Andrain’s Try It Before You Buy It Corner – “Kill Me Baby!”

What’s up everyone, Andrain here. So a few weeks ago I reviewed a quality, storyline filled, serious Anime. Now, I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes I like my anime zany insane and completely worthless in the plot department. You know, gag anime. Just like those old cartoons about nothing but gags, violence, bombs, anvils, etc… Anime does it too, and does it well in some respects. So this time around I’d like to introduce the newest Gag Anime in Japan right now. Here’s my look at Episode 1 of “Kill Me Baby!”

“Asa…” It’s morning huh? I guess that’s how you generally start school based anime. We have some nice upbeat music it’s a beautiful happy morning. Anyone who can tell anything will know this is indeed a gag fest just by the art as we zoom in on blank white people walking and a young girl on a bit of a dash. She doesn’t appear to be late, though as she greets us in what I think is German. “Guten Morgen! I’m Oribe Yasuna. I think I’m in High School!” Oh, we got a winner here! Yasuna-chan runs up towards another detailed character; Blond and pigtails. She puts a hand to the girl’s shoulder, and suddenly she’s in great pain! “Oh… Yasuna…” This is Sonya-chan as Yasuna introduces us and she’s apparently an assassin.

Well in about 1 minute in we start our intro. If there was any hint this series wasn’t going to be off the wall ridiculous we’ve found it. Apparently there are 4 important characters: the high school girl (Yasuna), the killer (Sonya), the ninja, and the ‘unused character.’ What the heck does unused mean? Well anyway, I’ll admit this isn’t the greatest intro ever. It only makes you cock your head in wonder mostly. There are aliens, explosions, shadow clones… yeah it’s a big mess.

Oh well back to the show it’s morning again. In the classroom Yasuna is concerned about her friend. Even if she is an assassin she’s way too tense. Sonya blows it off saying she never knows when someone is after her and there’s a crack. One of the people in the class broke a vase, and when the camera returns, Sonya already has her desk situated for a shootout. She pokes her head out with a knife and Yasuna comments on how she’s a scaredy-cat. Sonya proudly says being wary and that are two different things until someone spots a roach, and then she’s on the ceiling shaking. “So you’re scared of Roaches?” “I’m just being wary of a hygienic threat.” heheh

The next sketch comes about with a Ghost story Next comes Yasuna wanting to learn some killer moves, mostly so she can defend herself. Sonya teaches her some things and almost kills the poor girl who settles for a book entitled “Easy Karate.”

Next it’s lunchtime. Yasuna seemed to not have a bottle opener and wants Sonya to open it. When she refuses Yasuna taps her from behind. We all know what happened last time so… Well Sonya smacks the bottle open cleanly. Nice one Yasuna! Well the sketch continues until Yasuna gets upset and pulls… A WATER GUN… Sonya already reacted. Come on Girl I thought you were bright for a second hahaha.

Oh wait, no! Chance! She goes for the blast! She misses… or did she! Yakisoba bread hit! Nice one!

A few sketches pass involving a dog and then Sonya demonstrates to us the famous fly catching technique. It’s useful as she doesn’t need bug repellent… oh wait… there was another Roach… woo

I’m guessing we’re at the half way point and morning comes again. I’m sorry about before this time it’s definitely German. Apparently she’ll greet us in a different language every morning. How nice. Well Yasuna learns her lesson and decides not to greet Sonya from behind, so she approaches from the front… that’s no good either.

So during the day, Yasuna blackmails Sonya into going on a ghost hunt. Interesting, apparently it hangs from the ceiling. Long hair hangs from the ceiling… OHHHHH. They arrive at the classroom. Sonya begins her entrance! She’s not Sousoke Sagara so there are no explosives! She throws a stick in as a diversion! Flips into the dark room and ready’s herself… and Yasuna turns on the lights nothing in there.  Sonya Trips on her own stick! And Yasuna takes embarrassing photos before she spots a Shurikan on the ground. She comments knowing about a Ninja in her organization and Yasuna points to the apparent ninja not doing so well to blend into the wall with a sheet. NO IT’S A FAKE! Substitution Justu success! The real ninja walks into the room. Impressive entrance! She’s a happy go lucky type her name being Goshiki Agiri. She gives Yasuna a Shurikan… or business card! Yasuna clearly interested asks about Agiri-san’s justu. She pulls out a kunai on a string to demonstrate Ninja Technique: You’re Getting Verrrrry Sleepy Jutsu!” I think we have another winner here folks.

So Agiri-san shows us more humorous Ninjustu. And eventually we come to the last scene of the episode; A warm sunset by a sakura tree in spring. Now comes the fun part; The Ending. I’m not gonna lie… This is an EPIC ending that makes up for the so-so opening. I’d give ANYTHING to see someone do this dance IRL…

So let’s go over what we got here. Gag upon Gag upon gag and then some. This is for you if you like Slice of life shows and cute girls doing cute things. There’s nothing pervy about it at all. There’s humorous explosions and all and all a good happy time. I gotta say it’s gonna be a hit or miss but I over all kept laughing so all and all a success.

Do I want more? If nothing else I want more Agiri-san. She is a totally winning character.

Chance of License: Gonna be honest this one is up in the air. It depends on how Japan takes it. Gag flicks are hard to localize. That said they managed to get “Nichijou” here didn’t they? If Japan takes this rather well then it’ll probably make it over here. There’s less of a chance though. I dunno know. I don’t know if America will take to this one.


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