Breaking News: Oh My Goddess Makes the Internet Collectively take God’s Name in Vain.

Andrain here, well in the past couple of days Oh My Goddess chapter 285 was released. If you haven’t watched the anime you should, it is most certainly one of the finest love stories of all time… UNTIL NOW.

Started in 1988 this story is still being serialized monthly and on chapter 285. This love story was TURNED ON ITS HEAD! Morisato Keiichi is a legendary character and the epitome polite nice guy, some people even criticized him for being too nice and proper. There was no way a human could be like that! Well guess what, they were right. Morisato Keiichi from the beginning was brainwashed by the heavens. Everyone knew but him and us. Nearly 24 years have gone into the manga leading up to this point and I’m not the only one who says…. WHAT THE HECK?! (In more Sailor Terms). Here’s Chapter 285 as provided by a nice Anon. Dunno when the Manga sites would get it but wow I can’t wait till next month!

All we know now is this is going to end with someone raging for some reason. We don’t know why we’ll rage but this… There’s no way we can’t rage it’s not going not make sense no matter what happens! Kosuke Fujishima, you’ve designed some of my most favorite characters of all time, not just the cast of OMG, and now you have my respect as one of the greatest trolls of all time, This troll my good sir!


2 thoughts on “Breaking News: Oh My Goddess Makes the Internet Collectively take God’s Name in Vain.

  1. > 1988, a year after my birth
    > 2000 I started this shit
    > 285 chapters and being as old as the manga


    It’s so epic, I am in awe. I just can’t rage. I just sat there reading the shit and was stunned. Not even Negima’s ending was this shocking.


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