Andrain’s Try it Before You Buy it Corner: “Nazo No Kanojo X” You Only Wish…

Ok here’s Number 3 of 4 for now. Honestly things are getting kinda busy. But it can’t be helped I got a lotto do here to be sure everyone is served for my take over next month. And two full reviews to do as well. Yare Yare, I really like you guys apparently. The Next offering is something the Samurai has, with no subtlety, indicated I should do (Even going as far as wishing to start a new feature that would have totally made my presence useless) so after getting the hint. I decided I’d get started. Watching anime for long running manga can be something hard for me to start as I know what’ll happen but oh well. In any case here’s another Preview of one of the most critically acclaimed hits this season Nazo No Kanojo X or Mysterious Girlfriend X!

Warning and objectionable content: Kinda, this is Pg-13 on the extreme end. They take a semi-realistic look at real life things, though nothing is shown at all. Actually it’s kinda refreshing.

Genre: High School/Slice of Life/Romance!

Plot: It’s about this totally normal average but nice guy (Therefore common as dirt in this circuit, lets face it) who does something totally weird and scores! EPICALLY What does he do? Well he takes a licking of the new transfer student’s drool and suddenly is addicted to it? The poor girl was absolutely delighted. She found herself a boyfriend. Let the Mysterious relationship commence.

Tsubaki Akira: Like I said average guy, not much going for him except he’s average and that’s everything in an anime. He’s always concerned about the state of his relationship with Urabe mostly because they rarely do things couples do.

Urabe Mikoto: Now Urabe-san is the Mysterious Girlfriend. Well for one for speical people her drool has special properties. Another thing is she’s just strange in general. Of course she makes more sense then most of reality as she shares my personal belief that forcing a smile for the sake of a photograph is idiotic. She makes this show as we watch our poor MC trying to get her all while wondering what she’s thinking on top of that. Oh just watch out Her Skill with the Scissors is something only  Hitokiri Battōsai can match.

General Comments and Recommendation: Folks I’m not gonna lie. This show can get a little on the Gross side but there’s nothing bad in fact it’s all amazingly innocent. You should watch this. It’s going over in Japan as well as I thought it would because in essence it’s a pure love story. Urabe’s Voice Actress, Yoshitani Ayako, makes her debut and she does it in spectacular fashion. Her Voice is definitely refreshing and fits the character absolutely perfectly. Watch this everyone I beg of you.


One thought on “Andrain’s Try it Before You Buy it Corner: “Nazo No Kanojo X” You Only Wish…

  1. Sorry bout that again, by the way. It’s just a really good series, and I was so excited about us writing up something about it! You know me; I get excited when given something really good!

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