A Tag-Team Review of “Digimon Adventure” – Digi-Destiny Revisited (Part 1)

“That’s home. Planet Earth. But I’m not sure that’s where I am right now.”
Taichi “Tai” Kamiya “Digimon Adventure” [First Words Spoken in the Series]

Cajun Samurai – Greetings and good day to you all! I am Cajun Samurai…

OtakuAndrain – And I am OtakuAndrain.

Cajun Samurai –And we are here on a very special anniversary day! Today is August 1 which, to those of you who grew up with the anime “Digimon: Digital Monsters” or “Digimon Adventure” is quite special!

OtakuAndrain – I label this my very first anime. It was the first Anime I saw in its entirety [“Adventure 01″ that is]. It was the beginning of my transformation.

Cajun Samurai – As for me, “Digimon” was my 2nd, the first being the venerable “Pokémon” franchise. However, “Digimon” holds a special place in my heart, and will forever hold that spot as one of the first shows that made me the person I am today.

OtakuAndrain – Either way boss, shall we start talking about the story of seven kids who went to camp for the summer?

Cajun Samurai – Seven young kids, and one at home with [::Clears throat::] THE DEADLY ANIME ILLNESS!!!!!  We have a LOT of ground to cover with “Digimon Adventure” so let’s get the particulars out the way and jump right into it!

Warnings and Notable Objectionable Content

OtakuAndrain – I’ll be honest, I’ve yet to see the Sub the whole way through. It’s hard to find it was in that age when it was difficult. So we’ll be mostly looking at the Dub which is a kid’s show through and through.

Cajun Samurai – Indeed; because this show was designed, not only for young kids, but for Afternoon/Saturday Morning timeslots, you will be hard pressed to find anything of question. For better or worse, Saban Entertainment made sure of that.

Series Availability

Cajun Samurai – Umm…yeah…about that…

OtakuAndrain – Sub’s hard to find. The Subs I used to watch on Youtube were killed by Toei I’m pretty sure it’s old enough that you’ll be ok watching it online. Do they still carry it in stores?

Cajun Samurai – Are you kidding? Heck no. Unless you go into a Thrift Store and buy the original VHS tapes, your chances of finding “Digimon Adventure” in any brick and mortar store is slim. HOWEVER, upon doing my Izzy-Like research, I have discovered that there was a Complete Collection set released by a company called Alliance Entertainment. It’s English-Only, but if you’re desperate for your own physical copy, and you got a hundred bucks plus tax and shipping to spare, then that would be your best bet.

OtakuAndrain – [::Sweatdrops::]  Yeah good luck, take the dub on Youtube and good luck finding Subs.

[Update! Update! Our good friend TWWK over at “Beneath The Tangles” has just advised me of the fact that “Digmon Adventure” will be available Right Stuf Anime Superstore in it’s entirety on October 9 of this year! According to the data, sadly, this will be a dub-only release, but if you are intrested in owning “Digimon Adventure” and are not bothered by the English dub, then pre-order a copy now“! Thanks again, TWWK!]

Story Premise

OtakuAndrain – There’s only one way to go with this huh?

Cajun Samurai – Yup. It seems like it’s the only convenient way.

OtakuAndrain – If I may?

Cajun Samurai – Please.

OtakuAndrain – “Seven young kids go to camp for the summer and wind up living in a digital land; where everybody has their own Digi-monster: a digital companion, a digital friend. A digimon in-training will digi-volve to rookie, and Champion, and maybe even Ultimate too. Gonna save the digital world for me, gonna save the digital world for you…”

Cajun Samurai – And that pretty much sums up the show. Good night everyone!  KIDDING! But indeed, “Hey Digimon” pretty much sums up the entire show, and to an extent, the entire “Digimon” Franchise in general. Not bad for a Dub-Exclusive song.

OtakuAndrain – Umm… Season 4 excepted.

Cajun Samurai – Right. Though each season of “Digimon” had differing plots and stories, the overall theme remains the same: young kids picked to fight alongside digital creatures known as digimon to save the digital world and, by some extension, the real world from some unknown force. In any case let’s stay focused. Our intrepid group of pre-teens of various personalities and temperaments are away at summer camp when all of a sudden they are pulled into the digital world; a world inhabited by digital creatures with human-like intelligence. Upon their arrival, seven digimon soon introduce themselves to our group, identifying themselves as being their partners.

OtakuAndrain – Thus setting the stage of a grand saga as these kids try their hardest to find a way home.

Cajun Samurai – Along the way, as the group encounters wild digimon who attack at various points in their travels, their partner digimon go through a rapid evolution process known as digi-volving becoming larger and more powerful to fight the baddies and protect their partners.

OtakuAndrain – Dragons, Wolves, Phoenixes, A giant Cactus with boxing gloves…. It’s pretty varied.

Cajun Samurai – Of course–gotta make trading cards after all.

OtakuAndrain – In any case… this came before Pokémon and was extremely creative for its time. Hell, it’s still creative. Not bad for little dots inside one of those “Tamagotchi” knock offs.

Cajun Samurai – Oh yeah! Digimon was a big step-up from its humble Tamagotchi roots and an even bigger 1-UP from “Pokémon”.  “Digimon Adventure” had a plot. All the episodes in some way shape or form was a part of the much larger plot. A character we meet in Episode 4 might come back in episode 43 for example.  Also Unlike” Pokémon”, “Digimon Adventure” had arcs, and long running ones at that. It had cliff-hanger episodes that left you wondering what was going to happen next.

OtakuAndrain – And didn’t milk one character for over a decade… Well two I suppose.

Cajun Samurai – Exactly; “Digimon Adventure” had a cast with specific goals–these characters were GOING somewhere and DOING something. They had hopes, fears, dreams, and they had a backstory that fleshed them out and made the show even more enjoyable.

OtakuAndrain – The Premise itself and the story behind everything, while a tad drawn out at the end still leads to a fantastic story. It was creative and the world building involved was simply amazing.

Cajun Samurai – Oy! Aren’t you forgetting about one major story arc?

OtakuAndrain – ‘eh?

Cajun Samurai – Dude, how many Digi-Destined are there?

OtakuAndrain – Dude that’s the character section. We’re still in the Premise.

Cajun Samurai – OBJECTION!!! [::slams hands down on table and points::] The 8th Child/Prophecy Arc is a MAJOR story element in this series!

OtakuAndrain – Yare, yare… That does illustrate one key thing about the dub. It was everything supporting it on the outside. Those… guys… at Fox running the Fox Kids block back in the day really knew how to sell things and bring Drama in the most amazing way.

Cajun Samurai – Agreed. During the Summer of “Digimon Adventure’s” first run on the now defunct Fox Kids block, the creators used the whole “Prophecy” aspect of the Myotismon arc of the story to their advantage, creating a hype that had young kids in the playground talking. “Who is The 8th Digi-destined?”

Jacket art of the 2007 Japanese DVD box set re...

OtakuAndrain – With our Otaku experience that we have now… we could have called it probably 3 months earlier, but in those days, I didn’t have it for about 3 episodes before. And Did they MILK IT.

Cajun Samurai – …like a cow at the dairy, my friend. And heck, it worked. And it worked again for the last few episodes of the series, making it seem more epic than it really was. Speaking of the ending, I have to admit, as compared to some of the other anime I’ve watched SINCE “Digimon”, this one remains one of the strongest and best endings.

OtakuAndrain – ‘eh… I think Toei did their milking thing; they had a habit of. I think it could have been better. Our Two main characters were too important Until T.K. came through at the end to catch up with the others. I would have and always still would have liked seeing all of them reach that final level.

Cajun Samurai –Yeah, I hear ya. So, for me, overall, “Digimon Adventure” has a story that was solid in 1999, and remains solid in 2012. It’s tight, to the point, and above all, attention-grabbing.

Cajun Samurai Score – 12.5/12.5
Otaku Andrain Score – 12.5/12.5

[That’s it for Part 1 guys! As this review is rather lengthily–after all this is a legendary series, worthy of deep analysis, I’ll be cutting it up into multiple parts! Coming up next, our special guest makes his appearance, we check out the Characters that make up “Digimon Adventure”, and I try my hand at mathematics! An amusing time had by all!]


11 thoughts on “A Tag-Team Review of “Digimon Adventure” – Digi-Destiny Revisited (Part 1)

  1. Does it matter which order you watch Digimon in? I was really going to just stick to what’s on Crunchy Roll. And are you going to cover that mishmash that was the Digimon movie?

    1. Agreed–it’s three completely unrelated movies mashed into one horrific mess. Trying to divide it up to write an accurate review will be confusing at best and darn-near impossible at most. This time around we will be focusing on the movies. MAYBE…at some point we will be inspired to blast into it, but at this time, we’re working with series-only!

      With regards to a specific order to watch the series in? Really, after Season 02, the story goes off on it’s own with no ties to the season before it until much later down the road when some of the earlier leaders make a cameo.

      1. He of course refers to Season 7 where Toei does “Digimon Decade” in the largest pile of crap right up to the second to last episode where suddenly Omegamon (Omnimon if you prefer), Imperialdramon, Gallentmon Crimson Mode, Susannomon, Shining Greymon Burst Mode, and Shoutmon X7 come out of nowhere… yeah…

  2. Man, I haven’t watched the first Digimon in forever. But on that note, I had seen 02 and 03 subbed on Crunchyroll. It would be fairly interesting to have seen the original subbed.

    That being said, yeah this was just another show in my childhood that I loved watching every weekend. Definitely miss it.

  3. Can’t wait for the next part of the review – definitely a treat! Digimon was an excellent, excellent series. I have a “greatest hits” type DVD package that I still find enjoyable, and that my young children really like, too. Terrific show that doesn’t get it’s due.

    1. Don’t worry! You only have…oh…::looks at watch:: 16 hours, 54 minutes until the next part posts. Just go take a nap, watch a movie with the kids, eat dinner, go to bed and it’ll be here before you know it!

  4. Man, and this is right about the time I started rewatching it! Subs for this show are easy to get if you know where to look (i.e. less than legal sources). It’s really a fun show, and I’m actually getting story that I missed when I watched the original run! By the time I got into it, they were replaying the same 5-10 episodes over… and over… and over… and over…. which drove me up a wall! Definitely great kid’s fare, though.

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