Reflections on 2011; Hopes for 2012…

Hey guys! Just thought it would be nice if I did one final post for 2011! For me, personally, it’s been a great year: I was able to get a lot accomplished both creatively and professionally, I made a few new friends and said goodbye to some old ones, and I really expanded my anime collection by leaps and bounds [Yes folks, my priorities are well in order…even when I’m not thinking about this blog, I’m thinking about this blog.] In all, I can honestly say, I was truly blessed in 2011.

I realise that others may not have been so fortunate, as the earthquake in Japan proved this year. Many people lost their lives in that disaster, and in a way it really puts things into perspective; especially for me as a fan of all things Japan. I’m not going to turn this into a “Please Donate” soapbox or anything, after all, what you decide to do with your own money is between you, your conscience, and your bank, and personally, I’m against celebrities pushing others to donate money when they have money coming out the ying-yang. [Sorry for the micro-rant!] I’m just saying that with all the things that Japan has given to us as anime fans, a simple good thought or a small prayer can mean WORLDS more to people than all the money you could ever give.

As for what the future holds in 2012, well, I’m no psychic, nor should I try to be; I leave that up to the Good Lord and just give thanks and praise along the way. But as for what I hope and pray for in this new year? Well, that’s simple: a Black and Gold Super Bowl once again! The New Orleans Saints are going all the way! [Ahem, sorry…but it’s true though!] But, first and foremost I pray that people learn how to love each other again and to tolerate that love no matter what form it takes. Love knows no definition, love knows no boundaries, love knows no political affiliation; so long as it’s shared with others, then that’s what makes it thrive.

Vic Mignogna said it best:

“If I believe what I say I believe,
Love is the answer.
Look past the lies and the hate and you’ll see,
Love is the only way.
No matter the question, foreign friend,
Love is the answer.
If there’s to be any peace in the air
Love is the only way…”

Or, if “love” is too hard, how about just plain old-fashioned tolerance? I mean, heck, we all have our disagreements, but we all are stuck on this big blue marble, so why not make the most of it and learn to tolerate and respect one another?

Just a little something to think about as we leave 2011 behind.

I wish you and yours a very Happy, Prosperous, Productive, Fun-Filled, Extremely Blessed New Year, and I will see you all on the other side of 2012!


One thought on “Reflections on 2011; Hopes for 2012…

  1. You know what’s really sad? So-called Christians like Pat Robertson and his ilk saying Japan deserved it because it’s not a Christian nation. If this were China, where Christians are oppressed, it might’ve carried some weight, but in Japan, it’s just a population thing. There aren’t, too my knowledge, oppressed Christians under a totalitarian regime in Japan. Pat Robertson, even God is embarrassed by you.

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