Oh! My Goddess Chapter 287: OMG… He’s like Job!

It’s OtakuAndrain again here to rant about one of my most favorite series of all time. You may remember this post  from a while ago and you may be wondering ‘Oy Andrain, what’s taking you so long to come back to this?’ Well the answer is this is a monthly manga and the last chapter just explained things everyone was wondering about forever (Poorly translated mind you). So I got all I need to know a few minutes ago and what happened in this month’s chapter forced me to summon the legendary and unheard of…

Now… I suppose I have to enter Tangles territory to explain. Sorry Guys! So in this chapter. Mother-in-law, (Belldandy’s Mom who appeared last chapter and was trolling Urd’s Mom until Urd smacked them both upside the head and made me smile…) serves as Goddess who deals with the special situation of Interspeices romance between The Heavens and other stuff. So it’s time for a test of Love as the mangaka borrows something from the movie? Anyway! before the test starts Mother-in-law asks the very key and intelligent question since the stakes of this are… somewhat high… Just a little…

I mean there was this little thing preventing Keiichi-kun here from having a proper and fulfilling relationship with this woman… Just Heaven brainwashing him and manipulating his nature so he could slowly become a saint. I mean come on! You guys can see a breach of trust just a little bit right. Bell thinks a few pages before she was guilty about all this (Coming from a Goddess That’s pretty big…and crystal clear). So here’s his answer to this important and key question.

That’s right, no “I forgive her” or, making any sense of what has happened to him over these past few years. He just completely makes the issue disappear! WHAT THE HECK?! Now let’s talk about what this guy has been through. Apparently he’s had a crummy enough life and was a decent enough person that Heaven decided he should get a freebie, whatever he wanted. He made a wish.. accidentally and changed his life. Sure somethings were ok but you know… His mind and body was kinda manipulated and messed with without his will or knowledge. Then he learns the truth of all this and just shrugs it off. Now I’m heading to Tangles Territory If you wanna click out feel free, but Keiichi Morisato is reminding me of a certain biblical character from the Old Testament.

You guys ever heard of Job? He was an upright Godly man. The Lord was pleased with him and Satan came over and was like. “Ha! This guy has it good! lemmie troll him a little! He’ll turn away from you sooooo fast!” God was like, “Ok you’re on, go ahead, but you can’t touch him.” Soo… Satan trolled him HARD, killed all his livestock AND his 7 kids! Didn’t work… He was a tad upset at this though… So another day Satan comes again and is like “I bet he’ll curse you if I make him sick and diseased.” The Lord was like, “You’re on, but you can’t kill him.” So Satan trolled him again! A whole bunch of painful sores all over his body. He sat in some ashes and his wife is like, “Dude! You don’t deserve this crap, God hates you bro… just Curse him and let him kill you already!” He replied, “Babe, How can I take without the bad?” So his friends come by… He starts voicing his feelings on the issue, not exactly the greatest of things. He kinda curses the day of his birth. He’s really really Emoing it up. His friends are like, “Dude… It’s your bad… You did something wrong man, your kids probably brought their fate on themselves. You gotta get forgiveness for what you did bro!” Job is offended and rather ticked off as one would imagine. Being completely innocent false accusations are not a cool thing. Now finally the Lord comes down to interrupt this poorly flowing conversation and is like, “What are you ignoramuses telling my boy?! Look Joby, Job, Dude, you got no clue what I do upstairs. Your name is not Bruce sooo yeah. Look, first of all I should smite these losers… Ok fine I won’t…. gezz but I’m gonna make it up to you! Live long and Prosper!” And as the story goes… He gets more kids and lives the rest of his life in great bounty and peace all because he didn’t curse God.

Now moving onto Keiichi’s little thing. The Guy has no doubts. I mean Job went what the heck?! at least. This guy just keeps on getting screwed with, tested, and generally treated like a ragdoll making some people imagine if he’s human anymore. Some of us believe he’s holding it all in but WOW. I gotta say I’m rooting for the guy just like I was when I gave the book of Job a first good reading. I hope everything turns out alright but… Keiichi’s Humanity has got to come out sometime. My raging can’t stand much more. So anyway, sorry to Beneath the Tangles for doing their thing. Jesus did preach Forgiveness right? I linked you guys at least…

Edit: Here’s the full chapter compiled. I was told this was put together by JCscans http://www.mediafire.com/?m3lp60c6jardw1f Please enjoy.


6 thoughts on “Oh! My Goddess Chapter 287: OMG… He’s like Job!

  1. Very interesting post. Well you are totally right.
    But one question still bothers me a lot.
    Where do the scans of this manga come from? I can’t find them until they are up on one of the mangareaders…

    P.S. Sorry that question doesn’t really have to do anything with Keiichi or Job. But well I do agree that it was not Belldandies fault at all.

    1. No worries, the person I got this from gave credit to JCscans for the release this month. Lemmie see if I can get it all together and I’ll make a link here.

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