“Detective Conan” Bedsheets For Female Anime Fans…Oh, My…

Okay, ladies. I’m talking specifically to you this time. [Fellows, if you are so inclined, you can listen in too for laughs. If you ARE a fellow and are seriously interested in this…hey, I don’t judge…] Surely you’re familiar with the anime series “Detective Conan” right [Otherwise known as “Case Closed” in the US.] ; A hot-shot teenage detective is given a drug by two guys dressed in black which causes his body to revert in age to that of a small kid? Have you ever found yourself wondering “Gee, he’s just so cute. I would love to lay next to him in bed with those arms wrapped around me.” Well, my dears, worry no longer, as Japan has just the product for you…

According to Anime News Network, the Japan-Based store Animate, [You’ll remember that we discussed this particular company in an earlier post as they brought us the “LOL” that is the K-ON! Leather Jacket], will be releasing a new line of bed sheets geared towards female otaku featuring either Shinichi Kudo [Before he was shrank to kid-size…though if female otaku are of the same freaky brand that male otaku are, a Conan bed sheet might not be too far behind…] or the Phantom Thief Kaitō Kid from the LONG running “Detective Conan” series. The sheets will sell for 10,500 yen [about US$130, tax included] and are made of polyester and suede. And if that wasn’t enough to sell you, ladies, then check out the descriptions on the website of each of the sheets. Shinichi is described as “looking somewhat abashed as he loosens his necktie and holds out his left arm for you.” while the Kaito Kid sheet is described as “offering a gentle embrace like a gentleman, as if to say ‘come over here.'”

Now…what you sleep on and who is printed thereon is your business and your business alone…but if I am one day blessed with a girlfriend and if I go into her bedroom and see Shinichi Kudo staring back at me on the bed “looking somewhat abashed as he loosens his necktie and holds out his left arm”…I’m putting her on the “Maybe We Should Just Be Friends” list quick, fast and in a dawg gone hurry.

While we’re on the subject of “Detective Conan”, yet ANOTHER article about the boy detective came across my RSS feed from Anime News Network. It appears as though someone has caught a case of grabby hands and nicked the magifying glass from one of the bronze statues of Conan erected in the series creator’s hometown of Hokuei. [“Fight oh! Fight oh!, fight oh!” Okay that was an old reference… one free review from Yours Truly if you name the anime that I just referenced…seriously, if you get this one, you’re dang good…] Estimates show that it could cost about 500,000 yen or $6,000 in US money to repair the statue.

No word yet on suspects, but it has been rumored that Hokuei police are employing all their resources from both here and abroad. No clue on these resources sadly, but it has been noted that Hokuei Police HQ has recently accepted a rather large shipment of sweets and hundreds of boxes of a mysterious snackfood.


10 thoughts on ““Detective Conan” Bedsheets For Female Anime Fans…Oh, My…

  1. Kinnikuman! Do I win the prize? And I do not claim to be a female otaku so these bedsheets though creepily hilarious would not be for me. I am a female anime fan so I can appreciate the thought. I’m more disturbed by that magnifying glass. Mystery!

    1. Sorry buddy, not exactly the show I had in mind. I will give you a clue–the letters are close. And yes, it is an interesting mystery as to who stole the magnifying glass. Obviously there’s no useful purpose it could serve…perhaps it’s a trophy type of thing?

            1. “5 Centimeters Per Second”? I think I can manage that. Much obliged for not going with “FLCL” as I have SPECIAL plans for that one sometime this year. 🙂

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