A Revew of Senkei Zessho Symphogear: Why your Mom said that kind of Music was bad for you.

“You want to know? I eat, watch movies and sleep! A True Man needs nothing else!” – Genjuro Kazanari upon him kicking the butt of the transformed antagonist.

Yo, Andrain here, day two of my busy as stuff weekend, Mar 31, means music month is over in a few hours so I gotta move to make this deadline (not to mention other Anime dealings). Now let’s talk about this anime for a sec. Symphogear here was full of stupid! nearly all of it on the production side. This anime seems to take parts of nearly everything, We got a little Precure, Some Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha: StrikerS, Yes, I even see a little relationship that Tomoyo-chan from CCS would kill Li-kun to obtain. Guys, there’s even parallels of Naruto up in this house. All on top of this one containing one of the most Menly men since Kamina! All of this in a Yuri show! How win of a guy do you need to be to rise past a Yurifest?! Most of the problems with this show lie on the production side which I will open fire on with ALMOST as much fire power as these girls have. The production team almost ruined this completely, so foolish… Anyway, I’m Andrain, put on your Yuri Goggles and join me. This is a special Full review of “The Swan Song of the Valkyries: Symphogear”

Warnings and Notable Objectionable Content –This one is definitely leaning towards the R catagory, gore, death, destruction. There’s hope but this thing gets really Violent and all that might as well be blatant Yuri… the main character girl makes a harem many harem dudes would be jealous of…

Story Breakdown – Symphogear is a great example of the transforming Magical girl. This is a 13 episode series following Tachibana Hibiki. She’s a special girl that nearly died at a concert two years when the mysterious alien life forms called Noise attacked. Noise are troublesome things, they appear to exist on a shifted plain of existence meaning our conventional weaponry is all but useless. Another curious property they have is they love to deconstruct organic matter on contact and leave people as piles of dry Carbon. That’s a problem, any contact will cause that effect, so naturally you don’t want to mess with them. Anyway, so Hibiki is attending a concert of the famous Duo ZweiWing made up by Amo Kanade and Kazanari Tsubasa. It was a pretty good concert giving us an idea of the quality of music to come until this Anime is the fastest I know that has ____ going down. Madoka gives you 3 episodes at least. Symphogear gives you time to sit down start liking the red head… and then kill her off. Luckily Hibiki gets pierced by a piece of Kanade’s armor and nearly dies, but is saved because she’s her and obviously it’ll be up to her to do the destiny stuff as the main character. Not gonna lie, plot wise it is pretty basic, just gotta fill in the why holes. That said it’s the cast of characters that make this one go. The story kept itself fresh and exciting but I disliked the fact we the Americans were the Evil dooped. Oh well, can’t be helped. (20/25)

Characters – Can’t really do a full list of characters without spoiling too much of the fun I’m afraid, so I won’t. Hibiki though is about as simple as you get. She’s the hard working idiot that could probably throw a mean Hadoken (neglecting to mention her finishing move is a throwback to the Big O). She’s still quite lively though, and I couldn’t help but like her. Then there’s Tomo… I mean Miki! Those two put the definition of friends into a WHOLE other level. Maybe It’s just because I’m a guy… but the two of them need to be in the same bed together or neither of them will get proper rest. I’M JUST SAYING!

The Happy and Idoly Tsubasa turned Emo after losing Kanade… She’s approaches Sasuke level…. couple of moments matching it. Luckily as we all know, the cure to Emo is a good ass kicking whether self inflicted or not (Starlight Breaker works too). Kanade eventually becomes fixed, so that’s good.

The one character that makes this series so awesome is Genjuro Kazenari. He’s Tsubasa’s Uncle and in charge of the special section that deals with these transforming sound girls. This man is KAMINA level. No joke! He is more then prepared to kick ass, sure he can’t touch the Noise but why does that matter when he can move 400 lb blocks of concrete with his kicks. He makes this show. He’s always there being always awesome and he’s always a treat to have around for certain! (25/25)

Animation – FANTASTIC. The Artists pulled no punches! This looks great all around. I can rave all day about the character designs, the designs of the noise units, the scenery, the references… oh lord are there many references. I just couldn’t get enough watching it. (12.5/12.5)

Music – The girls are empowered by music, in combat they’re singing, their final release is called the swan song, a song that generates so much power its supposed to kill them. Music is important and this anime takes a mecha style techno theme. It’s catchy and fits all around with the theme and the design of the series. The opening is called “Synchrogazer.” Sung by… why it’s Nana Mizuki! HO!!!!!!! That’s right folks my favorite Voice actor bar none! This lady has been in nearly everything and has voiced some of anime’s greatest legends. Her music is gold and this song proves it. It’s great. The ending is done by the V/A of the mysterious Third ranger that joins later. The song called “Meteor Light” by Ayahi Takagaki. This one is also a fantastic song so the OP and Ed are great, the combat music is stirring and exciting and fits the girls. Music here works perfectly. (12.5/12.5)

Performances and Production – AND HERE is where it goes downhill. The production teams assembles this All-star cast. We got Aoi Yūki aka Kaname Madoka. We’ve got every magical girl with issues that Nana Mizuki has played on top of her being Hyuuga Hinata! Then, we got Ayahi Takagaki who is relativity new, but She’s Hii-chan! They even have Yuka Iguchi aka Index! HOW can this come close to failing? Oh, almost forgot Hideo Ishikawa aka Uchiha Itachi plays Genjuro,  It’s got everything for success. It was their timing mostly the production staff released this just after Suite Precure ended. Suite Precure was also a music themed magical girl anime, different flavor, but the main pair happened to be named Hibiki and Kanade! So, not only only did they stuff concepts from so many anime into one ball, they managed to name the characters after the heroines from JUST the previous season! America noticed! Japan noticed! Everyone including me went into this skeptical! Whoever decided the timing for this almost ruined the series. The cast was fantastic. I’m gonna remember their roles. Those were some scenes in a beautiful series, but I don’t know where the idiocy was in their release timing but making someone go into an anime with THIS kind of power skeptical is just plain outrageous! I’m just glad the series overcame it between the Animation department and the voicing. Honestly, that’s where all Anime should win, but they also shouldn’t be facing all the obstacles. (16/25)

Scoring Summary:

Story Breakdown – 20/25
Characters – 25/25
Animation – 12.5/12.5
Music – 12.5/12.5
Performance and Production – 16/25

Final Score – 86/100 – C

No other juicy tidbits I’m sorry got 20 minutes. Tomorrow I’m pulling up the big list I found of everything coming this season and will talk you all through it. That’s gonna take a while so do be looking forward to it. I’m Andrain signing off for today .

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