declines those feelings and goes for someone else tending to be someone close to the victim in question.

Cajun Samurai – Ah…. Thanks for the clarification. I admit this was a cause for much frustration for hard-core viewers who followed the series from the beginning and hoped for one coupling but wound up with another.

OtakuAndrain – Originally it was translated from a term meaning “To take away by sleeping with.” But us Anime fans… you know get… cranky and over dramatic… [::Glances behind him::] See I mean I got Thanatos ready to own something, and I’m not even completely mad yet…

Cajun Samurai – Oh, there’s much more. Let’s move on. Iori [Cody] becomes a…[::snickers::] He becomes…a Defense Attorney…

OtakuAndrain – Wait for it… wait for it…

Cajun Samurai – HOLD IT!!!! [::Slams hands down on desk and points dramatically::] You can’t TELL me he doesn’t favor Phoenix Wright!

OtakuAndrain – What does he have to do with anything? I’m afraid I’m gonna have to penalize you.

Cajun Samurai – Grk! [::One of his “!” Explodes::]

OtakuAndrain – In any case… Spoiler: the Digimon Kaiser, named Ken Ichinoji, becomes a good guy, marries Yolei, and everything’s happy there.

Cajun Samurai – At first, I didn’t understand this particular arrangement; after all, Yolei is a pretty strong willed character who doesn’t look like she wouldn’t be satisfied being just a housewife…but, in hindsight, and after learning more about Japanese culture with regards to husband/wife relationships, it makes sense.

OtakuAndrain – That and someone needed a happy ending in the end with both T.K. and Tai getting PWNED [::Thanatos Roars behind him::]

Cajun Samurai – …let’s move on before your friend there puts a hole in the wall…again. Joe becomes the Digital World’s first physician.

OtakuAndrain – Good for him!

Cajun Samurai – Yeah… No problems there whatsoever. [::his axe-staff glows brightly::] and now we come to our fearless leader…

OtakuAndrain – Oh and Daisuke starts a noodle cart…

Cajun Samurai – [::The demonic Evangelion Unit-01 appears behind him growling loudly::] A…NOODLE CART…

OtakuAndrain – Yep…

Cajun Samurai – Mr. All Star Soccer player… RUNNING A NOODLE CART… You mean to tell me, that all the Digi-Destined go on to these big careers where they contribute to society… IN SOME WAY… You mean to tell me that Daisuke’s ambition…is running…a freaking… noodle cart…

OtakuAndrain – He wasn’t all that bright, you know. I mean look at his biggest fan…


OtakuAndrain – Once again I point you to the type of person who loves Daisuke…

Cajun Samurai – [::the demonic Evangelion roars violently behind him::]

OtakuAndrain – You can’t tell me you don’t remember this guy.

Cajun Samurai – [::shakes head::]

OtakuAndrain – You don’t remember Mykan?

Cajun Samurai – …you’re kidding…I forgot all about him! Mykan was the biggest Daisuke fan I’ve ever seen…he gave Daisuke in his fan fiction writings powers that aren’t even from this SERIES!!!

OtakuAndrain – … Folks I don’t know if you know much about the internet...But this guy has his own Encyclopedia Dramatica entry. That takes REAL skill…

Cajun Samurai – Or insanity, whichever you prefer. In any case, I was completely confused and puzzled over this change in our leader.

OtakuAndrain – … yeah well…

Cajun Samurai – [::sighs::] Okay. I guess we gotta score this one out. After you…

OtakuAndrain –
I didn’t mind it as a kid but when I come back and think about this crap… not even the symbol of the flipping Apocalypse could stop the team from Digi-volving and now a snot nose kid who doesn’t even know what he’s doing can pull it off?! 5/12.5

Cajun Samurai –
“Digimon Adventure 02” while having some enjoyable plot points, just does not stand up, story wise, to its predecessor. While it has some appeal for younger audiences, for those who have grown up and look back at it, the irregularities stand out as clear as day. As for the ending…well…without going on an even LONGER rant, I’ll only say this: this was NOT the way to bring an end to the first generation of “Digimon”. 5/12.5

Cajun Samurai Score – 5/12.5
Otaku Andrain Score – 5/12.5

[And that’s the end of Part 1. Next time, we get into Character mode–we look at our newest Digi-Destined and I once again draw a comparison between this show and Power Rangers! Will “Digimon Adventure 02” be able to resurrect it’s already low scores? Stay tuned…]

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