Cajun Samurai and OtakuAndrain’s Favorite Opening/Closing Themes! (Part III)

[And now, the conclusion! Check out Part I here, and Part II here!]

Cajun Samurai – Andrain, how much do you know about the Space program?

OtakuAndrain – Quite a bit, my father worked for NASA on the Voyager I and Shuttle projects.

Cajun Samurai – I never knew that! Hey, let your dad know that a 6’1 black guy in a black Jeep Grand Cherokee may be stopping by this summer. See if he can get me into Mission Control…

OtakuAndrain – No one he knows is there anymore. I tried.

Cajun Samurai – Can’t be helped then. Ah well, I guess I had better pacify myself with this cool opening from the series “Planetes” set to the opening theme song “Dive in the Sky” []

OtakuAndrain –  Yadda, yadda… that sequence brings back memories.

Cajun Samurai – Because this is a Studio Sunrise production, a lot of work went into this show with regards to accuracy…and the opening title sequence is no different.  If you watch the entire series from beginning to end, you notice that the opening changes slightly with each set of episodes.

OtakuAndrain – Is that so… Interesting.

Cajun Samurai – Yup. It changes with the plot. The historical stuff remains the same, but everything else changes slowly over the course of the show. It’s something I didn’t pick up on until I watched the DVD’s and saw the extras. And it’s also one of my favorites because it features the Saturn V rocket lifting off, which is one of my favorites. Seriously, if you haven’t seen one in person folks, you’re missing out. This thing is HUGE.

OtakuAndrain – Mm-hmm it was a pretty cool rocket for its day. But Samurai-san, We’ll go into Space Otaku mode… that’s not our job right now.

Cajun Samurai – Heh. Sorry, sorry. Ahem. After you.

OtakuAndrain – Of course, well if we’re heading back to deep space and we already did Outlaw Star there’s one other Anime that’s set apart for Americans in the day.

Cajun Samurai – Hmm…I think I should know this…

OtakuAndrain –  It’s a legendary Song by a certain Pop Duo.

Cajun Samurai – Legendary song…pop duo…

OtakuAndrain –  Well the ending is a bit more known… BUT Lets Retro this up a bit and take the War between Earth and Zeon to a close. Here’s “Gundam Wing”‘s First Opening “Just Communication” By Two-Mix… Gah, I love those two! []

Cajun Samurai – Oh yeah! Jazz Hands! Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

OtakuAndrain – You’re good, I’m not Herro.

Cajun Samurai – The song is very good! The duo harmonizes perfectly.

OtakuAndrain –  Umm… That’s just the girl of the pair….

Cajun Samurai – Ohhhh…no wonder. Heh…

OtakuAndrain – The Guy is handling all that sweet music.

Cajun Samurai – OH…gotcha. Okay, Samurai Observation…the space station in the beginning reminds me of an old school compass. You know, those things you would use in Math classes to draw circles?

OtakuAndrain –  Probably what it was intended to be. I don’t try to get into Those Gundam guys heads.

Cajun Samurai – Something interesting about this opening…the humans are relatively still as compared to the Gundams. I mean, Heero stands there with Jazz hands for most of the song.

OtakuAndrain –  Well… [::Glances around::] … Ano… can’t say much…

Cajun Samurai – Uhhh…okay? I suppose that makes sense…to you and you alone. In any case, we have to move on to our favorite closings, but I have one more submission I would like to make…

OtakuAndrain – Go for it.

Cajun Samurai –  Heh. Out of all the ones that we’ve covered, and even those we haven’t covered, this one ranks really high on my list. The group in question has lent their musical talents to another popular anime series… The song is “Shine” by the ever-popular L’Arc en Ciel from the show “Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit” []

OtakuAndrain –  Yadda Yadda… Nice grab, fantastic grab in fact. I figured you were going to go a little more crazy with this but not bad at all.

Cajun Samurai – Yeah. The opening is a teaser of the ABSOLUTELY Beautiful animation the viewer can expect every single episode. And it’s a touching opening too.

OtakuAndrain –  Mm-hmm L’-arc-en-ciel folks. They got a good range to them. It’s easy to see why production teams go to them.

Cajun Samurai – Heck yeah. Every note matches what appears on-screen, even the little part when Izzy…I mean Chagum is crying…It goes soft, then it picks up again.

OtakuAndrain –  [::nods::] Fantastic work all around leading into an Anime not many people see coming

Cajun Samurai – Indeed. IT sucks that it didn’t get as much run time as some of the other Adult Swim shows got… But, I guess that’s what DVD’s are for. I found my set at WalMart for around about $30…oh, wait! This isn’t “Money Saving” month!

OtakuAndrain –  We’ll get there… Let’s go to the other side of anime episodes shall we?

Cajun Samurai – Yes, yes;  the closings. Just as important as the openings, as it gives the viewer a chance to settle down and digest what they just saw. While it’s not so important if watching on DVD, the ending song still plays an important role.

OtakuAndrain – Nonsense, A good ending is played every single time you see it. You won’t skip over it because it’s a treat to listen to.

Cajun Samurai – I stand corrected. Since you feel so strongly, you lead us off.

OtakuAndrain  – Certainly, with Bleach ending later this year I feel like I’m losing an old friend… that started out oddly got really cool and then fell to just getting annoying…

Cajun Samurai – “Bleach” needs to be retired…I mean, good grief! This show has more arcs than a power plant. And more filler than an Eva sized teddy bear.

OtakuAndrain –  Bleach always had quality music. Great stuff all around, and I gotta a lot of picks from that series, but the ending played when Bleach was at its best was its 4th ending. Here’s “Happy People” by Skoop on Somebody. []

Cajun Samurai – Okay…I admit, Happy People was awesome, and I admit that I burned it to a disk and played it in my Truck back in the day.

OtakuAndrain – So? I got the full version on both my computers and my Media player. [::blinks::]

Cajun Samurai – Heh. Ditto. It’s so upbeat and positive.  It reminds me of a family cookout on a Saturday afternoon in springtime.

OtakuAndrain –  Getting into Forbidden territory but yeah… one thing “Bleach” really screwed up was basically ignoring the awesomeness that was Yuzu and Karin.

Cajun Samurai – Three-hundred plus episodes, you would think they would have time to squeeze in some screen time for them…

OtakuAndrain –  Well they do…  The Anime does in the filler arcs…

Cajun Samurai – …WHICH ONES?!

OtakuAndrain –  … the later ones…

Cajun Samurai – Uh-huh…well, sorry my friend, but I’m not about to go back three-hundred some episodes to find it. I’ll take your word on it.

OtakuAndrain –  It’s ok… No one wants to. Hence it ending. Alright you’re up!

Cajun Samurai – Indeed. And for this next one, I think a trip BACK to school is warranted…If this show taught me one thing and one thing only, it’s that girls can be just as perverted as boys…

OtakuAndrain –  [::Head tilt::] Too many Yuris to imagine…

Cajun Samurai – Not in that territory…but this show leaves NOTHING to one’s imagination…submitted for your approval, the ending to “Seitokai Yakuindomo” – “Aoi Haru” by Angela. []

OtakuAndrain –  Aren’t you glad I showed you this show? The ending has ABSOLUTELY nothing to with it. The only reason that’s ok is that it fits the show’s theme.

Cajun Samurai – Indeed I am. This show is epic from beginning to end. Though, admittedly, I didn’t care for the opening…But this ending makes up for it! And any song that mentions Google and Wikipedia gets a pass in my book.

OtakuAndrain –  We’ll probably review this someday but in the meantime… “Seitokai Yakuidomo” is the most perverted, wrong, abysmal show ever… All by being completely clean.

Cajun Samurai – Heh. Yeah, it’s not the show that you would want to show in polite company.  Oh yeah, a bit of trivia; the girl in the ending credits actually appears in the last episode! She’s one of the club girls trying to recruit new members.

OtakuAndrain –  I see well there you go.

Cajun Samurai – And I love her fast-paced rambling in the song too…

OtakuAndrain – Of course, must have been hell to translate.

Cajun Samurai – I picture many clicks of the “Rewind” button…

OtakuAndrain –  Let’s see how do I follow-up from that… [::Glances at the card in his hand::]

Cajun Samurai – I know you got a good one…

OtakuAndrain –  There are several my friend… I’ve even got Gospel here.

Cajun Samurai – Really now? Always good to get the sprit moving.

OtakuAndrain –  Do I want too though…? [::Glances at hand and discards one card::] Epic Song and Epic ending but that won’t quite work…

Cajun Samurai – [::Begins reading “Usagi Drop” while he waits::]

OtakuAndrain – Alright fine you got me. If anyone at all ever took a good look at my power level. They’d find I’m a pretty huge Precure (Pretty Cure) Fan. And Why not?! No, no… No ranting… I’m just going to give you guys the second ending from two seasons ago…only because it’s too late to do another one. This is the Second Ending of the Legendary Heartcatch Precure, Mayu Kudo’s “Tomarrow Song”. []

Cajun Samurai – Umm…wow…  Is this the “Gospel” you were talking about?

OtakuAndrain –  Ah Come on you can hear the Choir… Yes, I know I’m telling this to a black guy…

[Just to clear up something: Yes, we talk like this all the time. No, I don’t find it offensive, and neither should you! OtakuAndrain has been one of my best friends for as long as I can remember.]

Cajun Samurai – Yes, I hear the choir! Geeze…not the type of thing I would expect to hear on Sunday Morning… But it is very stirring.

OtakuAndrain –  Not evening mentioning the budget they gave the ending alone with the high level CGI and the… See not his cup of tea… not sure why but I won’t complain.

Cajun Samurai – Hush, Loli-con…

OtakuAndrain –  When I get to see Epic level butt-kickings I don’t care who is delivering them. Better plot then a lot of crap these days…

Cajun Samurai – On that I will agree…

OtakuAndrain – [::grumbles::] Poor girl had more emo things happen to her and radda…radda…radda… radda…

Cajun Samurai – Yeah, yeah…save it for the review. Now, a quiz: What do you get when you combine Mecha, sky surfing and Mariah Carey?

OtakuAndrain –  Mariah Carey? … “Fly Away”?

Cajun Samurai – Bingo! Among all the AWESOME opening and closing songs Eureka Seven has gifted us with, my favorite ending has to be “Fly Away” by Asami Izawa. It’s very funky. []

OtakuAndrain –  Funky? I love that Jazz. It’s an even more brilliant exhibition of legendary visuals.

Cajun Samurai – Agreed. But it has a bit of a funk riff about it. Trust me on this. And the vocals are awesome…she sounds just like Mariah Carey… and the opening drums remind me of a song by the Commodores called “Brick House”.

OtakuAndrain –  Mm-Hmm…

Cajun Samurai – …you have no idea who The Commodores are, do you?

OtakuAndrain –  Not a clue, lost I am to American culture.

Cajun Samurai – Yadda, Yadda… In any case, I love the blue visuals…of course, I have an affinity for blue and white.

OtakuAndrain –  Just a little… Alright I’m up, we should be drawing this to a near close, and since you’re the boss around here you get the obvious final word so I’ll take something nearly as good

Cajun Samurai – Ah, I have two more in mind, but you’re right…

OtakuAndrain –  Now I’m surprised we didn’t curse our readers in the OP segment with one of Anime’s most addicting Songs.

Cajun Samurai – …oh good grief.

OtakuAndrain – Since we didn’t Azumnga Daioh deserves a mention in these proceedings and thus Here’s Azumanga Daioh’s Ending, “Raspberry Heaven” []

Cajun Samurai – What a way to end a show as pleasantly crazy as this one. Oranges and Lemons did an awesome job.

OtakuAndrain –  This song I have on Level 3 standby when I need to calm down. It’s not quite Aria level but I need something strong. This song does it.

Cajun Samurai – Agreed. It’s very tranquil. And don’t you just want to run up and hug Osaka? She just looks so freaking cute standing out there in the flowers.

OtakuAndrain –  Mm-hmm… A dangerous one, she is [::nods::]

Cajun Samurai – It’s always the crazy ones. [::mumbles::] As I’ve learned over the last few years…

OtakuAndrain –  I know your pain old friend (Disclaimer: All of our Female readers are clearly the sane ones of the Anime World. We bear you no ill will. Please disregard.)

Cajun Samurai – Nice. In any case, I have about two more in me…::studies the two cards in his hands:: Hmm…Well…heck, all three why not! Here’s a recent one from a show that you did a Corner segment on…

OtakuAndrain –  … Ok…?

Cajun Samurai – File this one under “WTF”. From “Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou” here’s Amesaki Annainin with “Ohisama”. []

OtakuAndrain – Ah haha! This one, heheh…

Cajun Samurai – Yeah…this one gave me pause on so many levels, followed by rolling fits of laughter. One wonders what was going through the audience mind when they were watching this play…

OtakuAndrain –  Probably what’s written on their faces…

Cajun Samurai – And I would like to nominate that group picture as the most epic of all time.

OtakuAndrain –  Fair enough.

Cajun Samurai – Oh come on…it takes testicular fortitude of the brass variety to pull off a Haruhi cosplay…as a male. Besides, wouldn’t you call this their “Springtime of Youth!” I think it can be excused. Okay! Now, I’m surprised at you sir! How could you miss the most epic ending in anime!

OtakuAndrain –  Did I?

Cajun Samurai – Indeed. Along with its opening, it’s one of the most recognisable ending themes of all time!

OtakuAndrain –  I’m pretty sure I covered it…

Cajun Samurai – Unless I missed something…here’s Yoko Kanno with “The Real Folk Blues” from “Cowboy Bebop”. []

OtakuAndrain –  Ah… gomen ne…

Cajun Samurai – Seriously, Bebop is known for its iconic opening and closing…

OtakuAndrain –  Gomen, gomen I thought we were doing a one song per Anime rule to spread things out

Cajun Samurai – Sorry, sorry. My mistake. I just wanted to ensure that Bebop got it’s just due.  Please accept this picture as recompense. []

OtakuAndrain –  Hahaa… well that’s our show for today, sorry for the informality of it all… Now I’ll get some sleep and get that Full review out of the Way, look forward to it. Also on top of that I’ll try to give you all a fine review of this Anime season and a Preview of Spring 2012. Please look forward to it.

Cajun Samurai – And after I edit and post our ramblings, I’ll be getting ready for April when I will be paying homage to a group of fans who stand by their man through thick and thin; the Risembool Rangers! No April Fools here! Rangers, prepare yourselves, because you’re about to be hit with a Cajun Samurai Wave! Please look forward to that as well! Until next time…BYE-NII!


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