Six Degrees of Anime Separation Results!

Okay guys! Here we are again! We’re going to announce the winner of the 2nd ever “Six Steps of Anime Separation” Super Challenge! I have to admit, this was a challenge for both the readers and myself as well! But, I think the end results are going to be satisfying for all involved, especially for the winner! So without further ado, let’s announce the winner of the six steps game! As a reminder, the winner had to successfully connect the late, great Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin with anime voice actress Mona Marshall! Who did it? Drumroll please!

Congratulations are in order once again for “HK”! She not only successfully connected the two people in the challenge, but she did it in fewer steps than the opposition! Let’s take a look at her links:

Steve Irwin

1. Steve Irwin was Trev in Happy Feet, With Elijah Wood.

2. Elijah Wood played Kratos’s Brother in the video game “God of War III” with Crispin Freeman who played Helios.

3. Crispin Freeman played Itachi in Naruto with Mona Marshall who played Inari!

So once again, congrats to HK for winning two times in a row! You have won the super-prize! Not ONLY did you win a free review from me, but you also won two 48 hour passes for CrunchyRoll! Use them well my friend, and they will be mailed out to you shortly! I also want to send a humble thanks to TWWK from “Beneath the Tangles” for wanting to restart the entire contest all over again and for re-submitting a new set of links even with the knowledge that there was a chance he would not win again! He’s such a good sport ladies and gentlemen! To that end, I’m going to award one 48 hour CrunchyRoll pass to TWWK! I hope you enjoy it good sir! Okay! Now that all that is done, I suppose I should shut up and announce the show or movie HK wants reviewing! I admit I was kinda-sorta saving this one for a special occasion, but now is as good a time as any I suppose! So keep your eyes peeled for my review on…

“Cowboy Bebop The Movie: Knockin’ On Heavens Door”


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