“Boys Be…” Initial Thoughts…

Okay, so I started my “Boys Be…” review marathon, and I can’t help but notice something about the opening title sequence that I haven’t noticed before and probably wouldn’t have noticed had someone on YouTube pointed it out…If you look in the background, you can clearly see a nuclear wasteland. A nuclear wasteland in the background with a cute Japanese girl in the foreground all playing out over the strains of the happy song “Daijobu (It’s Okay)” by Aki Maeda. Umm…last time I checked; nuclear devastation = NOT OKAY!

Also, once again, Liam O’Brien plays the goofy, energetic Tag-Along character, almost carbon copy of Hideaki Asaba from “His and Her Circumstances”. I’m not saying he’s bad at it or anything, it’s just interesting how he often gets picked for the “goofy friend” style roles.

The eye-catches in this one between the first and second halves of the episodes leave me scratching my head. What were they going for with the sexy women in swimsuits with the words “Boys Be” on their bodies?

Finally, the music in this show is not endearing itself to me at all…it’s SO “After School Special”, it’s not even funny. It’s almost unbearable.

Yeah…one episode gone…twelve to go. This…is gonna be fun…


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