Drew Threw it to You Award

Hey guys! It’s that time once again where “The Cajun Samurai” highlights an important person in anime with our Saints-Inspired “Drew Threw it To You!” award! For the fourth and last “DTTY” award of 2011, I figured I would do something special…not quite as special as when Drew Brees broke that NFL passing record on Monday, and beat the pants off the Atlanta “Dirty Birds” Falcons, but still pretty darn special!

Drew Brees Throwing the Ball To A Person Made of Win

The Fourth Award Winner is a relatively new addition to the world of anime, but has been in manga since 2006 . 

He has knowledge of all different types of weapons and armaments, from the rudimentary crossbow, to the most advanced sniper artillery ever created.

He was trained by a professional gun handler in the USA.

He was able to convert a humble gas-powered nail gun into a functional gun using materials found in a typical high school!

He is living proof that otaku can be more than nerdy, pasty, tubby little geeks with triple thick glasses! [::glares at Faye Valentine with Contempt::]

On top of EVERYTHING ELSE…he likes turtles!

Ladies, Gentlemen and Miscellaneous…The winner of “The Cajun Samurai’s” fourth “Drew Threw It To You Award” is…


Kohta Hirano from “Highschool of the Dead”

Congratulations good sir, and thank you for making nerds in anime cool once again! Just don’t shoot the football…


3 thoughts on “Drew Threw it to You Award

    1. Well…hmm…I just don’t know be quite to explain it. “H.O.T.D” is one of those shows you have to see to believe because you’re not gonna believe what you’re seeing. It’s a take on “zombies running loose in the city” that I’m sure has never been taken before. All I can say is watch it yourself or read my review of it in the new year.

    2. Careful with HOTD… It’s not for everyone, I personal can’t stand it… it does go places n one has gone before that’s for sure.

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