Drew Threw it to You Award…Kinda…

 Greetings once again guys and gals! It’s time to award this months’ “Drew Threw it to You” award!  This time around, we’re doign something different. Because of recent events involving the Head Coach Sean Payton being suspended [unfairly, I might add] for one football season…the same season that New Orleans is going to host the Super Bowl, today, we’re going to change things up! In honor of Coach Payton and his ritual of chewing Juicy Fruit gum during each game, this months award will be known as…

 Juicy Fruit

The Juicy Fruit for Payton Award!

The Third Award Winner of 2012 is one of the most legendary names in the anime industry to date.

He has a style all his own, from his wardrobe, to his hair, to his entire freaking outlook on life and anime.

He has been at the helm of some of the more outrageous series of our generation including, but not limited to, “Excel Saga”, “Puni Puni Poemey”, “The Wallflower” and “Nerima Daikon Brothers”.

He is the ONLY director that I know of who has appeared in animated form in EVERY single show he’s directed–and not just a little cameo either; I’m talking hard-core involvement in the plot!

And on top of ALL that…he even knows fellow “Drew Threw it to You” Award winner, Tiffany Grant!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the 1st ever “Juicy Fruit for Payton” Award is none other than…

Shinichi “Nabeshin” Watanabe

 Congratulations good sir, may you continue to produce anime that makes the viewing audience both laugh hysterically and scratch their heads quizzically!


3 thoughts on “Drew Threw it to You Award…Kinda…

  1. Nice pick! Excel Saga remains the only anime that has made me consistently laugh hard from beginning to end (well, the first half…I never watched it entirely).

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