Andrain’s Try It Before You Buy It Corner Special: Spring 2012 Preview!

  Hey everyone, Andrain here AGAIN. I’m still here and still working. Let’s move on to the preview of next season shall we? I intend to get the full overview. Sorry I’m not gonna look for pictures since the only relevant one is WAY too big to put in this blog and be anywhere near readable I ask those who wanna follow along here’s THE CHART (not of my design).

Ok here we go, how am I gonna do this. Let’s start with an overview! Genre Count! This season We Have:

11 Anime that more than likely involves a lot of action!

10 Anime that appear to be Slice-of-lifey.

Maybe 8 that is totally a Gag fest.

3 Magical girl Flicks

Few Visual Novels

Yeah We got a full season let’s get started I’ll just go in order. I’ll tell you guys what I know. if I’m gonna try it why, or why not, and the likelihood I’m reviewing it in the TIBYBIC (Tibybic… that sounds like a stupid fantasy name…) Alright let’s begin.


Apparently this is an old as crud idea from the master of space Matsumoto Leiji-sensei the guy who brought us Space Battleship Yamato. This anime will be 6 episodes in length and honestly is already half over, and I haven’t heard a thing. I don’t know if I’m going to watch. It sounds like your general Space Opera, bad stuff happens to Earth causing more bad things to happen girl, appears who can probably fix things or make something happen, guy makes it his destiny to ensure her’s. Meh I think I’ll skip this one sorry folks.

Saint Seiya Omega

Well, I know that artist! There are places all over clamoring about this one. I’m gonna be honest never seen any of the Saint Seiya series but from my intel gathering this is a prequel to all the rest of them. It has a female who is actually useful (apparently a first.) and its done by the same creative genius that made Heartcatch Precure. A VERY highly acclaimed series even not considering I’m a Precure Otaku. I still don’t like getting into things ways part through I’d have to go watch all the others first. Big release of this season regardless of my Opinion.

Uchuu Kyodai

Well this one looks promising, slice of life, a little science of the realistic variety and a basic background that gets my attention. Two brothers and space, one already gets to go the other doesn’t I think it’ll be a very good story. The Samurai and I think this one will go over very well. Episode one has been subbed and I’ll give it a watch. It will probably be reviewed too to boot.

Naruto SD

Based on a spinoff manga series that stars Rock Lee being Rock Lee. Jump has somehow got this into Bleach’s old time slot (Anime ended RIP). In any case. I thought the manga was pretty amusing and anything that gives Tenten more time on stage no matter the reason is a plus. I might watch it for chuckles but I probably won’t review it.


Looks like one of those 5 minute series. This one appears to bring up various courses of debate in a classroom setting and lets characters go wild on what’s going on. May watch no review.

Ginga e Kickoff!!

Soccer Anime, probably involves Soccer, probably involves a pretty good player needing to form a team, more than likely involves friendship of some sort and tournaments. ‘eh I’m a sucker. I’ll probably give it a try. Review, well if you’ve seen one Sports anime from a sport you’ve seen all of them.

Next one is just a show for kids watch it if you want I’ll pass! moving on!

Sengoku Collection

This apparently is based on a card game… I can only watch a few Anime involving Children card games and this isn’t gonna be one of them PASS!

Kuroko no Basuke

Another sports Anime this one is Basketball, may watch see above pretty much the same thing just replace Soccer with Basketball.

Pretty Rhythm: Dear My Future

This is a sequel to Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream. I haven’t watch the first one but what I can tell this is about Ice skating performers of some sort. My YouTube suggested lead me to an interesting song that amused me enough to consider trying the series but it’d be from the first one and I won’t throw any reviews in this direction.

Jewel Pet Kira Deko

… I got nothing. Looks like all about cute things and ‘eh…. I’m staying clear. Watch it if you want by all means.


AH YEAH look at that description! It’s about girls who are Automatic weapons! What?! The Samurai has no idea and frankly neither do I, but I gotta give this series a shot (pun not intended). Guns from around the world will be featured and I’m curios what the heck will be going on. Review DEFINITE. This is gonna be one of the big ones this season.

Nadia of Blue Water REMASTERED

Hnnng The Anime that allowed Disney to score untold amounts of money through their Atlantis Franchise was almost completely stolen from this Anime classic. It’s worth watching Remastered and I’m probably hitting it too, no reviews from me though Look to the Samurai for that one.

Thomas the Tank Engine?

… Yeah that’s Thomas The Tank Engine and I’m not fooling you folks. They’re releasing this in Japan now I couldn’t know if this was simply porting or the Japs did something new… no review though.

Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle S2

Haven’t seen the first one, dunno, might watch it, dunno. Gotta see the first one first. Not sure if it’s totally worth it… No review definitely.

Cardfight Vangaurd S2

It’s about a children’s card game. I don’t care moving on!

Eureka 7: Astral Ocean

NOW WE’RE TALKING. That’s right folks the sequel to E7! The Samurai and I are pumped for this. I’ve seen a little of the manga for this and I’m hopeful for the future. It tells the story of Renton and Eureka’s kid and Lord knows the craziness one get into on Okinawa Island. I’m wondering what happened to the kid’s parents. THAT’S the big mystery. Though Nirvash is back, she regressed down to Version II, but let’s face it a godlike Biological Robot thingie isn’t as fun at the beginning so it makes sense. The Samurai and I will be watching this and we’ll probably Co-op any reviews of this. We love this franchise that much. This is definitely a Big release for this season.

Fate/Zero S2

Ah Fate/ series… Brilliant Visual Novel. The First season of the prequel Anime of this Saga was welcomed with open arms by fans. It’s a great series but A. you need to READ THE VN first, then B. you could watch the Anime of Fate/stay Night for epic combat… then after those Chores C. Watch Fate/Zero. Has to be done in that order no excuses. Viewer discretion is Advised for pretty much everything in the book except under-aged drinking.


A Mystery/slice of life about a lazy dude? Ok why not I’ll give it a shot. It’ll probably be reviewable too.

Acchi Kocchi

Well it’s got a tsundere and an hatable guy… that’s gotta be worth at least one episode. I’ll look at it!

Accel World

Hmmm looks like it’s about some crazy MMO/real life thingie… It’ll probably fall flat… BUT! It is my duty as a gamer to give this one the 5 episode shot! If it’s good I’ll scream it to the world if it’s not I’ll let it fade into obscurity. (Update at the last second: SCREW OBSCURITY! THIS IS GREAT! I’m calling this the Surprise hit of the season! After that Hour Long Premier I’m at the Edge of my Seat!)

Kore wa Zombie desu ka? OF THE DEAD!

Aw… yeah… one of the greatest Comedies of last year is making a comeback! For those of you who haven’t seen the last season get back and go do that cause then you know if there’s going to be more of that then you better strap yourself in. It’s gonna be a riot! I’m watching will probably not review until the end and give the whole series a good look though it might get saved for Harem month. Nice parody of the title ne?


Here we go, Pure Action! this looks like this will be the Action Anime this season tries to fill the void left behind by Bleach. I don’t know anything about it though, that just means I’ll have to go watch it and give everyone a review.

Kimi To Boku S2

Slice of lifey? I think I was told to watch the first season. With any extra time I might just do that. Awesome! No opinion for now.

Tasogare OtomexAmnesia

This appears to be a mystery, ghost story bit. It sounds interesting. I might give it a shot it should be very exciting. I don’t usually watch Anime of this genre much so it’s always good to expand the horizons right?

Hiiro no Kakera

Reverse Harem Guyge anime? Ladies, I’m sure this totally up your alley and if I hear good things I might give it a chance, you know in fact Ill lean towards the I’ll give it a chance side of things assuming the backlog doesn’t want to get watched.


This screams sci-fi slice of life. It sounds like it’ll be a lot of fun and have plenty of randomness. Always good to have something light-hearted as part of your balanced Anime diet. I’m trying it.

Shining Hearts: Shiawase No Pan

Never played the game don’t ask… apparently involves Bread in some measure? Probably skipping me and game adoptions do not go well.


I’ve been reading the manga for this one a WHILE back. I just know noticed haha. Gezz though a Lot of dead people and Zombies this season. This Anime takes a different approach to it. Goes behind the Science of Zombies. A fantastic Romantic Comedy, you guys gotta try it. I’m so watching the Anime, haven’t read that manga in at least year… Yadda Yadda

Natsurio Kiseki

Remember in my K-on review I promised to be following a Specific Anime this one’s it. So this didn’t come out on schedule partly because I was watching the frist episode. Sorry for cheating couldn’t help myself! It’s a Slice of life with a touch of fantasy following 4 second year middle school girls. There’s Friendship! Drama! Slice of Life Galore! Rock that grants wishes… wait what? It seemed boring standard fare until the last 5 minutes and then things got crazy Standby for more coming soon.


this seems like your gruff serial war tale. I think the description says it all. I’ll give it a shot and let you all know.

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san

… Well that’s an interesting description. We got Cthulhu in the house? Ok…. This sounds like a random comedy… I’ll probably watch the first episode and see if it grabs me…


Ho… Slice of life college age comedy! The Best kind! Ronin are such interesting people. You can do anything you wan with them! Consider this show WATCHED! or will be in any case.

Beyblade Zero G

So for all of those who watched The Original way back in dub form… yeah basic formula hasn’t really changed so there are tops… They break all laws of physics and yeah. Your call. People do get really excited. That’s kinda fun.

Sakamachi No Apollon

Nice setting! Japan after the reconstruction due to WW2 That should be an interesting place to have a slice of life. This anime looks perfect for anyone who wants to learn a little more about Japan, while enjoying another story of friendship.

Mysterious Girlfriend X

This manga I’m current with. It’s a strange romantic comedy. It’s hard to describe. I do know that when the Anime takes off there’s going to be a ‘drool’ trend in Japan, trust me on this… I’m looking forward to seeing how this Anime compares to he manga. Definitely watching.

Shirokuma Cafe


Medaka Box

Well Jump is starting to slow down Bleach is coming to an end Naruto may end in our lifetime and One Piece has to be getting somewhere. Meanwhile we’re all reading Medaka Box. This is a fantastic Action/Gag/Slice of Life/Battle series featuring The one woman who can probably outhack Aizen. Folks, this series is pure gold. Let me put it to you this way. The internet was all abuzz when the Antagonist mistress of 4th wall breaking announced that this manga would end before the release of the anime. We were all imagining it was going to happen, but alas she was hacked, and called insane for thinking life was a manga… Where does she get off doing that?!

I’m watching and so should you. This will be a Big Release for this season.

Train Hero

Ano… Withholding comments about this series for now… I may have to invoke drastic measures relating to this one. Stay tuned.

Queen’s Blade: Rebellion

Sequal to Queen’s Blade. You want Ecchi we got it! There’s fighting and there’s barely dressed women. I’m still probably not gonna watch it as I’ve  yet to see the original but to each their own Viewer discretion is VERY advised.


When I first heard about this one, me considering how much I like anime relating to music was instantly on-board. It sounds unique, though I’m not sure how well it’ll go over. I’m cheering for it though and I wish April was music month. Oh well can’t be helped. I’ll probably watch and review this one.

Saki: Achiga-hen episode of  side-A

Saki… wasn’t that that Mahjong Anime that played more like DBZ with a whole bunch of special effects? Well I guess it was pretty popular mostly because of girls doing it so… probably more of the same headed your way. If you seen the original, give it a shot. I haven’t yet… another to add to the backlog.


… Ok read the description. Wow, they’re not even trying to make a plot anymore… A Club about studying Romance where there’s only one guy involved? The poor thing will suffer… A LOT… and he MAY get a god End… Me as usual I’m hoping for the BAD end. I’ll give this series a shot if only because it’s so blatant in its intentions. Galge are simple aren’t they?

Well that’s it. The anime for this season. I’m gonna have a busy one. I’ll do my best to judge each one of them I watch fairly and we should have a lot of sun. You know I just realized that I haven’t been putting categories and tags in properly for my last few reviews… WHOOPS… Better go do that and NO I AM NOT FOR THIS ONE… *shudders* So Samurai, will complain that there’s no pictures. For those of you who may know the guy. Here’s how to stop him, (And any other REAL anime fanboy) in their tracks

AW YEAH! This is Andrain, thanks for reading I’m signing off, got Anime to watch! Until next time…

One thought on “Andrain’s Try It Before You Buy It Corner Special: Spring 2012 Preview!

  1. ::quickly covers his nose:: That’s a dirty trick, and you know it!

    In any case, I’m anxious to see what the remastered “Nadia” series looks like. Just what are they remastering? Is this simply going to be a clean-up job of the animation like “ToHeart” or “Neon Genesis Evangelion”? Or will this be a retelling/streamlining version like “DragonBall Kai”? Either way, I’m happy for this “second chance” the “Nadia” series is getting; it really deserves it…and after the “Infamous Island Episodes”, it really NEEDS it.

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