Andrain’s Try It Before You Buy It Corner – “Morestu Pirates”

[Greetings readers! Due to some system issues (I.E – I was an idiot and didn’t properly save…) the Tag-Team review for “Lucky Star” will be delayed a bit. While I pickup the pieces of my shattered heart and soul, I think this is a good time to announce a new section to “The Cajun Samurai”! I hope you enjoy it!]

Hello everyone, I’m Andrain. You’ve met me from the past few reviews. It’s an honor to get my own slot here and I intend to make full use of it. What are we gonna call this segment? Well until da Samurai says otherwise let’s go with “Andrain’s Try It Before You Buy It Corner.” 

Here’s how things are gonna roll. It’s nice to have a heads up about what’s coming right? It’d be nice to have just a peek on what the Big Dubbers are gonna pick up next, so I going to push the clock forward and look to Japan at the exact present; the newest and most awesome Anime premiering in Japan that hasn’t gotten licensed yet. I’m gonna take a look, and guide all of you through the first episode of these Animes, get you nice and familiar with it, and talk about production values and general things to look out for. Then I’ll give some final thoughts and decide the chances of it getting licensed over here. 

You see, getting licensed is a lot more complicated then you’d think. Some franchises have little to no chance of getting over here. Milky Holmes is a good example. The Japanese and the Otaku absolutely adore it but… It looks too kiddy while containing a bunch of adult themes so… The Dubbers are probably not gonna take it. I could be wrong, but I’ll give you guys the reasons why or why not it could happen. 

First up, thanks for coming on the ride. We’re gonna start Andrain’s Try It Before You Buy It Corner with an Anime that screams win. I’m gonna look at Episode One of “Morestu Pirates”.

Well let’s take a look at our image shall we? We seem to have a Girl centered wearing a Fuku Skirt [School Girl Uniform] underneath Full Pirate regalia. She’s clearly not only the MC, but she’s also packing a pretty big gun and clearly isn’t from Long John Silver’s day. She’s flanked by what my Anime senses screams Rival, then a bunch of supporters in the back. Alright so, correct me if I’m wrong but we’ve got a Modern day or Futuristic festival of Pirates who happen to be Lovely Ladies. I sense great Moe. Will there be a lot of ecchi? Let’s get started!

While the Galactic Empire…. Well THAT’S NOT a Space flick. Good, I haven’t seen one in a while. For those of you keeping up, The Narrator in the background sounds an awful lot like a certain Emiya-san from “Fate/Zero”, Excellent choice. Let’s see, here’s our intro in a nut shell. A Galactic empire sent people out to colonize Solar Systems all over. The ones on the far reaches decide they don’t like what they got and go for independence. One certain planet named “Sea of the Morningstar.” decides to bolster their rather insignificant forces with the aid of Privateers issuing Letters of Marque which basically means they’re legal pirates. Go look it up on the Wiki, totally legit stuff. 

Intro starts, not going to bother with Titles and artists here. Not gonna play favorites. It’s hard Rock type intro. It works, introduces the characters as intros normally do. One thing leaps out at me as we take a look at our main ship. Shall we compare? Our new protagonist girl’s ship, Bentenmaru, on the left, and if you don’t know what that ship is on the right… Well, Heaven help you that’s CLEARLY the Outlaw Star… I don’t know… Similar? Not a bad thing. Pushes some nostalgia buttons.

Oh yeah that bridge… apparently someone on this staff designed the Outlaw Star. At least you know the ships included in this series later on are gonna be something special. Well with the opening ending over with a rather dramatic image of the MC Girl and “Rival-chan?” standing together we get a quick cast look and we get started.


Hmmm looks like we got standard fare! I sense fanservice overload. Right, right? A show like this with an MC like that must be full of the stuff so I’ll bring up the counter! Let’s see if this series is just totally tasteless and Fanserviceful shall we?

We begin with two people watching some short ranged passenger craft descend into the planet. Our MC is clearly in one of them appearing to look all mysterious as she pulls off some nice moves surprising one of them while the other comments it’s to be expected she is ‘his’ daughter. Oh boy, Incoming story about Gold Rogers?! Are we gonna have some King (or Queen) Of the Pirates action?!

Well we start by hearing her in action announcing she’s leaving early…. that’s odd she sounds rather serious, I don’t detect Dopey, Clumsy, or general Derp. Huh? Well she runs off as the two spies go to follow her in a rather awesome looking motor vehicle as we get a look at technology of the area. Well the two stop off at this place called the Lamp House and set inside seeing a bunch of lamps hanging downward as they are welcomed by your Main character that is at the head of a group of maids…. WE GOT A MAID CAFE! Does that inherently count as fanservice?  Modest type maid uniforms… quiet setting… This show is getting stranger!

 The Spies get served by our MC as we finally learn her name, Kato Marika. I’ll take note that still no expected comedy moments appear; her service is flawless. She’s only reasonably surprised to be called by name by someone she doesn’t know and reasonably asks if they met before. Getting the answer Old friend of Mom and they’re quite similar she just thanks the spy for the compliment and lets it go. I’m still wondering where my Fanservice is. Not to mention when my main character is going to start acting like her template.

 We get home to meet her Mother, A serious… oh wait she’s that Pirate from the Introduction. Ok, on the same page looks legit… So Marika naturally goes on to report meeting that old friend and Mama who she calls her strangely enough naturally drops a plate. Ok, good, this anime hasn’t completely lost me let but let’s face it… This be strange! I think we’re in for a serious story staring a cute girl with no little to no fanservice! Dear Lord! Our Spies appear at her house and report to Mom Capt’n’s dead… oh my! Kato Gonzamon was his name-o…  Must be Daddy! I’m starting to get on page! Mom pours everyone including Marika some wine and says tonight we’ll toast the good for nothing… oh yeah married. After the two ladies down their first glasses of wine in the time of one frame skip they start filling Beer mugs with the stuff and act like normal Drunk Anime Ladies. Misato has new drinking buddies Finally Marika is clued into WTH is going on. The Question comes, and I don’t quote, “Wanna be Capt’n of a Pirate Ship?!” “EHHHHH??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!” Bam Halfway

 So we find Marika reflecting in bed as it all falls onto her. She naturally thinks it’s all a crazy joke since the Pirates have no use outside the War of Independence ages ago and sanely declares she doesn’t wanna do anything that’d make her a criminal. Holy Crap. Of course the reply is like ‘Oh no worries we’re totally legit! Here’s our license’ we’re brought back to Marika as she speaks the most sane words so far “WHO EVER HEARD OF A LEGAL PIRATE?!” So she does what every teenager does when she wants to find something… TO THE INTERNET! And discovers… no lies. NEXT DAY!

 At School, cliché happens, see it, coming three miles off… oh Wait Transfer student! There’s ‘Rival-chan?’ named Chiaki Kurihara, she’s newly transferred due to parent’s job… Interesting, Megane and when she passes Marika… EVIL EYE… Stranger still… Oh well back to the cafe that is… full… to the brim… with Yakuza… Marika and her poor coworkers are scared stiff when Kurihara comes in and we find the next cliché ‘showing off’ blah blah blah and as cliché as normal Marika is like ‘wha?’ well kidnapping attempt comes and Kurihara saves Marika… not rivals interesting! And that’s episode one! I didn’t include the best parts so you guys gotta see it anyway!

As production goes, this show is top-notch is really good Animation is Crisp and clean, OP and ED are well done in both song and sequence. The girls are cute. The characters appear pretty vivid and different. It left a really good first impression on not only me but most of the anime fans I can find throughout the web.  Not only that it managed to do that with no real fanservice. Holy crap, I think I got a keeper.

Do I want more: Oh hell yes! I can wait for the next Episode!

Chance of License: No fan service, good characters, a rather unique storyline and I’ve heard a lot of praise across the web. There’s nothing anyone is gonna find distasteful from this first episode, just going by Ep. 1. The chances of licensing are VERY high. My money will say Funimation will grab it. I would have given it to Bandai before, but well things happen.

Well, feel free to comment and argue with me. I always appreciate the feedback, until next time! Late!

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