Breaking News: We Made It To Mars…AND NOTHING BROKE! Where’s My Gondola!?

Cajun Samurai – Hey guys! Cajun Samurai Here!

OtakuAndrain – OtakuAndrain too!

Cajun Samurai – Sorry to bug you guys, but this is big news! Andrain, if you please!

OtakuAndrain – Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m so happy to announce that the space rover Curiosity have successfully landed on Mars. This Damn thing is the size of an SUV and we shot it from Earth to Mars and had it land intact absolutely perfectly!Cajun Samurai – Trust and believe, getting an SUV sized ANYTHING, ANYWHERE is difficult, let alone getting it to Mars and getting it to land PERFECTLY in the right spot, right side up, fully functional… 

OtakuAndrain – Now while this is an amazing event for America… You should be wondering ‘why do I care on an Anime blog’.

Cajun Samurai – Well, our dear readers, recall the anime series “Aria”, and where the heavenly town of Neo Venezia takes place…

OtakuAndrain – Guys, there’s a lot of people including me who wants to see something like that a reality. I know I’ll be long deadbefore it happens but it’s still something I wanna pass onto the future.

Cajun Samurai – To quote William Riker in”Star Trek: Generations“…”Speak for yourself, sir. I intend to live forever.” But yeah, this is a MAJOR accomplishment and a great first step until we can realize the ultimate dream…

OtakuAndrain – I’m proud of NASA and everyone that made this possible. Honestly I’m choking up over here.

Cajun Samurai – It is quite an emotional moment. But, much like the NASA pros, we celebrate, we hug, but then we get back to work to figure out what our next step is…for us, that only means one thing: where do we put the Aria Company.

OtakuAndrain – I hope you fans of “Space Brothers”, “Aria”, “Planetes”, and others continue to support SCIENCE! NASA just keeps on doing great things.

Cajun Samurai – You know, this calls for some music, wouldn’t you agree sir?

Cajun Samurai – And with that, we now return you to our regularly scheduled program! I’m Cajun Samurai…

OtakuAndrain – And I’m OtakuAndrain. Good night everyone and may your dreams fly higher then the stars so that the heavens…


OtakuAndrain – EHHHH?!?!


4 thoughts on “Breaking News: We Made It To Mars…AND NOTHING BROKE! Where’s My Gondola!?

  1. I totally care on an anime blog! One of my favorite shows right now is Space Brothers. Another one of my favorite shows; Cowboy Bebop happens in space. I used to dream of going to space camp! So exciting!!!

  2. Wow, this is incredible! Thanks for sharing! (No idea how I failed to hear about it until now. Maybe it was due to the Olympics?)
    I might be able to use this information for one of my comics, actually.
    …I mean, you know, once I actually get around to drawing it. ^^;

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