The Best of 2011: “Best Anime Opening and Closing Themes of 2011”

Well, will you look at that! In about a week from now, 2011 will be but a distant memory and 2012 will be upon us! I was thinking it would be nice if, for the rest of the year, I would take a look back at some of my favorite things in the world of anime from the past year! Next, turn up your speakers as we reveal the best Opening and Closing Anime Themes of 2011!

Best Anime Opening Theme of 2011:”Hyadain no Jōjō Yūjō” from “Nichijou”

What do you get when you combine the catchiness of “Motteke! Sērāfuku!” from “Lucky Star”, with the coordinated dance moves of “Hare Hare Yukai” from “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya”, and just for fits and giggles, add a touch of “Kodomo no Omocha”? You get “Hyadain no Jōjō Yūjō”, the second opening for the high-school comedy series “Nichijou” [My Ordinary Life]. The anime is pretty much insanity on a disk, but what really catches you is the opening title sequences. The song itself is catchy and begs you to sing along, the animation is insane and funny to watch, and the timing is a thing of beauty to watch! [Click the picture or click here to watch…because I’m such a nice guy to give you a link.]

Best Anime Ending Theme of 2011:”Aoi Haru” from “Setokai Yakuindomo”

I have to say, this is one ending theme that I’m sorry had to end! Not only is the song catchy and very well preformed by Angela, but the animation on the screen that goes with it is very well done. I love the fact that the girl we’re following through her typical day at school actually wears the school uniform from the show. I don’t know why that impresses me, but it does. With regards to the song, well, all I have to say is that if you plan to sing along with this one, prepare your tongue because there are several times when I swear the artists tongue is going Warp 5.3. Finally, ANY song that mentions Wikipedia and Google pleases me to no end. [Once again, click here or click the picture to go to the actual video. Or not. Though it would be nice if you did so you knew what awesomeness this song is…]

Coming Up Next: Best Old-School Anime of 2011!

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