“K-On!” Leather Jacket Hits Japan in May

Hey guys! As a bit of an addendum to OtakuAndrain’s review of “K-On!” I have to share something that stumbled into my RSS Feeds from Anime News Network. Aparantly a merchandising company in Japan known as MOVIC [A company who has had it’s hand in the production of  dang near every anime and movie I’ve ever seen…] is going to be making a leather jacket made of buffalo hide. The jacket, which is retailed at 49,875 Yen [which converts to approximatly $615 in US Greenbacks…not counting shipping & handling…], will have a large picture of band leader Yui from Ho-kago Teatime holding pink headphones appearing to be in the nude from the shoulders down. The jacket will be available in May both online and in the “Animate” anime shops around Japan.

Now…if you can afford the $700 bucks to both buy the jacket AND ship it here from Japan…AND have the pride and conviction to wear it out in public with no shame or fear of retribution for having a semi-clad young girl on your back with pink stars and hearts sprinkled about…then please send pictures as you will AUTOMATICALLY win the “Drew Threw it to You” Award for shear testicular fortitude because neither myself nor OtakuAndrain are brave enough [or rich enough…] to invest in something like this much less wear it out in public. Heck, I get enough stares already in the anime aisle…


One thought on ““K-On!” Leather Jacket Hits Japan in May

  1. In my defense, I gotta be crisp and clean for my job if I was going to a Con I’d totally sport that without a second thought… That is, if I couldn’t get Archer Cosplay.

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