“The Cajun Samurai”: Now On Twitter!

Hey guys! Samurai here. Just dropping in to let you all know that “The Cajun Samurai” now has a shiny new Twitter (@CajunSamurai101) and separate email account! Indeed, now you can get updates on when new reviews or articles post, what anime either myself or OtakuAndrain are watching and our thoughts on it, and in turn you can also talk to us and let us know how you think we’re doing, give us suggestions for reviews, or just drop a line to say “Hey! Love you guys!” So follow us today on Twitter to be sure that you stay in the loop!

Our Twitter Page: http://twitter.com/CajunSamurai101
Our New Email Address: TheCajunSamurai@hotmail.com

Be sure to check back in with us tomorrow at Noon CST, when the third member of our review trio joins us for our voyage through “Digimon Adventure”!


4 thoughts on ““The Cajun Samurai”: Now On Twitter!

  1. Oh my… I can speak to all the fans via Twitter… Ara ara… Whatever will I say?! Oh Yeah! I’ll even answer E-mails… maybe…

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