A Review of “Azumanga Daioh – The Very Short Movie”: And Brother, They Ain’t Lying!

“Happily Ever After!”
– Ayumu “Osaka” Kasuga “Azumanga Daioh – The Very Short Movie”

If this were any other anime, I would normally review the entire series, including any extras, in one lump review. But, this is “Azumanga Daioh”, and it deserves special treatment! After all, it is the very first series to ever get a perfect score from me. “Azumanga Daioh – The Very Short Movie” is pretty much five minutes and fifty seconds of everything that we love about “Azumanga Daioh”; a funny story, hilarious characters, unique animation, and acting that sets the bar as high as Chiyo-chan’s G.P.A. So lets get into it!

Story and Premise – “Azumanga Daioh – The Very Short Movie”, takes place in the classroom on a regular day with Yukari-sensei handing back test scores, and most of the characters getting wrapped up in their own daydreams which range in insanity from Sakaki’s failed attempt at petting a cat, to Osaka’s accidental detachment of Chiyo-chan’s pigtails. This is “Azumanga Daioh” at it’s best; a simple story made fun and funny with good characters. (25/25)

Characters – Of course, we are still hanging out with the same group of characters who haven’t changed from the series. Osaka is still a space cadet, Chiyo-chan is still freaking brilliant and freaking cute, Tomo is still the wildcat high school girl, and Sakaki is still the cute shrinking violet we’ve come to know and absolutely adore. It’s comforting to know that, even with this short a “movie”, the creators remain true to what made “Azumanga Daioh” popular in both manga and anime forms. (25/25)

Animation and Music – The animation style for “Azumanga Daioh – The Very Short Movie” changed quite a bit from the series animation. It’s much more detailed, and looks as though it was made for the big screen, even though it never saw the inside of a theatre. It looks nice, but it is a departure from the norm. Music-wise, there’s nothing different, though the end song with Chiyo’s “Father” spinning around did give me a bit of pause. (25/25)

Performances – Again, nothing really different here. The acting is consistently good across the board in both languages and remains consistent with the series. (25/25)

Final Tally:

Story and Premise – 25 out of 25
Characters – 25 out of 25
Animation and Music – 25 out of 25
 Performances – 25 out of 25

Final Grade: 100/100 = 100% (A)

Availability – “Azumanga Daioh – The Very Short Movie” is only available as a special feature on the DVD release of “Azumanga Daioh”. This movie was not  released on DVD on it’s own. Of course, you can always find it on YouTube in both the original Japanese and dubbed in English.

Lagniappe (A Little Something Extra)

  • As in the original series, Osaka, Kagura and Tomo form “The Kuncklehead Gang”, and each call out their own respective test scores.
  • The end song, as sung by Chiyo-chan’s Japanese voice actress, was the same song performed by Yomi’s voice actress during Karaoke.

So where does that leave us? Simple. “Azumanga Daioh – The Very Short Movie” is everything we love about the full series. Great story, great characters, fresh new animation, good music, and great acting all in one package! What more could you ask for?

And there we have it! The shortest review I’ve ever written to date! I know I could’ve just combined the two reviews, but hey, where’s the fun in that? As for our next review, I left it up to my best friend [and former fiancee…long story] Lexi to pick out which anime she wanted to see us review as she is going through a hard time with her health [Feel better little buddy!] She picked a winner guys, believe you me! Grab your apples, and make sure those pens are full of ink, because “The Cajun Samurai” will be diving into the world of…

“Death Note” 


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