Andrain’s Try it Before you Buy it Corner: Natsuiro Kiseki Here’s how to have A Magical Summer

Oh! What’s up guys? You ought to thank /a/ for once. I just read the most hilarious review on there and it got me thinking I’m totally letting you guys down. In my defense I’ve been watching PLENTY of Anime recently and experiencing Muv Luv for the first time so bugger off! Anyway. Today I’m going to take a try it before you buy it look at another Slice of Life Anime. Why? Well A. I really like them B. This one is about cute girls doing cute things involving a rock that has nothing better to do then troll the ho-ha outta them. Since my inspiration came from /a/ today and this anime involves a winning troll I just can’t help myself. Here’s my preview of Natsuiro Kiseki.

Warnings and Objectionable Content: Good to go! No worries on this front!

Genre Check: Slice of Life/Fantasy

Plot: It’s summer time and we’re going to follow 4 high school girls, friends since childhood, except one’s leaving at the end of it. Oh well, a wishing rock ought to make things more interesting right? This will definitely be a memorable summer.

Chance of surprise plot twist ruining everyday life in order to make it more interesting: Well we already know one’s moving away at the end, so the drama is already tied into the series. I wish more did that.


Natsumi- An energetic Sporty girl and one of the aces of the Tennis team. She has a stubborn streak to her, but she cares deeply about all of her friends. She’s a get up and go early type.

Saki: The other Ace of the Tennis team, however she’s set to move by the end of summer at the start of the next term. She’s not quite honest with herself and her feelings causing a lot of arguments between herself and Natsumi, but the two are extremely close.

Yuka: Yuka is a flighty wishy-washy girl with a mischievous streak. Her dream is to make an idol group with her friends as spurred on by her love of the Idol group “Four Seasons” as well as a festival competition the four won while they were little. She hates seeing Natsumi and Saki fight.

Rinko: Rinko is a quiet and wise type of girl who foils very well with Yuka even if it seems she’s always been pulled along at the energetic girl’s pace. She works at the shrine where all the craziness goes down as a shrine maiden.

THE ROCK: A Rock said to grant the wishes of four people who have united their hearts. The rock is a dangerous type of wishing object with seemingly complex rules and regulations that seem to exist to mess with the girls and get out of hand with humorous consequences (for us anyway).

Animation: The characters are crisp, clean, and expressive. It’s a little too much on the light side palate wise but that’s due to the setting being in the middle of summer, so naturally, everything will be brighter in the high sunshine. The animators put some time into this and the town itself is really nice to look at an imagine you’re walking through.

General Comments and recommendation: The First Episode feels almost like a throw away and seems slow, dull, and completely ordinary right up to the 18 minuteish mark when it happens and things suddenly go a bit crazy. Because of that, I have to ask you all to give this one a 3 episode look, otherwise I think you’ll enjoy the normal girl in the middle of random craziness a lot.


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