Andrain’s Try It Before You Buy It Corner – “Ano Natsu de Matteru”

Hey everyone, Andrain here. I was going to do a first look at an awesome Mecha series called “Rinne no Lagrange”, but I found it was already being Simulcast via VIZ media. Therefore does not meet my criteria but… You should all hit their site and check it out. You’re going like it, promise. So anyway the Samurai gives me an awful choice; go ahead with my original plan or follow his lead. I’m gonna be honest folks I hate V-day… I’m probably not the only Otaku who says that. Anyway, my mood of the season will not affect any of my reviews at all. Why do I say this? Well with the Samurai hitting up “Please! Teacher”, I gotta follow his lead since the creators of that show have another one moving this season. So this begs the question, do I lean towards Please Teacher in my feelings or, Kami-sama forbids, “Please Twins”? Here’s my look at the anime called “Ano Natsu de Matteru” [Waiting in the Summer].

Let’s begin; starry night scene and a voice over, “They say those who die go to heaven. I don’t think so. I think when we die we go on to live in someone else’s heart. We live on in their memories.” Well hot dang the camera centers on… Yeah… yeah, that’s a guy… He’s got more hair up stop then Shaggy. Anyway, “Just like how our parents stay in our hearts. But with time, memories fade. That’s why people wish to leave something behind. They don’t want to be forgotten” Wait, wait… he’s not making a lot of sense here… they live on until they’re forgotten and then… You know, bad idea not gonna pursue this line of conversation further. Oh thank goodness, something happens! Bright Light! Earthquake! Shockwave from a spaceship crash that probably killed… oh Kami-sama No! This better not turn “Kashimashi: Girl meets Girl” on me.

No… wait… he wakes up in his bed, still a guy. Good! We’re OK still. No, wait he doesn’t remember. What’s that mean? Aliens covering up the evidence?! Well, with assuming his parents are dead, I probably can assume the person calling him is probably Onee-chan. It’s time for breakfast. We got an ordinary High School boy here, with really, really thick glasses frames… Oh his name is Kaito, should not forget that Oh, cut into opening!

Let’s see… the song is pretty good. The first 30 seconds of animation is kinda creepy, though it goes from blue tone to color rather randomly… it’s… odd… Anyway, our Alien is pretty easy to tell as she’s dragging long a pink mascot character. She’s a red head…AGAIN. You know, I got friends who are redheads; making every alien a redhead is not cool! They’re humans too you know! So all in all, the opening was OK… it looks like our main character, our alien, two females and a male are making up our core cast. Well, we should be meeting them pretty soon. The song was a lot better than the animation opening, that’s for certain.

Ano Natsu de Matteru“What, you’re going abroad?” Facepalm. Let’s start the facepalm counter. You never know; this could be the only one, but geeze, that’s like saying “Oh, I’m here, but after this episode you won’t see me again so… yeah!” So where’s she going… BOLVIA?! Her company does work there? I pulled up the Wiki. I was curious about the South American country and I gotta wonder why… Oh well, at least it’s an interesting destination? So small talk, and then Onee-chan rides off in a Scooter. More points to her and of course they’re getting rid of her. Our Kaito has his hands in his pockets, and he doesn’t quite pull off the look. I’m sorry it irks me…

So he’s off to school. They’re out in the country and holy wow! This scenery is…. beautiful! You’d think you’re looking at a picture! Whoever they got to the scenery design, wow! I wanna see more of this studio! So he turns to shoot with the camera train that’s 2 miles off and he sees the Alien on the train… NO, HE IS NOT ZOOMED IN!  HOLY CRAP, THAT’S LIKE THE GREATEST MEETING OF EYES OF ALL TIME! He could even see her red hair from that distance… Double palm! The girl herself wonders why everyone is staring at her. You’d think the Japanese would be copacetic with Aliens by now.

So next we meet most of the people in the opening, decent looking people asking Kai what he’s going to do about a movie. Token best friend appears and the long haired apparently quiet one says, “If Tetsuro stares in it, all the girls will get wet panties.” DOUBLE-FREAKING-FACEPALM. Oy, where’s the girl… What do you mean no girl?! Well clearly someone thinks. Of course when Teturso asks about the girl, Mio, staring in the movie she gets shy really quick. Really? Openly perverted Shy girls… does not compute somewhere. So Kai announces he wants to do something Video-graphically related this summer. That’s cool…takes the camera to the window. Ah, there she is… He immediately starts filming, zooming in on her gracefully. He’s not sure why but he had to film her right then and there. His friends break him out of it and we’re we learn the other girl’s name, Kanna. Wait… Tetsuro compared her to the Alien… Oh son of a…

OK, not gonna worry about that for now. It might not be so bad; I could even be wrong. So we finally get our Alien named Takatsuki Ichika. OK, I’m going with it. So, she transfers in a year up into another class, naturally; being new, a cute girl, etc. The boys circle in for the kill when she’s saved by Yamano-san…who scares them off with an evil look and a promise to have ‘fun,’ scary… She introduces herself as Yamano Lemon. Huh, I sense good things out of this one, “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” Oh YES, SHE’S GOT WIN.

So the two of them are having lunch while Lemon comments on how weird her new friend is. We rejoin Kai and Tatsuro talking about her. She hasn’t even been there for a day and he already knows everything… ho… HE SEDUCED IT OUT OF A TEACHER?! Really…So he’s actually an epic level Alpha! Really?! No! TRIPLE-FACEPALM. Ah here are the Females and… [::sigh::] My worst fears are realized; Kanna-chan is totally into our MC and he’s clueless… So… really? I’m sorry, but this scene right here makes me a fan of Kanna-chan. You know what? I’m tired of this crap; aliens randomly coming in and stealing our men from hardworking girls of our planet. It’s ridiculous, it’s overused, and I’m tired of these poor girls getting screwed over like this! Well I hope I don’t need to see it by the end of this episode… /rant

Damn, though as I keep watching, I can just feel myself rave about this beautiful art as our younger types have a class by the pool. No it isn’t just about the swimsuits either; talking about Movies. I’m honestly zoning out here… Wait for this grand movie Lemon’s writing the script… Ray of Hope? OK, back on board oh yes… ‘ufufufufu’ Yes I love her!

Oh look delusion sequence, Ichika, “Director… Please teach me how to act…” “Well, hahaha…we’ll start with the Outsides and insides!” “You mean the ins and outs!” “Right, Hahahahaha!” I’m not sure whether to call that QUARDUPLE-FACEPALM or just a head desk…

So, stuff happens and Kaito is going home finds Ichika fishing by herself. There’s no ish there. Fine, it’s amusing; she’s an alien, totally allowed to be clueless. Back to Delusion land…They’re not even good delusions! He’s just trying to sound cool… And then he says that STUPI… Wait, dream’s over… and I won’t spoil the best part of this episode. Cut to later!

So skipping past unnecessary amusing things… Except… Oh, Kane’s coming home with Onee-chan; that can’t be trouble. Whatever; Ichika did to heal Kaito before is wearing off and he’s dying again… right at the front door… Ichika taking a shower…. Oh, I know exactly where this is going. Really? Are you really going to announce just how much you hate Kanna…? Screw you all!

Let’s review. This plot has been done before. Only the females are anywhere likable and the two men… including our MC who when introduced to the Samurai via an image said, and I quote, “Well, she looks…. clueless.” [Cajun Samurai: I would like to say in my own defense that I had no clue that she was a he! He looks like a very scruffy girl–like Haruhi from “Ouran High School Host Club” before her makeover!] I’m also tired of perfectly great girls losing their chance for romance because of vehicular manslaughter! That was new and unique ONCE! If you’re gonna do the same thing and dumb it down and expect for that to fly you are WRONG! Everything about this Anime was well above par except for the storyline and the men. Everything else was amazing; the voice work was top notch. However all in all, it still earned 4 facepalms and a rage quit. To be fair, the best moment of the episode did constitute a Negative Face palm so all and all I give this Anime…

You can’t build an Anime on great visuals and good characters, and then throw them into a crappy plot. It doesn’t work!

America? Yeah it’s coming here. Fanboys hear makers of “Please! Teacher” and they’ll spring. This Anime will make people money more than likely.


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