A Tag-Team Review of “Lucky Star” – Blue Haired Wonders (Part I)

“Hey Tsukasa, which end of a choco coronet do you eat first?”
Konata Izumi

Cajun Samurai – Okay, lets’ try this again! Greetings everyone and welcome to take two of our tag-team review!

Andrain – Oh well, it can’t be helped, You ARE saving this right? Please check now.

Cajun Samurai – Confirmed! That’s one mistake I won’t make again…though truth be told I’m not sure how I made it in the first place…In any case, it’s nice to have something good to write up for once after all that negative news over the course of the last few days. “Lucky Star” is a feel-good show of the highest caliber.

Andrain – It’s a positive look on all sorts of different Otaku INCLUDING the American flavor.

Cajun Samurai – Oh yeah. “Lucky Star” is one of those shows that you can, on some weird level, relate to. Seriously, just about everyone has had the kind of conversations that these girls have had. And everyone knows a Tsukasa or a Miyuki or a Konata in their group; for example. ::points::

Andrain – Ok fine I’m a Konata and proud of it. Still I don’t have the kind of cash she seems to and don’t have any collectables… yet…

Cajun Samurai – It’s the “yet” that makes me feel sorry for your bank account. Before we get started…if you’re the Konata of the group…who am I?

Andrain –  … Kuroi-Sensei?

Cajun Samurai – …You can keep your job.


Cajun Samurai – So, ““Lucky Star”” is a story of four high-school girls going through the latter years of their high school education and everyday life.

Andrain – Four adds four more a little later on and gives us a nice range of people to work with and fall for. Of course Sensei is along for the ride too, and she’s the coolest since Yukari-sensei

Cajun Samurai – Speaking of Yukari-Sensei, as you probably know, this show has been compared up-down-left-right and Center to Azumanga Daioh. While I do see some faint similarities, I think ““Lucky Star”” is its own animal. It tells its own story and has its own style.

Andrain – Compared to Azudai? You can’t there’s no way there’s nothing remotely similar… Heck a good portion of the story doesn’t even take place at school.

Cajun Samurai – You’re right. We actually see these characters out of school more than in. We also see them wear something other than the]typical school uniform which is equally refreshing…unlike other shows… [::glares with contempt at Angelic Layer“::]

Andrain –  CLAMP used all costume Designs on Sakura and TRC [Tsubasa: Resovoir Chronicles]

Cajun Samurai – Gotcha. I have to admit though, that the story in the beginning was a little lackluster as compared to the rest of the series.

Andrain – Manga’s can start off that way but you’re referring to the director change right?

Cajun Samurai – Yeah. For those who don’t know, the original director of “Lucky Star”, Yutaka Yamamoto was let go after four episodes, and was replaced with Yasuhiro Takemoto. And honestly, you can tell the difference.  It doesn’t just drift along–the pace picks up a bit.

Andrain – I suppose so… but even the manga began with the infamous Chocolate Coronet and… Yeah…

Cajun Samurai – Have to admit, when I first saw that opening scene, I seriously asked myself “What the heck did you just buy?”

Andrain – I was still in shock about something we’ll cover later.

Cajun Samurai – Heh. Gotcha. So, what did you think of the ending? I thought it was very emotional and heartfelt…

Andrain – It was a really good ending nice to see everyone coming together. IT was powerful and highly enjoyable. Though it did nothing to get anyone to ask themselves if everyone was gonna be alright. But that’s fine it was a complete Cross out ending. It was DONE unlike some other series out there.

Cajun Samurai – Like most of the series I reviewed last year?

Andrain –  “Eva” did end… It’s just they decided to redo it…

Cajun Samurai –But Anno’s other brainchild didn’t… In any case…”Lucky Star” had a great story throughout…and it remains a great ride even today.

Andrain – ‘eh no complaints the sheer amount of fan-service [Anime references, pervs!] was just amazing and it takes a real pro to pick ’em all off.

Cajun Samurai Score – 12.5/12.5
Andrain Score – 12.5/12.5


Cajun Samurai – Okay, let’s get into these characters…and we might as well start at the top.

Andrain – Very well, first of all we have the one woman who steals the hearts of anime fans everywhere. Basically if you dislike her you’re clearly not one of us. I mean The Blue haired Otaku, Legendary Shoujo A and the one woman closest to being my waifu. Izumi Konata-sama.

Cajun Samurai – My old friend, I’m afraid you have competition...EVERYONE wants to have Konata as their waifu! And there are lots of reasons why! Not only is she super cute with her short stature, long blue hair and big green eyes, but her love of anime is without comparison.  But, she’s not all just looks. She’s also very smart, very funny and a girl who moves at her own pace.

Andrain – You forgot totally athletic too. Did you see her run?

Cajun Samurai – Oh yeah! She showed off her prowess with that in episode one. She’s a lot of character packed into such a tiny frame.

Andrain – Kona-chan is your average otaku which means she’s quite bright but rather lazy due to not having enough sleep due to anime and games…

Cajun Samurai – She is her father’s daughter, that’s for sure. Speaking of, Soichiro Izumi is a unique style of anime father, isn’t he?

Andrain – Well…. at least he’s there?

Cajun Samurai – You got a point there. It would be EASY to let Konata go off on her own as many other anime do, but they actually gave her a father who is also a fan of games and anime…

Andrain – He’s got issues but he’s a… yeah he’s ok

Cajun Samurai – Go ahead and say it…he’s a…

Andrain – Pervert?

Cajun Samurai – I was going to say Lolicon… But you could be right…as we do see him peeking at young girls in the opening credits…

Andrain – All people have their vices.

Cajun Samurai – Agreed. Moving down the line, we have the Hiiragi sisters–Kagami and Tsukasa.

Andrain – They’re not really a pair as you seem to suggest, Kagami tends to act more as a Straightman to Konata

Cajun Samurai – Yeah. In every really successful comedic duo, you always have to have that straight man to offset the main character…and Kagami fits that role to a “T”…that’s “T” for “tsundre.”

Andrain – At the time of this writing I feel no reason to argue how, contrary to what shippers believe, there is no deeper relationship between Konata and Kagami… can’t two girls be friends?! They aren’t like Nanoha and Fate, or Medoka and Homura

Cajun Samurai – Don’t worry gentle readers who aren’t on the same level of otaku as my friend here…links will be provided!

Andrain – And you should educate yourselves… but I’ll save that for later maybe in my own corner.

Cajun Samurai – Yes, yes. In any case, Tsukasa is the gentle healing-type character and the younger of the two. What she lacks in book knowledge she more than makes up for it in culinary knowledge.

Andrain – Tsukasa is one of a kind though and is a good contrast to her more… caustic sister. She’s the warmth character… Not the Clumsy one but definitely the one you’d like to have nearby on a cold night.

Cajun Samurai – Until she starts talking about Balsamic Vinegar and then things just get confusing.

Andrain – It can’t be helped. Still Tsukasa is the happy air head of our group.

Cajun Samurai – Yeah. Bless her little heart. Now! A pop quiz! What do you get when you combine glasses, Wikipedia and breasts?

Andrain – Why that’s our Miyuki-chan! You forgot the Clumsy…

Cajun Samurai – Oh man! You’re right! She is a klutz of the highest caliber. Who else do you know who turns off the lights in a PUBLIC AREA?

Andrain – Ninja?

Cajun Samurai – Better believe it. In any case, Miyuki is deliciously moe, causing even Konata to drool.

Andrain – She is a great definition of Moe… even her insane fear of the Dentist is Moe

Cajun Samurai – You can say that again…the girl got up and RAN AWAY from the dentist…RAN AWAY. Who does that?!

Andrain – An anime character?

Cajun Samurai – Touché. But of course, our cast of character extends at about the mid-way point of the series. We’re introduced to four new girls.

Andrain – Yep All four girls introduce their own special little touch and fill in some Otaku gaps.

Cajun Samurai – Like our kawaii little Yutaka-chan for example.

Andrain – Yutaka is the Loli Us Otaku adores so much. She’s the pure hearted young girl that has no idea.

Cajun Samurai – Bless her. She doesn’t even know what Yaoi is…something that Kagami found out the hard way…so to speak.

Andrain – Surprisingly enough she’s related to Konata…

Cajun Samurai – That still blows my mind. Almost as much as the hyper-cuteness that is Misao…

Andrain – Misao is the Token Osakan native with the shiny front fang and everything. A Hot blooded 100% type of girl.

Cajun Samurai – Yeah. We’ll talk a little more about her later…but all of the characters…with one glaring exception are absolutely perfect in my eyes.

Andrain – That’s just because you watch Dubs… *eye roll* Patty is a beautiful representation of you and me. The American’s couldn’t portray her correctly.

Cajun Samurai – …I resent that. I am NOTHING like Patty…and my dislike for her goes beyond the dub, which we will touch on…but as a character…I don’t see what she really brought to the table.

Andrain – It’s bad to lie, Boss, you’re gonna give your readers a bad taste; Patty-chan is THE AMERICAN. She’s the transfer student we all wish we can be and I think it’s a nod from Japan that they know we’re here.

Cajun Samurai – Yeah, but if they know we’re here, they could portray us in a more realistic light…I mean, seriously…

Andrain – There’s nothing realistic about “Lucky Star”, and the fact is the Myths that Patty has are completely true. For example, how she only listens to J-pop associated with different Anime. There are plenty of fans like that.

Cajun Samurai – …okay, guilty. But I’m still not a fan of her. Okay. To wrap up, “Lucky Star” has a solid group of characters that makes the story click on all cylinders…save for the occasional misfire–

Andrain – … I can’t believe you missed one of the fan favorites The Kyudere…

Cajun Samurai – Oh! Sorry! Minami-chan!  Now, she’s just downright adorable.

Andrain – Minami-chan is “Lucky Star”’s Rei like character or a Kuudere as they’ve come to be known. She… reminds you a little bit of Rei in her lack of facial expressions and Sakaki-san if you realize she’s just doing her best.

Cajun Samurai – I would say Rei in Evangelion 2.0, as compared to the series Rei.

Andrain – Well the idea is she appears cold but is a little cutie… and once again I bring up my earlier rant that two girls can just be friends!

Cajun Samurai – Tell that to Tamura-chan.

Andrain – You can deflect her with Fate and Nanoha… For those of you who don’t get the reference, I’ll probably take that review someday.

Cajun SamuraiAlready assigned!  So your final thoughts?

Andrain – The “Lucky Star” characters are all amazing even the supporting cast is top notch

Cajun Samurai – With all but one exception, this is about as perfect a cast as you’re gonna finds.

Cajun Samurai Score – 11/12.5
Andrain Score – 12.5/12.5

[And that’s Part 1 of our ““Lucky Star”” Tag-Team review! Honestly, there’s a lot of material to cover–too much for one post! So look out on tomorrow when we discuss Animation, Music and Performances in Part 2! Bye-nii!]


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