“The Cajun Samurai” News, Updates and Other Random Randomness

Greetings everyone! Just felt like doing a bit of a news update from the world of anime and beyond along with some news regarding the blog itself. No better time than the start of a new month, right?

“Usagi Drop” Hopping with Rabid Cuteness to the United States

Remember “Usagi Drop” (Bunny Drop); that sweet little feel-good anime that came out in the middle of 2011 that warmed the hearts of the entire anime community [So long as you didn’t read the manga…]? Well, guess what? It has been reported that this show will FINALLY be getting an US release in Blu-Ray and DVD! NISA America, a subsidiary company who has also licensed “Danshi Kokosei no Nichijou” (Daily Life of High School Boys) earlier this year, states that the show will be released sometime in August. No word yet on pricing, or if this will be a dubbed project, but trust and believe dear viewers, I will try to find a way to get my hands on it…or, if not, there’s always good ol’ reliable Crunchyroll. Now if they would only release the live action “Usagi Drop” movie on DVD here in the US…

Source: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2012-04-28/nis-america-licenses-bunny-drop-tv-anime

Revenge in the “Star Trek” Universe??

Okay, so a few days ago, I recieved a comment on one of my older posts about the new “Star Trek” fan project that includes, among other talent, Vic Mignogna as Captain Kirk. The commenter, only identifying himself as Christopher Brent, states that this particular project might be a result of a falling out regarding an earlier “Star Trek” fan project called “Star Trek – New Voyages/Phase II” in which Mignogna was a part of. In his comment, Brent stated:

This series is only being made because of a personal vendetta that Vic Mignogna has with James Cawley and the rest of the Star Trek – New Voyages/Phase II production(loosely translated, Mignogna and the Starship Farragut production are doing this out of spite). I’d avoid this like the case of Rigelian Fever.

Seeing as how Rigelian Fever is a pretty nasty proposition, I pressed for more details. He kindly provided several links to various blogs and forum posts that explained the intricacies of this project, Mignogna’s involvement with the earlier project, and the spin-off project along with fan reactions and allegations. Sadly, however, Christopher declined my offer for a text interview. [and understandably so; though the offer is still open to anyone from either side who wants to comment…don’t worry; I won’t bite!] I’m nowhere near done with sorting through all the information, so I’m not fully prepared to offer a judgement on it. However, look for an article from me in the coming days explaining what I found out and hopefully…HOPEFULLY…an interview with someone on the inside to elaborate and make sense of this very complex situation.

Changes to “The Cajun Samurai”

Okay guys, last week, I kinda made a drastic change by announcing the elimination of the “Drew Threw it to You” Award. Honestly, the whole concept never really completely clicked with me…though, don’t get me wrong, it WAS fun! But I feel that the blog has evolved beyond that type of award…and besides, this is, first and foremost, an ANIME blog, so it would make sense to have an award that reflects anime…not football. To that end, I will be unveiling a new award system, complete with awesomeness graphic in the month of May. There are also a few more small changes on the blog you might notice here and there, so keep your eyes open, and please forgive any blank pages you might get in the coming days!

Vacation Time!

Finally, just a little advance notice, but I will be going on a MUCH NEEDED vacation this June! [30 Days and Counting!] I’m taking time off from work both online and off to recharge my batteries and to enjoy my 27th Forced Uterine Evacuation Anniversary, which means that I will be leaving you all in the capable and trusted hands of OtakuAndrain, who will submit a couple of reviews and do other random tasks while I take a breath of fresh air outside for once!

Coming Up Next…

Well, May promises to be a very interesting month. Along with a few tag-team reviews and first views with myself and OtakuAndrain, we’re also going to be delving into the world of CLAMP. For those who don’t know, CLAMP is a small, all-female group of manga artists who are known for producing awesome series, some of which we will touch on this month. We will also be looking into some of anime’s most interesting mothers…from the caring to the conniving, we will investigate just what makes an animated mommy so intriguing, and in some cases, nonexistent. That and much more are coming down the pike in the month of May, so I hope you stick around and enjoy it! Oh, and if it’s not too much trouble guys…do you see the blue star below that says “Like”? Well, if you like this post or any other post for that matter on the blog, do me a favor and hit that blue star for me, okay? Thanks! Mean it!


2 thoughts on ““The Cajun Samurai” News, Updates and Other Random Randomness

  1. I still haven’t decided what I’m gonna do for June, I’ll be awful busy though. The summer season will be in full swing. I will however make it special. No matter how obscenely busy I’ll be, Trust me. You guys won’t be disappointed.

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