The Best of 2011: “Best Televised Anime of 2011”

Well, will you look at that! In about a week from now, 2011 will be but a distant memory and 2012 will be upon us! I was thinking it would be nice if, for the rest of the year, I would take a look back at some of my favorite things in the world of anime from the past year! So lets move on down the line with the best anime of 2011 as seen on TV!

Best Televised Anime of 2011: “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood”

Just when you thought you saw the last of the crimson-clad alchemist and his iron-clad brother, along comes “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood” to emit squeals from fangirls the world over. This story, a reboot of the original “Fullmetal Alchemist” series, itself a manga created by Hiromu Arakawa, is a retelling of the story of the brothers Elric, Edward and Alphonse, as they search for the secret to return their bodies back to normal after a failed attempt to bring their mother back from the dead using alchemy. Along the way, the duo encounters friends and foes alike, each with their own secret agendas and plots to garnish and harness the powers of God. “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood” hit American airways on February 13, 2010 on “Adult Swim”, and ran through September 24, 2011.  During this time, viewers were treated to a longer series than the original, but one that was truer to the manga, and, truth be told, a much better product! “FMA: Brotherhood” felt more like a complete series than the earlier version, with a fast paced yet never rushed story telling style. This gave the characters more time to be fleshed out, stories to play at a more natural pace, and an overall feeling of satisfaction with regards to the ending. Also of note should be the acting cast in English, which, even with the replacement of a major character [Puberty tends to wreak havoc on voices, don’t you know], still remains one of the best English dubs of all time and one of the only reasons I tuned into “Adult Swim”. [Heaven KNOWS I didn’t stick around for “Bleach” or “Kekkaishi”].

Next: Best Male Voice Actor of 2011 English/Japanese!


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