Breaking News: Olympics Pushing Out Anime

Andrain here, hey guys. I got bad news. At least one station (MBS for those of you in the know) that shows some of the more popular Anime right now (Sorry Samurai… That includes E7:AO) will be putting everything on the back-burner to cover the Olympics in London. Everything will be back to normal August 16th if you watch your Anime live. I’m sorry, at this time I have no way of understanding the Japanese required to give you a full list.


5 thoughts on “Breaking News: Olympics Pushing Out Anime

  1. …BADMINTON?! They’re pushing back one of the most popular anime of this season for BADMINTON?! We go from epic battle where Ao learns of his heritage and Eureka drops a bombshell of a revelation on the entire viewing audience to…BADMINTON?!?! Someone…must…be…punished…


  2. This really sucks. I’ve only just recently started getting more into the summer seasons anime and I need my fix of Sword Art Online! I hope it’s not getting pushed back as well. Then again hopefully we’re only talking hours here and not days.

    1. I’m afraid it is days. It’ll dominate that station for a good week. Wikipedia lists MBS as a station airing SA:O so…you might be out of it.

      1. Add Joshiraku, Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate, Smile Precure, The current Sentai, Kamen Rider Forze, Kono Naka (That one about the guy trying to figure out which of his harem is his sister).

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