A Review of Puella Magi Madoka Magica: So… Sign here

Phew rough month… I’m already getting tired of Shawn T (Don’t ask…) And my labors have only begun. Summer’s here! Next week many new series are starting up so… I gotta pull out that damn chart! Oh well, first things first Time to end my Mahou Shoujo Month. This is the latest big time Magic girl who is even more extraordinary then her two peers. What makes her special? Well here’s my full review of Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

Warnings and objectionable content: YES This is NOT an Anime for Kids! Ignore the colorful Pastels THIS IS NOT AN ANIME FOR KIDS OR THE LIGHT HEARTED! STUFF GOES DOWN AND HARD!

Premise: The Second Law of Thermodynamics… Entropy! The concept of energy lost due to disorder. The reason we can’t make anything perfectly 100% efficient. Well the idea is in this universe, Entropy is increasing at a troublesome rate and more energy is needed to fuel the universe. Where can enterprising Aliens get a bunch of energy? Why use the emotions of Prepubescent human girls! As a guy with the job I have I gotta take points off for the poor poor application of Entropy but it’s not a bad idea. (20/25)

Favorite Scene: Madoka finally freaking transforming holy crap!

Characters: Madoka Kaname- Our main character though she spends the series being absolutely USELESS (She doesn’t transform until the second to last episode. She is a kind and idealistic young lady, and she tries to find the best way through any problem though that’s a bad habit of hers. Still turned out ok in the end.

Kyuubey- Aka QB in many circles. Look at this thing… LOOK AT THOSE EYES THAT STARE INTO YOUR SOUL! It’s evil, you cannot not tell me that thing is EVIL. This is our mascot and is the first hint at how f-ed up this show is. “Make a contract with me and become a Magical Girl.” It’s a deal with the devil.

Sayaka Miki- A girl with the heart of justice and one with a pure heart. She became a magical girl for the sake of another. Sayaka is a sword user and can create just as many swords as she desires (surprise surprise my favorite). She wishes to use her powers for the betterment of all.

Mami Tomoe- A bit older then the others. Mami is the Senior Magical girl. Kind, ladylike, and the joke of her having exemplary mammies gives her a noble feel. She uses single fire muskets and just spams the heck out of them. Watching her fight is a work of art. [Spoiler]Don’t get too attached[/Spoiler]

Homura Akemi- Homura seems to know more then she lets on. Cold, calculating, vicious, all seem to be words to describe her, but she has a certain obsession of doing all in her power to prevent Madoka’s rise to Mahou Shoujo. She’s odd in which she seems to have Pistols, Rifles, C4, Mortars, basically an armory! But is that her true power?

Kyoko Sakura- A girl who becomes a magical girl to aid her preacher father. Her Father upon founding this out soon died and Kyoko has been left alone. Kyoko is always eating when she can and is very peculiar about food. She uses a single Lance to great effect in battle.

The characters in this anime go a long way to make this what it is. They’re all incredibility strong, and allow the viewers insights in various things. As the story becomes more complex the characters go through this all in ways that are plain human. Fantastic characterization. Madoka fans STILL fight about their favorites (25/25)

Animation: IT’S A TRAP! THESE BEAUTIFUL BRIGHT PASTEL COLORS! ALL A TRAP DON’T BE FOOLED!!!! Going from the beautiful real world into the world of the enemy ‘Witches’ you have to ask yourself if you’re bloody intoxicated! Someone on LSD made those Witches worlds, only explanation THEY’RE BLOODY CRAZY! The Animation is one of the strongest points in this show (13.5/12.5) (Yep BONUS POINT!)

Music: The music in this anime also fits the nutty and surreal visuals creating an atmosphere that perfectly draws you in no matter what messed up stuff happens in the series. The OP I think was especially good too entitled “Connect” By ClariS is I think a fantastic song. I was glad they didn’t show this first at the first episode which was a good call. The ending… I really couldn’t appreciate it as much due to the messed up nature of the anime itself which isn’t a criticism of the piece itself is entitled “Magica” by Kalafina (12.5/12.5)

Presentation: What do you get when you take the makers of Hidamari Sketch and put them into a weird mood? THIS. That’s right, the completely nonsensical nature of the characters designs and everything should reek of Hidamari Sketch and the only thing you sohuld be wondering is how the makers of that beautiful Ray of Sunshine (pun totally intended) could make THIS! I dunno… I love Madoka all and all. It was a fantastic Anime and Japan loved it too. I know for many fans the disater in Japan a couple of years ago was abated just slightly by the thought that one day they’d finish the last two episodes of Madoka which were reworked greatly into an even more amazing experience while Japan rebuilt itself. Another story for another day. All I’m saying is this series was crafted with love and emotions. You’re going to feel them watching this masterpiece. As for the cast Aoi Yuki plays Kaname Madoka to perfection! A sample of innocence but a strength who gets through unimaginable adversity, a gentle spirit whom cares deeply about her comrades but isn’t sure how to help them a wonderful girl who…



Oh come on! I was getting to you. Homura was played by Chiwa Saito best known for being Aika-chan as you can imagine. Saito-san has played numerous types of roles and that experience is well seen in Homura who has many different facades due to various reasons. Speaking of ARIA Ai’s here too as Mami is played by Kaori Mizuhashi better known as Miyako from Hidamari Sketch. The two characters can’t honestly be any more different with the exception of their affinities for cake. Eri Kitamura’s Name comes up again in my definitions. She’s Sayaka and plays the girl beautifully. Sayaka is a complex character too but Kitamura-san really brings her best out for this one. Finally the main cast is rounded out by Ai Nonoka as Kyoko. Nonoka-san is best known as the hime of Negima Konoka Konoe but she certainly brings an amazing performance as the destitute senior Magical Girl. Folks this anime was made beauitfully. This is an instant classic, a legend, EVERYONE has to watch this series once. This is required viewing for all aspiring Otaku of any level! NO EXECEPTIONS! THAT MEANS YOU SAMURAI! (25/25).

Scoring Summary:

Story Breakdown – 20/25
Characters – 25/25
Animation – 12.5/12.5
Music – 12.5/12.5
Performance and Production – 25/25

Final Score – 94/100 = 94% – A

Well there goes my month! IT was nice hanging with you guys! Now… Yuru Yuri Season 2 is in my queue and I’m off to go watch it! Apparently Akarin is having the worst delusions ever recorded… Anyway… *Coughs* Point is stay tuned! The summer season is on! It’s gonna be hot and I’m going to show you where you can take in the most sunshine! *Puts on a Cowboy Hat* Samurai says it’s time we saddle up and head west where the sun sleeps everyday. We’re taking it old school on the untamed Frontier. A Mighty Fine welcome to July! This month we’re gonna be looking at them varments representing the West starting with


7 thoughts on “A Review of Puella Magi Madoka Magica: So… Sign here

  1. And after long rethought about it, I could never place the characters at full score. Why? Because, as you put it, the main character is useless. She’s milquetoast. She has inner stregnth more because the plot calls for it rather than because she’s an awesome character, because it’s through being pushed by the characters around her (who have far more personality and are far more interesting) that she actually *does* anything. Left on her own, she wouldn’t last.

    That being said, it’s still an awesome anime.

    1. I see Madoka as a very contemplative person. And let’s be honest she’s in Middle School, and she’s extremely mature for her age. Much of this Anime was about her trying to find herself, and she did have the courage to take the plunge at the end. It’s not to me that she’s a boring character. She was just paralyzed by the number of routes she could have taken in the story… and perhaps did. The window we were given a look into was established specially after all. Considering I hadn’t found who I thought I was long after High School I’m not going to expect a young lady on this merry stage to figure out anything either.

      1. I’m at a point where I’m still finding out who I am, but being paralyzed with indecision is different from being boring. She herself never had much emotion or personality. You can have -lots- of personality and not know who you are or what you want to do in life. Most of my friends are like that. But Madoka never says much, never behaves in an interesting way, and for that seems like an afterthought to what was happening instead of the main focus.

  2. Like I said while trying not to say any spoilers. She’s being forced out of the limelight for a reason. The fact she’s placed in this position was from external design. Watching her this way isn’t a good indicator as to what she is. This indifference she had was the key to everything.

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