Six Degrees of Anime Separation Results!

Hey guys! I want to thank all of you first and foremost for participating in my little contest. I know its a strange concept for a contest, but heck, I’m a strange kind of guy, so it works! And besides, it wouldn’t be fun if it was super easy, now would it? The winning link was by far the most creative six degree linkup I’ve seen out of all the submissions received! Let’s see how singer  Bruno Mars was linked to anime voice actor Vic Mignogna

Bruno Mars performing in Las Vegas, Nevada on ...

1. Bruno Mars was Little Elvis in “Honeymoon in Vegas“, which starred James Cann as Tommy Korman…

2. James Cann was in the 1975 movie “The Killer Elite” with Robert Duvall

3. Robert Duvall starred in “Secondhand Lions” with Travis Willingham who played a bit-part hood.

4. Travis Willingham is, of course, Roy Mustang in “Fullmetal Alchemist” in which Vic Mignogna starred as Edward Elric.

So, congratulations “HK”, you are the winner of the first ever “Six Degrees of Anime Separation Challenge! Your prize was that you could pick any show or movie for me to do a 4th review on. The movie you picked has to be THE MOST random movie in my ENTIRE collection…and believe me, I have some RANDOM stuff in my collection! Be that as it may, I will happily honor your request and, after my review of “Ouran High School Host Club”, I will write up a review just for you on…

“Dead Leaves”

4 thoughts on “Six Degrees of Anime Separation Results!

    1. Negative. I’m a man of my word. Besides, I own “Dead Leaves” and I think it’s one of the most unique titles in my collection. I’m not surprised that you don’t like it, as it’s more like an adult version of “FLCL”, and heaven KNOWS I know how much you love that title. 😉

        1. Oh, I understand where you’re coming from 100%…our tastes are somewhat different. Just like how you don’t like “FLCL” and I do, and I don’t like “TTGL” but you do. It’s just personal preference.

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