A Tri-Team Review of “Digimon Adventure” – Digi-Destiny Revisited (Part 2)

“Oh, by the way, my name’s Tai. This is Sora. She’s okay… for a girl. And Matt—Matt’s too cool. Just look at that haircut. And this little kid is Izzy. He should have gone to computer camp. That’s Mimi. I’ll bet you can guess her favorite color on the first try! T.K. is Matt’s dopey little brother. Oh, and this is Joe. But don’t ever scare him; he’d probably wet his pants.”
— Taichi “Tai” Kamiya “Digimon Adventure”

[Okay guys, welcome to Part 2 of our Special Tag-Team review of “Digimon Adventure”! Before you begin reading our conversation, I feel the need to let you know that Lord Patamon, our guest, does not use English as his first or primary language, so some of his dialogue MIGHT not sound correct grammatically. It is my policy to do as little editing as possible with regards to other peoples’ dialogue, so what you see is what you get, save for edits to spelling and punctuation. That being said, let’s dive right into it!]

Cajun Samurai – Okay, let’s get right into the Characters–and, oh well look who FINALLY made his way in! Ladies, gentlemen and other, it is my esteemed pleasure and privilege to introduce to you a man who needs no introduction–one of the most knowledgeable people on the interwebs regarding Digimon…my friend, my “mentor” of sorts, Lord Patamon!

Lord Patamon – Hello everyone. It is an honor to be here. Thank you for the nice invitation my friend, and to my other good friend here, I’m glad to talk with you again after so long time 🙂

OtakuAndrain – Mmm! It’s good to have you. So, the characters of Season 1; what a full cast we got.

Lord Patamon –No kidding. We had a quite variety of personalities. The smart boy, the loner, the adventurous, the delicate girl, the tomboy one…. If you ask me it was quite a challenge for all 8 of them to work as a team with how different they were.

Cajun Samurai – Agreed; this is apparent in the first few episodes of the series–everyone is still trying to feel each other out and get to know one another. Let’s start off with our fearless leader and the template for all other Digimon leaders to come; Taichi “Tai” Kamiya.

OtakuAndrain – … Was there any special reason they change Yagami to Kamiya? Sorry for asking but yeah it bugs me when I think about it.

Cajun Samurai – Hmm…I’m not certain. Lord Pata, could you shed some light on that?

Lord Patamon – I also had that doubt for quite long time. Maybe it was for easier pronunciation? Guess only the dubbers will know the real reason behind that change… My only other explanation for the change would be what Yagami reads if you spell it backwards.

OtakuAndrain – … That’s… actually a good reason.

Cajun Samurai – Quite a good reason, in fact. But it doesn’t really take away from the character. And what a character he is. Tai is your typical Shonen hero.

OtakuAndrain –Brave, straight forward, not as stupid as normal. He was mostly a capable leader.

Cajun Samurai – Tai makes a good leader if for no other reason than he’s human. He makes mistakes, but he learns from them in turn. He cares about his people, and is willing, at times, to listen to them to formulate a plan.

Lord Patamon – I agree about that he was a capable leader, and a very capable at that. He was a leader that any mistakes he made, he took them at heart and learned from them. One example is when by his fault his sister almost died. That left a big mark on him, and from then on was always pending of her. Another situation that impacted him, was when he digi-volve Agumon to Skull-Greymon. He even became afraid of digi volving Agumon again, but in the end and with the help of Piximon and his friends’ support, he got back to his senses.

OtakuAndrain –Then we move onto the opposite end of the spectrum in Yamato “Matt” Ishida. He’s our lone wolf type that has his own issues and serves mostly as Tai’s foil throughout the series.

Lord Patamon – Ah, another interesting character indeed. Matt sure had quite a moral charge in his heart. Being separated from his brother due to their parents divorcing, and feeling he wasn’t a good big brother, plus not being too much social, it is no wonder why he didn’t understand why he got the crest of friendship. Social in the way that he wasn’t much talkative.

Cajun Samurai – Out of the entire digi-destined group, Matt has one of the most complex backgrounds, and it’s that complexity that makes him all the more interesting to watch. Also, the relationship between Matt and Tai is fascinating to watch evolve as the series goes on. They complement each other, even when they’re at each other’s throats.

OtakuAndrain – Literally.

Cajun Samurai – Oh yeah. I recall now. They came to blows and separated into two groups, thus proving who our leader really was.

OtakuAndrain –There was that and I was more thinking about when he got his heart manipulated.

Lord Patamon – Actually my friend, after they went to the fists, Matt went on his own. However there were 2 groups since Joe and Mimi went on their own as well. Unless there was another fist fight between them I don’t remember.

OtakuAndrain – I was talking about that BIG one near the end with Digimon with the power to level Tokyo in one shot going at it. You remember Puppetmon don’t you?

Lord Patamon –Yes, I remember, the fight that included WarGreymon vs. Metal-Garurumon.

Cajun Samurai – Agreed. And I recall that fight…you’re right, they did separate. But it shows one thing–that as much as Matt and Tai didn’t like to admit it, they needed each other.

Lord Patamon –That’s right. They let their pride to get in the way I guess.

Cajun Samurai – It’s youth, my friends. Pre-Teens, hormones, angst…it all comes to a head.

OtakuAndrain – Except they’re in Elementary school… They’re fifth graders.

Cajun Samurai – Okay. Scratch the hormones, but keep the angst. In any case! Moving down the list, we have Sora Takenouchi, our resident tomboy and surrogate mother of the group.

Lord Patamon – You forgot also the voice of reason of the group my friend [::chuckles::]

OtakuAndrain – Also known as Tai’s childhood friend the significance of which comes in another review… I’m in a great mood right now.

Lord Patamon – I still remember Tai’s reaction when Sora got kidnapped by Datamon. I bet Tai hadn’t felt that guilty since Kari nearly died by his fault.

Cajun Samurai – Sora fills many different roles in this series–as I mentioned, she acts as a surrogate mom to the younger kids, especially TK and later Kari, she acts as the voice of reason as Lord Patamon mentioned; gently tossing in her two-cents without trying to usurp control and she is Tai’s childhood friend–someone who closely relates to our favorite goggleboy.

Lord Patamon – Not to mention the quite good duet they made at soccer. They were quite a team when Sora used to play in Tai’s soccer team. It is no wonder why they were so close since the beginning of the series

Cajun Samurai – All part and parcel with being the “childhood friend”. And it’s wise they made her a tomboy childhood friend instead of the somewhat annoying childhood friend who does more henpecking than anything else. I mean, I SERIOUSLY can’t imagine Sora going to Tai’s house every day to wake him up for school.

OtakuAndrain – … memories are starting to rise. Let’s move on… Hey Samurai! Next we’re talking about Koushiro “Izzy” Izumi. [::ducks in cover::]

Lord Patamon – Why you’re covering Andrain? There’s nothing bad in talk about our resident computer geek Izzy.

OtakuAndrain – Ha-ha… I just know The Samurai will talk his socks off. [::sweatdrops::] If we let him…

Cajun Samurai – He was expecting me to be all…”OH EM GEE!! IZZY!! HE ROCKS MY SOCKS!!! HES AWESOME!!!! GAH!!!!” I’ve learned restraint I’ll have you know!

Lord Patamon – Ah, I see now. Good to know you have learned restraint my friend

Cajun Samurai – Aside from Matt, Koushiro has the 2nd most intriguing backstory of the group.

OtakuAndrain – Poor guy was lead to the ways of the Geek due to his learning he was adopted. Honestly, it was a dang good thing he was. Lord knows what would happen if Izzy wasn’t Izzy.

Lord Patamon – Yeah, but don’t you dare to try to fix his laptop by whacking it, that’s almost a death sentence for you, you just ask Tai about that. And about Izzy, I still remember when they were back in the real world to search for the 8th child, Izzy was checking some applications Gennai installed on his laptop and two of them were everything but useful. I mean what kind of help is to see a Chuumon inflating a balloon? Or to see a trio of digimon dancing the Can-Can? [::tries to not laugh::] But yeah, I agree with you Andrain. It was a good thing that Izzy learned he was adopted. It resulted in a lot of help for the team in their adventure

Cajun Samurai – Izzy acts as the Siri of the group–tap a button, and he provides information. And he has coined a phrase that has become as iconic to me as Naruto’s “Datte-bayo”; “PRODIGIOUS!”

OtakuAndrain – That was probably one of the highlights of the dub. Unlike the former example it felt right and wasn’t as annoying.

Cajun Samurai – I’ll admit–I use Prodigious at least once a month. Mock if you will.

Lord Patamon – Nah! Actually I must confess I use Prodigious sometimes too.

Cajun Samurai – Glad to know I’m not alone. Moving down the line we have Joe Kido–the biggest hypochondriac I think I’ve ever seen in anime…at least for the first half of the series.

Lord Patamon – Ah yeah, I still remember his “There has to be adults somewhere in this place” phrase.

OtakuAndrain – In his defense that was Dub…

Lord Patamon – Not quite Andrain. He was a worrywart even in the original version. The scene of what they eat their eggs with proves it

OtakuAndrain – Yeah well Worrying and Hypochondriac are totally different things. He had legitimate worries in the original.

Cajun Samurai – Whether or not it was a product of the dub or not, I think we can all agree that Joe matured in his time in the Digital world.

Lord Patamon – That’s true. I have to say that he and Gomamon had one of the most interesting Partner and Digimon relationships. While Joe was a worrywart, Gomamon was more like a joker

OtakuAndrain – They were a fine pair and complimented each other perfectly.

Lord Patamon – Yeah, I don’t want to imagine how it would have been if Gomamon acted in the same way Joe acted.

OtakuAndrain – Still he kept everyone’s best interests at heart through it all, reliable guy that he was.

Cajun Samurai – Joe is like the father figure of the group; bringing everyone back down to earth when things started to get absurd. Kinda like you, Andrain.

Lord Patamon – Interesting comparison there.

OtakuAndrain – Thanks, That’s a fairly nice thing to say… Though I am known to stir the pot sometimes…

Cajun Samurai – Speaking of Pot, let’s talk about Palmon and her partner Mimi Tachikawa.

OtakuAndrain – … I REALLY think you should say ‘A pot’ here… We’re a family blog.

Cajun Samurai – Why Andrain, whatever do you mean? [::blinks innocently::] In any case, Palmon’s partner, Mimi, is a girlie-girl to end all girlie-girls.

OtakuAndrain – She plays our Hime [Princess], Daughter of a rich family and it shows.

Lord Patamon – Yeah, and with very strange food tastes too.

Cajun Samurai – There are times when Mimi really grated on my nerves with her complaining and whining, but I suppose that was intentionally done so when the moments came that showed her acting selfless and gentle, we would appreciate it.

OtakuAndrain – I understood where she was coming from and didn’t really mind. Though, yeah, I can understand that point too. Even when I was young I could tell what happened if anyone spoiled her.

Cajun Samurai – Palmon played off her very well, being more selfless and endearing than her partner.

OtakuAndrain – Yet still keeping totally in style.

Lord Patamon – Agreed. And not fearing to say “I hate you” if you deserve it, like how it happened to Mimi on the episode where the Gekomon treated her [Mimi] as a princess

OtakuAndrain – She has her moments and is also a character that really matures as things go on.

Cajun Samurai – Thank freaking goodness. Next up, is Takeru “TK” Takaishi–the youngest member of the group for the bulk of the series.

OtakuAndrain – No, he’s the youngest in total. Either way. T.K. is a kid. He’s a second grader. He’s got the whole of youth going for him and luckily he’s hanging out with Matt his older brother. Rare time, parents are divorced and all but T.K. really likes his brother. Though he does admire Tai to Matt’s… fury?

Cajun Samurai – Let’s call it unrestrained youth.

Lord Patamon – Well, TK was separated from Matt at a very early age. The little guy didn’t see his brother anytime he wanted till several years later when their mother finally decided to move closer to where Matt and her ex-husband live, so I think it was natural that TK saw Tai as a brother as well, mostly when Matt wasn’t very talkative.

OtakuAndrain – Either way his partner Patamon is a pretty cool little guy. You really understand why LP here named himself after the winged hairball.

Cajun Samurai – Yeah. Patamon is a lot of power packed into a cute little winged pot-roast shaped package.

Lord Patamon – Yeah. Never underestimate the little guy, you can get a not so nice surprise if you do that. Sadly not everyone thinks that way about the little guy, but well that’s the fandom for you.

OtakuAndrain – Yeah well, Haters Gonna Hate.

Cajun Samurai – To round out our Digi-destined group, we have the mysterious 8th Child. Now, for those of you who have YET to see the series after 13 years might want to turn away now. This is going to be a shock, but the 8th Digi-Destined is Hikari “Kari” Kamiya. Tai’s younger sister.

OtakuAndrain – I’ll admit it… She was my first Waifu before I even knew what they were…

Lord Patamon – Waifu? Mind enlighten us what Waifu stands for?

Cajun Samurai – May I?

Lord Patamon – If you please.

OtakuAndrain – Go for it.

Cajun Samurai – [::Clears throat::] When Andrain refers to his “Waifu” he is speaking of a female character in an anime that he would like to have as his wife. It stems from the Asian phrase “Mai Waifu” or “My Wife”, which is how some Japanese males speak of their wives. While many anime fans have many favorite characters, for die-hard fans, there is but a handful of girls that they would consider “waifu” material.

OtakuAndrain – In my defense! I was that age back in the day so having a crush on Kari wasn’t totally wrong!

Cajun Samurai – We understand my friend. Hikari was PRIME waifu material. Gentle, caring, loyal… One could say she was also the ultimate little-sister character.

OtakuAndrain – Totally! With a little bit of a weak body to seal the deal! She was AMAZING! More mature then her age suggested, strong… Gezzz…

Lord Patamon – Fully agree with you there. Kari was a quite special girl; Even the Numemon called her Queen Kari.

OtakuAndrain – Then there’s Gatomon, the traditional 6th Ranger. Starts off a Bad guy then sees the light… in this case pretty literally.

Cajun Samurai – And she has about as many digi-volution forms as Tommy did in the Mighty Morphin series.

Lord Patamon – No kidding, she was one resourceful kitty.

OtakuAndrain – That’s not fair: Digimon World 1 the PSX game somehow made it so Biyomon Sora’s Partner could turn into one of the forms of Tentomon, Izzy’s partner.

Lord Patamon – you talk about not fair? What about Patamon having Andromon as one of his digivolutions on that game?

Cajun Samurai – Let’s not get into the video games, shall we? We’re gonna be here all night!

OtakuAndrain – He’s right… Let’s finish this segment…

Lord Patamon – Oops! Sorry about my comment then. [::sweatdrops::] Anyhow back to the kitty, she another of my fave characters. She has a quite interesting backstory too.

Cajun Samurai – Yeah, Gatomon’s backstory made her all the more interesting a character and the only regret I have is that she wasn’t introduced into the show earlier. It would’ve been AWESOME to see her interact with the others without the threat of pending doom.

Lord Patamon – I agree with you there. However she got quite a lot of time to interact with the other digimon at least namely the time of peace after they defeated Apocalymon. The bad thing is that we didn’t see that interaction.

OtakuAndrain – “Digimon Adventure” is surprising. It has 16 protagonists, yet all of them get significant development. It’s pretty even too each of them get their own face time and have their own importance to the grand scheme of things.

Cajun Samurai – Okay. We need to move on, so let’s score it out! Each of us gets a total of 8.3 points to award which will add up to 25. I’ll round up to the nearest percentage to keep things even. Lord Patamon, your score please?

Lord Patamon – I give it my 8.3 actually. I really have no cons about it that would take points from the score. The character development was quite well handled even with the villains. The series also had a fair amount of comedy situations to light the mood which made the series quite balanced and dynamic. Each character had their own personal issues which showed a very human touch on the series. Even the digimon had their own personal conflicts to deal with. So yeah, I will give it my 8.3.

Cajun Samurai – Andrain, good sir?

OtakuAndrain – Echoing LP, These characters had love and hate to them and the all grew and developed on this amazing adventure they were on. Nothing ever went perfectly and they responded realistically to the challenges set before them and the aftermath of their mistakes.

Cajun Samurai – Agreed. With such a large cast, it could get confusing to keep tabs on everyone, but the way the story is told and the way each character gets their own face time which gives the viewer a chance to find something to love about all of them. The bad guys are perfect antagonists against the group–no complexities there.

Cajun Samurai Score – 8.3/8.3
Otaku Andrain Score – 8.3/8.3
Lord Patamon Score – 8.3/8.3

[That’s it for Part 2 guys! Coming up next in part three, the three of us draw first blood with our review of Animation, and we burn up our Internet data plans by discussing the Music of Digimon! You don’t want to miss that, so stick around!]

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