A Tag-Team Review of “Hanamaru Kindergarten” – Cuteness Concentrated (Part II)

[Okay guys, here’s Part 2 of our Tag-Team review of “Hanamaru Kindergarten”. If you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, please click right here for Part 1 which will give you a full explanation! Okay! Let’s get back into it.]




Animation and Music:

Cajun Samurai Okay. Let’s get into Animation and Music. With regards to animation, I had no issues with it. It is yet another unique Gainax work.  Their unique style is…NO unique style.

Andrain – The music was especially well done. There is no human who ever existed who wouldn’t smile at the Pandaneko Dance.

Cajun Samurai – …you haven’t been to my local bank, have you?

Andrain –  … Did you try?

Cajun Samurai –  Hmm…no…I might the next time I do a deposit. Just ship my phone up the drive-thru tubes with a little note that says “Play Me”. Only thing is–might not get my HTC Inspire back…

Andrain – Right…

Cajun Samurai –  In any case, for me, the music was nice, pleasant, and matches the atmosphere. The opening title song is infectious. On another word with regards to animation, what do you think about Hiiragi’s eyes?

Andrain –  A little weird but it gave a sense of maturity as she seemed to have quite a poker face. Let’s face it if she had eyes like the other kids… they’d be even worse than this guy.

Cajun Samurai  – [::opens the picture and jumps::] GAH!! Don’t do that!  In a way, Hii-chan’s eyes remind me of Hinata Hyuga from “Naruto”.

Andrain –  Yeah, but there was still expression in Hinata’s Eyes but I see what you mean, intentional perhaps… I doubt it though.

Cajun Samurai – Interesting. In any case, Animation and Music pops across the board.

Andrain –  The character designs were top-notch even though some fans complain about the tiny limbs of the children I can’t find fault and they follow the style.

Cajun Samurai Score – 12.5/12.5
Andrain Score – 12.5/12.5

Cajun Samurai – And last but not least for scoring; the performances. As we know, this show hasn’t been released to DVD as of yet, so there’s only the original subtitles. Honestly, I didn’t have a problem with any of the Japanese cast.  I can think of at least one character that you’ll like in particular my friend.

Andrain  Oh, do tell.

Cajun Samurai – Yamamoto-sensei. Doesn’t she sound familiar?

Andrain –  Why in fact she does, a very special someone…

Cajun Samurai – Indeed. Question for you: what if the two switched places for one day?

Andrain – The Embarrassing comments from both sides wouldn’t stop.

[Note: The voice actress in question is , Erino Hazuki, the voice actress for Akari Mizunashi from the “Aria” series…]

Cajun Samurai –  I would tend to agree. I do believe the director, Seiji Mizushima, did a good job with the casting. He actually was the director for “Fullmetal Alchemist”, which is very interesting to me. In addition, he also directed Episode 9 of “Neon Genesis Evangelion”.

Andrain –  Thus explaining those references.

Cajun Samurai – Indeed. That and it’s Gainax. So overall, the acting and production of this one is really well done. Of course, when you create a show that is as well-known as “Fullmetal Alchemist”, something like “Hanamaru” is childs play.

Andrain – Now now, you’re underestimating “Hanamaru”, but yeah that’s right, full marks.

Cajun Samurai Score – 12.5/12.5
Andrain Score – 12.5/12.5

Final Score Tally:

Story and Premise: 25/25
Characters: 20.5/25

Animation and Music: 25/25
Performances: 25/25
Final Grade: 95.5/100 = 95% – (A)

Availability: “Hanamaru Kindergarten” has not been released on DVD in the US, but online providers of anime, such as Crunchyroll, offer the complete twelve episode series. If you’re looking for an inexpensive route, check out sites like Hulu or, if you’re desperate, YouTube.


Cajun Samurai – So, to wrap things up…guests  first.

Andrain – “Hanamaru” is a great Anime when you need to smile and is much more reasonable to marathon the Aria. In the end though “Hanamaru” is a Fantastic Gateway Anime for you Otaku guys who want to get Ladies you love somehow attracted into Anime. But “Hanamaru” is something you could show your grandmother. It’s a light hearted happy flick about little kids being little kids and a poor Guy who will probably never experience

the Springtime of Youth. It’s great but it ended far too soon. Still the ride they gave you was extremely pleasant. It’s worth a watch for everyone.

Cajun Samurai – I couldn’t have said it better myself. “Hanamaru Kindergarten” is one of those shows that you can pop in after a long day at work and feel relaxed and have a good laugh. With its simple yet enrapturing story, memorable characters, gentle animation and music stylings, and performances that are well above par, “Hanamaru Kindergarten” is a must see for in and everyone.


Cajun Samurai – And that’s it with our “Hanamaru” Review! The last review of the year good sir!

Andrain – I hope I provided a bit of assistance.

Cajun Samurai – You of great assistance! Your knowledge is always awe-inspiring, and I hope to be LUCKY enough to call upon it in the New Year…

Andrain – It doesn’t work if we already mentioned the subject of your next review… That just creates face palms.

Cajun Samurai – Awww, nuts. So I should just spill it then?

Andrain – Let’s not keep them waiting.

Cajun Samurai – Of course. Ladies and Gentlemen, the first review of 2012 will be another Tag-Team review!

Andrain – So, get out those Sailor Uniforms…

Cajun Samurai – Bake those Choco-Coronets…

Andrain – And be certain to look up the true definition of Tsundere!

Cajun Samurai – Because the first review of 2012 will be the infamous…

“Lucky Star”



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