Andrain’s Try It Before You Buy It Corner: “Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou”

You Know, there comes a time in every Otaku’s… experience where you just smack yourself for resisting. Now I know some have poor taste and rave on what is absolutely terrible. It happens. then you watch it and you’re like. Wow, that’s bad! Ok, I’m with you, happens to me too, but sometimes you resist and all the hype was for a good reason. In this case, I decided to listen to a crazy raving yuri fangirl who screamed “Yaoi, yaoi, yaoi”. Big mistake, the anime in question is… ‘umm…’ but I’m gonna tell you what’s really what. I’m Andrain. This is my ‘Try It Before you Buy It’ corner. This time I’m taking a look at “Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou”. (Daily Lives of High School Boys)

Let’s get started with an intro slide, nice; they even pronounce the name properly for us nonjap speaking types. Oh this is a Square Enix and Sunrise Collab not bad. So we start with a young man being apparently late running out with bread in his mouth? Wait… In all of my days of anime… thinking thinking… No, I think that might be new. Someone please correct me. Has anyone ever seen a guy late with bread before? Totally assumed that was girl domain… ANYWAY. His name is Tadakuni and he lives normally!

“Yo Tadakuni!” Ah a friend who is probably also late and might… Curry?! And the third of the Trio is eating Raman… What the.. Gag anime? I thought I heard Slice of life… WHA?! Impact! Something huge crashed from the sky! Boom huge explosion! They look up and they see…

ZAKU IN GUNDAM COLORS?! This… Can’t be! Heresy like this can only be brought about… WITH THE HELP OF KYOJI!


Whoa whoa whoa… Phew…calm down… Ok, stop looking at Random Video on YouTube and letting Anime Zaniness effect me… Phew…ok Folks, I’m good let’s continue!

So The Zaku blast at our heroes and reveal a book about the tales of Adventure… and… OMFG OMFG! I’m actually old enough to get this Reference… Ok, whoever calls me out on this reference WILL have the just opportunity for me to give the Samurai a break and do a full series review on WHATEVER YOU WANT! Anything anything AT ALL (long as it’s anime, first comment calling out the origin of this reference gets it! Back to the show!

Oh it was all their fantasy… oh son of a! The Bohemian Rhapsody just started in my head… For the record, I am not drunk doing this review… I think it’s a combination of Pirates and Symphnogear (Stay tuned for that) getting to me. But yes, This is indeed a slice of life, good! Well other than taking the fourth wall and breaking it down, but that’s ok! We learn Tadakuni is our straight man.

Alright Opening time! Gonna be honest when I first heard this I thought, “Is this a Bleach theme?” Now love or hate Bleach they ca do some pretty decent music and this is included! mostly slice of life-like scenes except for… any girl that looks decently attractive… has their faces covered… Oh dear God… Is this a way to create no shippings?! Will we use this manner to keep it all about the guys?! IS This truly A TALE OF MEN BEING MEN?! Oh I hope to find out. Oh, one exception to the rule, she must be important…

We start our first Episode, “High School Boys and After School.” Since Tadakuni is the main character, this is more than likely his house, “Hey, how do you get a girlfriend?” Ok ok… That’s something normal for a guy to ask. And they start role-playing it out. Excuse me for a second as I get some popcorn going giving it the few minute to escalate. Boys, I’m sure you all know in what direction is going to head, girls… watch the anime.

Ok I’m back… let’s see Tadakuni has finally succumb to madness and is leading the Class Prez (Role-playing) to the roof while our Third is cheering him on telling him to ignore every class of female that Anime has ever brought. IT was a fantastic and wonderful (Role-played) Confession that is totally useless in an all boy school! Nice…

We come up to the next chapter, “High School Boys and Skirts.” Well… Ok we’ll get some pretty girls.. skirt flipping maybe…? Huh I wonder. Oh boy… They start asking one other Opinion about skirts. Wow, they get into it… I should think about girls feelings more… ANYWAY This leads to them asking Tadakuni to borrow his little sister’s skirts… NANI?! Oh already grabbed them and… ooo Pantsu No Jutsu. That’s kinda messed up… on many fronts… so this leads to that and I’m confused and definitely slightly uncomfortable here. It’s amusing in the … Wha? sense. So anyway, eventually they all agree to put a skirt on only… well Tadakuni gets screwed and is the only one… What why would he agree… ughhhhhh… So yeah thankfully the front door opens and the Little sister with no face comes walking in. Betting she gets as good of treatment as Kyon’s Imotou so it’s all good. She walks in as…. right… Burning that image out of my mind…

OK MOVING ON TO CHAPTER THREE, “High School Boys and Ghost Stories.” Dear lord we’re only half way. The Glasses dude starts with a story of three chopsticks and I’m lost in translation. Or maybe it was just as brainless as I think? If so it’s funny! The next Scary Story just makes me cringe… and cry a bit… No spoiler… and Tadakuni I can’t spoil either.. Ok moving on!

Chapter 4 is High School Boy and the Female Companion. Oro? This should be fun. OH CRAP TADAKUNI IS WALKING WITH A GIRL?! WHAT THE IMPOSSIBLE?! GAH!!!!!!!! No spoiler though we’re introduced to the Yankee Motoharu. Awesome… And the Final Chapter is just so awesome I’ll force you to watch it without even telling you what it’s about. Why Cause I can!

No ending the characters are sure to tell us that that’ll come next time… oh well.

So This Anime is… Over the top… in any many ways… Nutty, doesn’t really go far enough to describe what we’re dealing with here. There is some uncomfortable moments but some people will just laugh them off like normal. I gotta say it wasn’t bad… I’ll probably have to look at Episode two to really really give you a full Opinion. America possibility… From that first episode, it’ll have to get REALLLLLLLY popular first, but it’s got a shot. If nothing else he Yaoi fangirls can start their shipping and everyone is happy. Watch it, boys or girls… DO NOT WATCH IT WITH A GIRLFRIEND BOYS TRUST ME!


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