A review of Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS: They just grow up so fast…

Alright I promised so… Here we go. First a Disclaimer, I love this series, absolutely, adore it! Seriously! Not lying! But there comes a time when I gotta put personal feelings aside and really let loose. Folks, I’ve got a problem with the damn title! This won’t be anywhere NEAR as great of a score as the other two so… hang on with me… My review of Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS Hajimare-mas.

Questionable Content and other warnings: Well… They grew up and there’s still the same form of transformation. At least they assume girls aren’t watching this and our lone boy transformation blows in comparison.

Premise: WELL a lot longer has passed. Dimensional stuff happens and Nanoha, Fate, and Hayate have  provided their uses to the Time Space Administration Bureau. If you’ve been watching the others you’ve watched them. The three of them are 19 and SMOKING not only in their looks but in how unimaginably powerful they are. Hayate, as repentance for the Book of Darkness incident, has worked harder then anyone can imagine and reached the rank of Captain with the aid of her family and her new intelligent device the Tome of the Night Sky. Nanoha, on the other hand used her equally unbelievable powers to take the title of the TSAB’s Ace of Aces and has pulled back from active duty to serve as an instructor. Fate, is a highly decorated Enforcer which is the TSAB Covert Ops unit. Basically the three of them are doing pretty good for themselves and Hayate manages to bring them all together to form the core of Lost Property Riot Force Section 6. A unit designed to deal with Lost Logia as well as to serve as a training unit. Nanoha and Fate are provided 4 recruits to get into a proper level of readiness. 2 Young women in their teens and a young boy and girl. Of course things are never that easy and Lost Logia problems never end. Well what can I say? It seems like a weird thing, magical girls actually grow up?! The Premise itself is quite good! It just opens a very dangerous door which I’ll get into in a moment. (23/25)

Favorite Scene: Two of them! Both from Nanoha! One where Nanoha gets PISSSED not just annoyed but “God has come to SMITE THEE” Pissed. The first time seeing it, I just paused and sat there for a moment! I was Esscared! (That’s really Scared you know!) The second one is when Nanoha really cuts loose! When she unleashes her full power… You know never to mess with the White Devil (A fan nickname).

Characters: Nanoha- She’s gotten quite motherly as she grew up. Kind, but stern, something happened to her between A’s and now that really changed her outlook on things. Still, the mature Nanoha is much like her younger self.

Fate- If Nanoha is the stern mother, Fate is the doting one, she’s kept quite busy and even though she’s somewhat adopted two kids she’s kept away from them (Both of them her recruits luckily) She’s more likely to spoil, and has grown even kinder as she aged, not wanting anyone else to experience her own childhood.

Hayate- The Book of Darkness incident would turn her life upside down but she grew up and even though people in the TSAB still don’t completely trust her, Hayate has proven time and time again she’s more then capable as a leader and an officer. Her family, Signum, Vita, Shamal, Zafira, and joined by Reinforce Zwei (Created at the end of A’s) serve as her subordinates and since they’re all artificial beings haven’t changed much at all since A’s except they’ve become even stronger and more loyal to Hayate.

Subaru Nakajima- The first of the Recruits! Subaru is a straight forward young woman, passionite and deeply cares for her friends. Her intelligent device is Mach Cailber, a pair of Skates that allow her to make magical roads others travel on. Her combat style is one of a highly mobile unarmed heavy attacker. Mix that with Vita’s Hammer and there’s nothing the two of them couldn’t take down.

Tiana Lanster- Subaru’s Partner since their days as Cadets, Tia as she’s often called is a cool headed ranged fighter using her Intelligent device Cross Mirage and her potent illusion spells. She’s the most mature of the cadets and serves as their leader in the absence of those higher in rank. Add Tia’s skills plus Nanoha and you’ve got a team that’ll pin down anyone.

Erio Mondial-OH WOW A BOY! This young man is a man of Speed! Soft spoken but fastest of all of the cadets even being so young. He wields a Lance called Strada and protects young Caro out on the battlefield. There’s no way you can’t cheer for those two kids to get together. He doesn’t have the happiest of back-stories though.

Caro Ru Lushe- A young girl with great potential, She is a summoner specializing in Dragons but was shunned from her tribe. She is a full Support type that ACTUALLY BUFFS MMO style, increasing her allies capabilities. Her Device Kerykeion represents this by boosting her mana supply rather then increasing her offensive capabilities.  She and Erio are a perfect match (Seriously!)

Vivio- A Mysterious little girl at the center of everything. What is her significance?

And Those are just the tip of the iceberg. This anime suffers from an incredibly serious problem that being there’s too many interesting characters coming from out of nowhere and you want to learn a lot more about them! This anime can’t be made longer without becoming redundant but at the same time you want to learn about everyone more. It’s a large flaw of this anime. On top of that other characters from the older two series are completely discarded! (18/25)

Animation: My girls look great! They didn’t get lazy here! The girls and Erio look fine. When stuff goes down I totally see what’s going down even if there are way too many freaking characters they make things nice and flashy! (12.5/12.5)

Music: Sorry if you like me putting the Ops and Eds in the thing I can’t get my net to work like I want… so just look ’em up! Anywho They kept the tradition, Nana Mizuki handing the Ops and Yukari Tamara hitting the ends. Two of each!

The first OP is “Secret Ambition.” Oy Samurai! Guess what! NO Running! At all! Your mind just got blown! I liked this one far better gave as many of the characters a shot as they could It allowed you to get interested. In contrast the Second OP “Massive Wonders” is a real head scratcher Stuff is getting seriously real no joke the characters definitely show this but I think it draws too much attention to Subaru. I mean her secrets are important to the plot but, it makes it seem like she inherits the MC role from Nanoha or something which is totally untrue. Gotta take a point off.

The First ending is called “Hoshizora no Spica.” It’s Nanoha centric as is tradition and suits the grown up Nanoha quite well I think. Of course I could look at the beautiful woman all day long.

The second ending is Beautiful Amulet, a fitting ending having Nanoha remembering her past and embracing her present. It’s another beautiful song and Naruto Shippuden would later steal the blue bird for their Second OP. (11.5/12.5)

Presentation: First of all Voice work was great as always. But…. Here comes the slashing FIRST the title, In this definition the term Striker represents an elite, a hero, one that inspires others. Now… I’m a US Navy Sailor and the term Striker represents something COMPLETELY different yet at the same time describes the kids quite well. See in the Navy, Strikers are rookies that don’t have a specific job yet. They’re basically qualified to paint and they gotta earn their way into a job or they’ll never graduate from cleaning and painting (which we all still do but at least the rest of us do something else). So I gotta take a point off. Next! Too many interesting characters. Not enough face time for some of them, gotta stay on your toes or your gonna get confused. Way too much stuff happens, it can be an awful mess sometimes as you’re trying to remember who is doing what for who. There’s a lot of military drama that makes this a really different from the other two series. Like I said I loved this series, no matter how complex it was. In the end it wrapped up nice and overly complicated but there was still a happy ending (It only took a few Starlight Breakers). Of course to have all three of our main ladies not deal with everything immediately they had to be given some very annoying powerful limiters. Annoying as hell, sure Fate Nanoha and Hayate are still totally awesome but it’s all… you guys get it. It’s crap! I wanna see my ladies pwn the crap out of things. Eventually they get it taken off but it’s like DUDE really? In the end impartially…. This wasn’t up to the same par as the others. (19/25)

Scoring Summary:

Story Breakdown – 23/25
Characters – 18/25
Animation – 12.5/12.5
Music – 11.5/12.5
Performance and Production – 19/25

Final Score – 84/100 = 86% – B

Well month is running out, Summer is here so I gotta make some rapid research for next season… So I don’t think I’ll get any more then one good review in before I’m out of time. We’ll have another Magical girl Month sometime. I didn’t get to barely any I wanted to however I will STILL complete the Triumvirate with the latest Magical young lady. So my next review is of the Magical girl who didn’t didn’t become a magical girl until the end of her own series. Of course I’m talking about

Puella Magi Madoka Magica


2 thoughts on “A review of Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS: They just grow up so fast…

  1. Hey, I really enjoyed your review. This was my second favorite Nanoha season, the best being a’s in my opinion. It gets panned by everyone else but you gave it the score I agree with. I liked this season! Sure it was complex and there were lots of characters but I thought the story was very engaging and genuinely surprising at times! Great combat and music, and VA’s. Altogether it makes it a great show, despite the flaws. I enjoyed it a lot too.

    1. Glad to hear you enjoyed it and believed it was fair. I don’t think anyone will disagree with A’s being the best (Unless Innocent gets Animated.) Thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment.

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