Cajun Samurai and OtakuAndrain’s Favorite Opening/Closing Themes! (Part I)

Cajun Samurai – Greetings everyone. Well, because it’s Music March, we decided to share some of our favorite…and least favorite Openings and Endings from anime. As usual, I’m joined by my friend OtakuAndrain.

OtakuAndrain – Yo everyone, nice to take some time off to just enjoy the music.

Cajun Samurai – You can say that again. You know, a good opening theme can really set the tone for the entire show.

OtakuAndrain – It’s always a treat when High value Anime change-up their openings, and there are some Anime that their openings and endings are so iconic they identify it to everyone.

Cajun Samurai – One such opening has got to be “Cruel Angel Thesis” from Neon Genesis Evangelion… []

OtakuAndrain –  How many times has that one been remixed with each new one just piling on the awesome?

Cajun Samurai – More times than I can count. I have about 10 versions on my Hard Drive as we speak. And no, that’s no exaggeration… This is an iconic opening theme. It introduces us to everyone (that matters) in the series.

OtakuAndrain – Love it or hate it, “Evangelion” is a legendary Anime that starts with this beautiful song. It wouldn’t quite be Eva without it.

Cajun Samurai – And just like the series itself, you always find something new no matter how many times you watch it. For example, I had no clue that the two shadows in the beginning were Rei and Asuka…

OtakuAndrain –  … No comment.

Cajun Samurai – Hey, give me a break, alright! Better late than never!

OtakuAndrain – Another Legendary series with an equally legendary opening is “Toradora!” and it’s OP “Pre-Parade” []

Cajun Samurai – I haven’t seen this series as of yet…I’ll have to get around to it though…

OtakuAndrain – Guys… This man has not seen The Greatest Love Story Ever told… I’m sorry everyone I did not mean t expose this.

Cajun Samurai – [::Glares::] I hate you… I kind of have a full schedule both work related and anime related!

OtakuAndrain – No worries, people. I’ll find a way to fix this…

Cajun Samurai – Oy…in any case, the music is very upbeat and cool for this one. I love the fact that we get a gist for the main character right at the onset.

OtakuAndrain – It matches our main characters well. Doesn’t it? Even he’s now interested… even if he doesn’t know how amazing Minorin is.

Cajun Samurai – I like the bright colors of it; It’s very vibrant and energetic. Who did the song?

OtakuAndrain – The V/As of the Girls of the series, Rie Kugimiya, Kitamura Eri [Old favorite] and Yui Horie.

Cajun Samurai – You know, I always admire V/A’s who sing their own Opening themes. It shows that they have more invested in a show other than providing a voice for the characters. …you already know where I’m going with this, don’t ya?

OtakuAndrain – Of Course I do…

Cajun Samurai – Yes, I’m talking about…”Lucky Star”… []

OtakuAndrain – Now this… This OP ALONE contributed to an Economic Boon for an Entire town!

Cajun Samurai – Exactly! Who would’ve thought a girl with twin tails walking down in front of a shrine would help boost the economy of a city in Japan? And don’t get me started with the dancing. This show is pretty much the “And, what now?” to the Hare Hare Youkai dance from “Haruhi”.

OtakuAndrain – Of course this song has been danced too by people of all Ages color creeds and degrees of Freedom.

Cajun Samurai – [::raises his hand sheepishly::] Lost a few pounds dancing to it…

OtakuAndrain – No worries you’re on Otaku you’re with friends

Cajun Samurai – Thank you…but it is a fun opening. The chatter in the bridge of the song is a unique touch though…

OtakuAndrain – Who knows what high school girls are talking about in their free time?

Cajun Samurai – If they’re anything like the girls I went to high school with…well…we won’t go there.

OtakuAndrain – Yadda, yadda… Where’s your sense of Romance… Ok let’s see what shall I highlight..?

Cajun Samurai – …you never went to my high school…the idea of romance is less “His and Her Circumstances” and more “Highschool of the Dead”; minus the zombies.

OtakuAndrain – We’ve Had way too much sappiness on this list so far. So lemmie pull out another School Classic of a different brand. Here’s another of the most legendary Openings of All time Can you guess?

Cajun Samurai – Starts with Dragon end with Z?

OtakuAndrain – I said School Classic!

Cajun Samurai – Ohh…umm…AzuDai?

OtakuAndrain – Not sappy! Hint Number 2: Let’s turn the Ignition

Cajun Samurai – G.T.O? [Great Teacher Onizuka]

Otaku Andrain – []

Cajun Samurai – …wish my Toilet made that sound when I flush… But yes, I love the black and white artistic style used for this one with the splashes of color.

OtakuAndrain – Though it doesn’t really give you an idea of what’s coming at you. For an anime like GTO that’s good thing.

Cajun Samurai – Surprises in store indeed. You know, Call me crazy…Onizuka-sensei reminds me of Naruto right before he fires the gun at the end.

OtakuAndrain – It’s all good; there’s some weird parllel…I guess…

Cajun Samurai – But yeah, Onizuka-sensei is just like what we see here…in your face and not ashamed of it.

OtakuAndrain – True true.

Cajun Samurai – While we’re in school, I do have to suggest this one if not for just one particular scene… “Cromartie High School” opening theme, “Jun” by Takuro Yoshida…oh that’s driving music if I ever heard it. []

OtakuAndrain – Ah, a Gag one interesting.

Cajun Samurai – The opening sequence, by itself is nothing really special…but it’s the moment when all our main characters are strutting down the hallway…that’s gansta right there.

OtakuAndrain – I hear yuh bro, I hear yuh…

Cajun Samurai – Granted, it’s one of the most random shows you will ever see, and one of the most random shows I will ever review, this opening is actually relatively docile in comparison. And before you ask dear readers; yes, that is a gorilla. Yes that is a Robot…no it makes no sense.

OtakuAndrain – …Outside of the obvious explanation of “Welcome to Japan.”

Cajun Samurai – Yes, yes. I have a feeling that in one of many Japanese airports there’s a little sign in all different sorts of languages that reads “Welcome to Japan–Check Your Logic at the Genkan”.

The characters of Angel Beats! (from left to r...

OtakuAndrain – Next up, let’s toss on something a little more modern. This is one of my favorite openings of all time. Though the Anime itself doesn’t seem it’ll stand the test of time, it leaves us with this. This is Angel Beats!’ Op My Soul, Your Beats!, by Lia []

Cajun Samurai – Ah…girls and Pianos…

OtakuAndrain – what can I say? The Visuals here are stunning aren’t they? And the guy randomly holding a Halbrid makes you go “wha?”

Cajun Samurai – Right; more so than the girl loading what looks to be a handgun… But yeah, it’s beautiful…I like the use of birds and feathers.

OtakuAndrain – It fits the odd theme of the series

Cajun Samurai – Indeed. Girls I know don’t normally sprout wings while playing the piano…piloting mecha, yeah. But not playing piano.

OtakuAndrain – Give it a shot it’s an ok series everyone; Promise! Have I lead you wrong?

Cajun Samurai – …there was that one time in Vegas… “Bet it all, Samurai! You can’t lose with two pair!” HA!

OtakuAndrain – Oy, don’t steer the readers like that.

Cajun Samurai – Oh come on man! You’re no fun! I wanna fly all over the place! I wanna throw caution to the wind!

OtakuAndrain – Are you going somewhere with this? Though I think I know where if you are.

Cajun Samurai – Of course I am. Don’t make fun of it, don’t destroy it, don’t cheapen it, and above all else, PLEASE don’t forget about anime history with “Through the Night”; the Opening theme from Outlaw Star. []

OtakuAndrain – This OP is special; The Dub version of this made in the middle of the worst days of dubbing stayed with this opening. Outlaw Star showed us all a good Dub could be made.

Cajun Samurai – Indeed. Outlaw Star was one of the few shows that kept its opening theme without making any changes. Unlike other shows of the time who created their own opening by hacking the original, “Outlaw Star” kept its original song just adding green subtitles.

OtakuAndrain – It would become the way to do it years later but Outlaw Star was one of the first

Cajun Samurai – One thing I like about this opening is that there are moments when it’s reflective, yet it soon kicks it into High Gear.

OtakuAndrain – That’s Outlaw Star in a nutshell.

Cajun Samurai – And the beautiful shot of Melfina against cherry blossoms is worth the price of admission.

OtakuAndrain – My Second Waifu ^^

Cajun Samurai – Oh have mercy…in any case, something I just noticed…those caster shells we see in the opening kinda remind me of battery terminal cleaners. And yes, I worked at Auto Zone for a year after graduation…so a lot of things remind me of automotive equipment.

OtakuAndrain – That just comes from being an engineer… Remember what I do?

Cajun Samurai – Indeed.

OtakuAndrain – Ooh..not revealing, instead, Lets keep the Space Cowboy theme. This is another one of those Legends; I shouldn’t even have to introduce it any further. THIS allowed the serious Anime to come to America. THIS is Dubbing Gold and THIS s what Legends Start with. Cowboy Bebop “Tank!” []

Cajun Samurai – Seriously, if you don’t know IMMEDIATELY identify those opening chords, something is tragically wrong. “Tank!” does so much with just that one little sentence.

OtakuAndrain – Back in the day, a friend of mine in the Band revealed to me what kind of Legendary song this was… It takes a special kind of person to Blow the Brass on this song, not everyone has the talent to do it.

Cajun Samurai – Many have tried, many have failed. The Seatbelts have given us the first of many gifts that is the Bebop Soundtrack. Every time I see this show, I’m suddenly sitting up in my bed on Saturday Nights watching Cox Cable Channel 33 at 12:00AM.

OtakuAndrain – Mmm… I know that feeling oh so well…

Cajun Samurai – The visuals are as memorable as the song itself. The colors are cool yet brilliant, and there’s always something that catches your eye. And kawaii-grinning Radical Edward always gets points in my book.

OtakuAndrain – True that. This was another legend that matched the series perfectly… It’s something that I hope you all are seeing. A good opening matches the theme of the series and then adds a little to it.

Cajun Samurai – Exactly…it’s a fine alchemy–give the viewer a taste of the insanity to come without showing your full hand. A good example of what Andrain is saying is one of my personal favorite openings…”Hit in the USA” by Beat Crusaders. []

OtakuAndrain – I like the Beat Crusaders. All of their songs are in English. It makes my life easy.

Cajun Samurai – It makes my life amusing to be sure. A Lot of their songs in the anime made almost no sense…but this one is clear as day to me…Save for the chorus…it really does sound like the group is singing “I Was Made to Hit an American…”

OtakuAndrain – It was a really good OP definitely.

Cajun Samurai – I love the fact that we see our main leads singing the chorus. It’s a nice touch and a way of saying “We’re Beck, we’re here, and this is our show. Prepare to rock.” And one thing that should also be said…Funimation COULD’VE redubbed this opening…but they didn’t! That deserves praise in my book.

OtakuAndrain – Fair enough.

[Click Here for Part II!]


4 thoughts on “Cajun Samurai and OtakuAndrain’s Favorite Opening/Closing Themes! (Part I)

    1. Heh, thanks for catching that. It’s always risky when putting up links from YouTube as they can be removed at any given time. I should’ve checked the link before posting like I did with the later parts. The link should work correctly now!

  1. You totally got almost all of my favorites. If I had to make a list of my top three, they’d be (in no particular order): Bleach’s first OP, Toradora, and “Tank!” OreImo’s might make that list as well.

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