Andrain’s Try It Before You Buy It Corner Special!: A lookback at Winter 2011

What’s up guys Andrain here. Well it’s time for a new season and before I spend an obscene amount of time previewing Spring 2012  for you let’s take an equally obscene amount of time to look back. First some housekeeping: Since the show I was going to review is going onto a 13th episode to be aired this weekend I’m gonna close Music month with a high speed work all night review for everyone. Until then, let’s talk about some things! The winter 2011 season, it went by fast and there were a load of anime like always but lets recap.

We’ll start with my Anime of the season. It is one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. The first one I took a look at, all professional and crappy like looking back at it now. No worries! another season older and another season wiser, trust me. Careful with Morestu Pirates though, it’s full of something that we like to call ‘plot’ there isn’t screaming or huge space battles or ecchi or looks at underpants, nope! Just plot! Well there is cool stuff in between of course. You gotta be able to appreciate it. This Anime is half over and I say still improving every week. Your mileage might vary. Still Morestu Pirates was definitely one of the high points of the season.

Next comes a series I didn’t review because it got licensed immediately by VIZ media. I’m talking about Rin-ne no Lagrange or as the Americans call it, Lagrange: The Flower of Rin-ne. This is a Slice of Life, Mecha flick with fantasy and all sorts of random deepness on top all but blatant yuri all condensed into a beautiful package. Honestly if you all got time, The 12 episode series (More then likely first season) is available straight and on demand from VIZ media subbed too. I highly suggest it. Viewer discretion is advised. As soon as I confirm whether or not there’s a second a season I’ll do a full review.

Another I didn’t touch on was called Natsume Yu-jin Chou. This is another Slice of Life/Fantasy. It’s about a boy who is very in-tuned to the spirit realm and regularly communes with Spirits both good and bad who are attracted to him for some reason. That reason being his grandmother, the one whom he inherited his power from. She prepared a “Book of Friends.” By taking the names of many many spirits who all seek to break their contract and regain their names, something the kind hearted boy is happy to help with. No real action, it’s calming pretty thing and I’ll say worth a watch. Well this was a second season BUT it’s popular enough in Japan to warrant my mention here. It’s almost guaranteed someone will give it a chance. [Edit: Whoops Made a little mistake, got owned by name changing while not doing the proper Homework, as sweetpea616 points out us below Natsume Yu-jin Chou Shi that was aired this season is the series’ 4th season. I’ll be more careful about my content from now on and I’m sorry for the inaccuracy, just all the more reason to watch it right? ]

If you’re an Adult and you like Extremely Ecchi things then High School DXD is for you. It’s about this poor guy who was going on the first date of his life only to be brutally murdered and resurrected as a spawn of a Demon. A very very very HOT Demon mind you but still. This anime contains the most suggestive ending sequence of all time.

Of course, The Daily Life of High school boys continued his rampage of crazy insanity. There’s not much I have to remind you… I mean they started with blatant heresy and went from there exploring the messed up lives of three guys in an all boys school. A must watch.

Kill Me Baby… Did not fare very well. It honestly got boring watching Sonya abuse poor Yasuna more and more and more and more… it was just getting trying and not even Agiri-san could save that anime. LAST SECOND BEFORE PUBLISHING UPDATE: I head that the ending was actually quite touching mau… that means I gotta finish it one of these days.

As for Ano Natsu de Matteru, I dropped. I couldn’t take it. I tried a few episodes, really I did, I tried to get over my distaste and everything but I couldn’t get myself to like it. Some people do though so I won’t flame it anymore then I already have though I hear the ending really irks people.

Zero no Tsukima finally finished, though I’m told That was a train-wreck too. I’ll get that done in time for Harem Month.

Aquarion Evol which is the sequel to Aquarion which I honestly didn’t get to see either of aired and I got nothing on it. If you want I’ll take a look, maybe.

I guess that was the highlights of this season. It was a pretty good season overall. It seems there was an equal amount of joy and rage running around but… I think it was a good season to get into the blogging business and I’m always going to look fondly upon it. Well next up is a look at Spring 2012.

Oh before I forget, The season’s Best OP goes to Rinne No Lagrange with “Try Unite!” It also spouts a strong ending but, lets be honest nothing this season can top Kill Me Baby! and “Futari No Kimochi No Honto No Himistu” Honorable mention goes to StudyxStudy from Highschool DXD just saying *whistles*

Well anyway this was a lot later then I originally intended, sorry I’ve been busy but that’s what Saturday’s are all about ne? So Stick close someone uploaded Symphogear Raw and I’m not about to wait for the translation if I’m sticking to the music month theme! Wish me luck and here I go! Up next: TODAY! I’m closing out this season and music month with a Full review of Symphogear, my surprise hit of the season. Please look forward to it.


One thought on “Andrain’s Try It Before You Buy It Corner Special!: A lookback at Winter 2011

  1. One small correction for the Natsume mention: “Well this was a second season” – actually, it’s a fourth. I admit to being a huge fan. It’s just so good. And for anything to get four seasons in Japan…. Well. Doesn’t necessarily translate into success over here, but it’s definitely worth giving a try.

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