Andrain’s Try it Before you Buy it Corner: “AKB0048” Raw, Raw, Fight Da Power!

Hey guys Andrain here still reeling from my announcement before. Though I think my rage is starting to recede and it’ll be safe to take your kids to Disney again. Just don’t let them see that exhibit… Anyway work goes on. I have a ton to do before the end of this month to prepare for taking over in June. Which is a frightening expereince. The Samurai doesn’t realize how much his readership will drop. Oh well time for me to do my thing. So I’ve done SOLs enough (for now) and I wanted everyone to get a look at another crazy one. *Snaps his fingers Queuing “Raw Raw Fight Da Powa”* It’s time for a Revolution boys and girls. I give you my first Try it before you buy it look at AKB0048 (Pronounced A K B Zero Zero Forty-eight.)

Warnings and objectionable content: Curse that Censoring government trying to shut us down FIGHT DA POWA! (No not really)

Genre check: *Coughs* We got Sci Fi, Mecha, Idols, Androids, music, friendship, rivalries, the Ultimate sort of American Idol, Underground culture, technomancy, Starting to see where I’m going yet?

Characters: I haven’t met half the cast yet as of time of writing disregard. NO seriously this Idol group is crazy huge. They just made a jumping point we still gotta meet the rest of them. Freaking real life in my Anime…

Plot: Touch the Untouchable, Break the unbreakable… It’s a sad time in Human History. Humanity has extended out past the stars but all this progress comes at a heavy price. The Soul of Humanity. Government across the stars oppress the people and keep them from entertainment. Especially the Idol. Fight da Powa. Though there is one Idol group fighting back known as AKB0048. Armed with Song, Smile, Mecha, at least one Android, and some pretty win skills they fight for freedom against Tyranny!

Animation: Not terrible CG at the battle sequences, but some people don’t particularly like CGed mecha. The Sci-fi is somewhat gritty brightened mostly by the characters. Males are few and far in between. Anti-Idol Missiles are pretty cool. The setting reminds me and many other people of Warhammer 40K That’s hard to do and keep a show happy lemme tell yuh.

General comments and recommendation: They keep the action high, but I personally feel they’re throwing way too much at this. It’s like they’re trying to appeal to everyone at once. It just feels a little overwhelming to me. I still like it mind you, the character dynamics are going to become more and more interesting as we continue on. Considering this is fodder for a real Idol Group, I gotta say it’s not bad. Give it a shot please.

Short one this time sorry I got a lot of work to do. First before I begin remembering what the heck went on in Rayearth I actually gotta go watch the next entry into my personal corner. I’l be back soon folks after I take a look at Mysterious Girlfriend X


One thought on “Andrain’s Try it Before you Buy it Corner: “AKB0048” Raw, Raw, Fight Da Power!

  1. Yeah this show is getting better as time goes on. I’m gonna not lie. This show has… I just can’t believe how well everything in this whole series fits together. This is a plug for a real idol group but it is probably the finest anime this season! The music is great, not especially girly either and…. the characterization. It’s got that little bit of over-dramatic ham that just makes you shake your head but then smile and keep going. If you haven’t see this yet I implore you to take the 3 Episode challenge. If you don’t like it, I really REALLY want to hear why.

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