A Tag-Team Review of “Digimon Adventure 02″ – Inferior Digi-Iteration [Part 2]

[Okay guys! Here’s Part 2 of our review of “Digimon Adventure 02”! Last time, in Part 1, OtakuAndrain and I picked apart the Story Premise of “02”…and it was not pretty. Will our character, animation and musical evaulation redeem the sucessor to the “Digimon” name? Let’s find out…]

Cajun Samurai – Okay…now that we got that out the way…let’s talk about our new motley crew.

OtakuAndrain – [::Takes a deep breath::] so everyone’s grown up a little bit. Tai is Tai, Matt is a Rocker [Important to note NOT an Emo rocker] Sora does Tennis, Izzy is Izzy, Mimi is in AMURRIKA, Joe is Joe.

Cajun Samurai – Yeah, the old guard has changed hands to the new guys save for Hikari and Takeru who, along with Daisuke, Iori and Yolei [and later Ken], assume updated powers to fight the forces of evil.

OtakuAndrain – Well they get nerfed to crap of course…

Cajun Samurai – Hai, hai. So let’s start at the top with our new leader Daisuke “Davis” Motomiya.

OtakuAndrain – Now Tai was a respectful dude; a guy you could follow… Davis… is not.

Cajun Samurai – Davis doesn’t really have a lot of admirable leadership traits about him.

OtakuAndrain – He is in Love with Kari!

Cajun Samurai – Oh yeah, he’s crushing on her hard!

OtakuAndrain – He shares that with Tai at least… and the Goggles… that Tai gives to him even if T.K. would have been the natural choice or even Kari? I think Kari could do the Goggles…

Cajun Samurai – She could: Hanging around her neck…not so much on her head like Tai or Davis.

OtakuAndrain – Point is Tai made a weird choice.

Cajun Samurai – I guess Tai saw himself in Davis personality wise and thus he handed the leadership role to him. Add to the fact that Davis was able to lift the proverbial sword from the proverbial stone that had the Crest of Courage on it.

OtakuAndrain – [::eye roll::] Moving onto Yolei… I don’t hate her… But she’s a Fan girl…

Cajun Samurai – Oh yeah. BIIIIIG fan girl. Rule 1 when fighting a battle to save the world; DON’T FALL FOR THE BAD GUY! Seriously, she would fawn all over Ken so much it was embarrassing.

OtakuAndrain – I don’t mind her. I mean she’s a girl and she fell for a smart guy. It’s not like he’s a moron.

Cajun Samurai – Just somewhat emo…

OtakuAndrain – He didn’t show that.

Cajun Samurai – Okay, I’ll pass it.

OtakuAndrain – Cody… is a guy I like, pragmatic and down to earth.

Cajun Samurai – Agreed. He is a really likeable character overall and the most mature of the group–a near perfect emulsion of Joe and Izzy and by far the most mature Digi-Destined of the new group.

OtakuAndrain – Mm-hmm, defiantly. Even if he is the youngest.

Cajun Samurai – Age ain’t nothing but a number…

OtakuAndrain – Any who… T.K isn’t a crybaby anymore and he’s got a new hat.

Cajun Samurai – I don’t know about T.K…I just don’t get any real kind of personality from him. It just seems like he’s there.

OtakuAndrain – Notice I didn’t say anything else… Well, he is protective of Kari evidenced of that ONE episode which we’ll cover later.

Cajun Samurai – The ONE episode that every fan knows line for line word for word and holds as the bible for the proof of a coupling.

OtakuAndrain – And one of the worst in the series but we’ll get there…

Cajun Samurai – It seems like the creators TRIED to do something with TK personality wise, but failed.

OtakuAndrain – Then there’s Kari… I mean she’s Still Kari; the effects of deadly Anemia have passed mostly.

Cajun Samurai – Yeah, but this time around, Kari seems stronger. Granted, she’s always been a kind of strong character, but this time around, it’s brought to the forefront.

OtakuAndrain – Finally, there’s Ken.

Cajun Samurai – Ah, Ken, the Green Ranger digi-destined.

OtakuAndrain – Super Genius… Forever Guilty… slightly Emo… Way too close to Davis… that about cover it?

Cajun Samurai – I think that about covers it. He is the Green Ranger this season–going from evil to good much like Tommy did in Power Rangers. His background is clichéd, yet for kids of the age demographic the creators were aiming for, it packs a punch and works…

OtakuAndrain – Yeah Ken’s Kaiser Background was the best part of 02… Other than the mad hack he had to prevent the old guard from fixing things.

Cajun Samurai – Don’t go there… In any case, there’s one thing that’s been on my mind for a while…

OtakuAndrain – Ok?

Cajun Samurai – Okay so when our intrepid group goes into the Digital World, they receive a whole new wardrobe head to toe.

OtakuAndrain – Mm-Hmm…

Cajun Samurai – Yet…neither TK, Kari nor any other digi-destined receives a change in wardrobe…

OtakuAndrain – Yep

Cajun Samurai – Why???

OtakuAndrain – Because.

Cajun Samurai – …Catgirls, right?

OtakuAndrain – Because its anime and they can.

Cajun Samurai – Noted. I just always thought that was weird…in any case, are we forgetting anyone?

OtakuAndrain – … You don’t want to talk about Jun do you?

Cajun Samurai – …do you want to talk about Sora?

OtakuAndrain – That comes LATER… for now she does Tennis. Characters came alright, the others grew up a bit and well it was ok… 9/12.5

Cajun Samurai – The cast for “Digimon Adventure 02” is…okay. The old guard assumes their roles as guides and guardians to the new guard very well while the new guys…well…they try their best. I would’ve loved to see more development in some characters, but what are you gonna do? 8.5/12.5

Cajun Samurai Score – 8.5/12.5
Otaku Andrain Score – 9/12.5


Cajun Samurai – Oh boy… Toei Animation handled this one again, and, well…it’s just as inconsistent as the last series. But, the overall character designs are really good.

OtakuAndrain – Mm-Hmm… I haven’t seen of the original but… I can just imagine.

Cajun Samurai – Yeah, it’s okay, and it gets the job done, but the inconsistencies are there. Not one character looks consistently the same throughout the series. Granted this was back in the 2000’s, but still…

OtakuAndrain – Meh… I was a kid so the goggles were on…

Cajun Samurai – Agreed. I have to admit, I really wanted a pair. None before or since looked quite right… Well, except for Radical Edwards from “Cowboy Bebop”.

OtakuAndrain – Any who… No real praise… they didn’t go anywhere since “Adventure 01”. I give it… 5/6.25

Cajun Samurai – For better or worse, “Digimon Adventure 02” animation follows the same rules as the original series did. It’s passable and watchable, and the “3D” stuff was nicely done. However, it still suffers the same issues that the original one did. Learn from your mistakes, Toei…5/6.25

Cajun Samurai Score – 5/6.25
Otaku Andrain Score – 5/6.25


Cajun Samurai – In the original Japanese, we’re treated to a completely new musical catalogue with the opening theme “Break Up” by Koji Wada… While in the US…

OtakuAndrain – Same as before…

Cajun Samurai – Yup… “Digimon: Digital Monsters Theme” as composed by Paul Gordon. Personally, I think it’s a cop-out. It’s a new season, get a new theme. Heck, when the Power Rangers went “Zeo”, they got a new theme! And they did it while using bits from the original! I would’ve loved to have seen a little creativity like that.

OtakuAndrain – ‘eh whatever. You’re watching the sub version right? How’s the music?

Cajun Samurai – Do you have to ask? It’s awesome. Though I have to admit that some of the incidental music can, sometimes, be a little too strong and distracting, overall, it’s nice to have fresh music while using some of the old tracks here and there sporadically and when needed.

OtakuAndrain – It just didn’t feel as good as the original but maybe I can’t blame the music.

Cajun Samurai – I do have an issue with the incidental music used when we first see TK in the new apartment…for some reason, that music reminds me of a “Do-it-Yourself” Home Improvement video from back in the 90’s.

OtakuAndrain – Hahaha… so… not perfect.

Cajun Samurai – Seriously–I half expected TK to get in the Elevator, kneel down by the floor buttons and say “Hi, I’m Takeru, and today on “Hometime” I’m going to show you how to install a handy power outlet in an elevator.” It was so wrong it was funny and so funny it was wrong. So, that being said, your scores?

OtakuAndrain – 6/6.25 I suppose.

Cajun Samurai – Okay…you’re a little more forgiving than I am it seems, this time around. While the music overall was good, it just didn’t do anything for me like the music in “Adventure 01” did–especially the English. I mean, come on–put forth SOME effort. Though in hindsight I have to admit that “Run Around” and “Kick it Up” are both really good English songs that SHOULD’VE been used as the theme song. Heck, my MOM likes “Kick it Up”…but still… 4.25/6.25

Cajun Samurai Score – 4.25/6.25
Otaku Andrain Score – 6/6.25

[And so ends Part 2 of our voyage through “Digimon Adventure 02”! So far, the scores have not been looking so good…can “Digimon Adventure 02” pull off a “Come from behind home run!” and still have a somewhat passing score? Come back for Part 3 and find out!]

One thought on “A Tag-Team Review of “Digimon Adventure 02″ – Inferior Digi-Iteration [Part 2]

  1. haha, you guys should read/watch digimon retrospect, his review are explained way good and in details and you can see it only looks out for the plot and character development. No favour or hate there. I realllly recommend it to you guys, your revies is alright I guess, but I can tell you guys Daisuke really is a gary stu in here. He can make soeeches without having any development, and only the pot really makes him shine, not his pure character. Takeru was shoved back in the backgrounds ( with hikari iori ) because he had more potential of leadership and cahracter and growth and ideas, but he plot didn’t make them shine, notice how he would be more suitable to connect with ken or iori or anyone ? ANd he happens to be the only one who didn’t had an episode with ken while the ohters had, because he would outshine the MAIn protagonist which they could not let happen. Daisuke and kaiser was not meant to be like that. daiasuke only understand ken because the egg of miracle showed him kens feelings, this was not pure character interaction. The producer forced it on the writers to create another protaginst be more like tai and a realtionship with a rival like kaiser which was not planned at all, having a forced daisuke in the story stopped them to progress further on as the producer was limiting them from things. So the plots was also a messed up one ( notice how suddenly some plots comes in like daemon ut are shoved out again ?)

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