A Manga Review of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure “Stone Ocean” – Guest Reviewer: the_manneh

[TCS: Hey guys! Teamwork is a beautiful thing, isn’t it? No more so than on the internet! To that end, “The Cajun Samurai” has taken on a new reviewer, with one other in the wings! He has been and always shall be my friend both online and off, and his knowledge of manga is quite impressive. So, without further ado, from the “My Thought Processes…” blog, here is a review from the_manneh! Enjoy! Oh, and when I’m posting other reviews and you see the letters “TCS”, those are my comments!]

Manga: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure 6: Stone Ocean

First off, I’d like to say “check out my friend, The Cajun Samurai, he’s doing reviews on series reviews as well, and I am planning on maybe working with him since I like what he’s doing”. [TCS: Flattery will get you everywhere…]

With that being said, Where do I start…Now for those that have absolutely no idea what Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, it’s the actual show where the once popular internet meme (that I wasn’t aware of until recently) “WRYYYYY” and “MUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDA” came from (both things came from the one and only, Dio Brando)…There now that you know that, you know part of the story.

Remember that guy that Dio was fighting in the series…not the old guy, but the guy with the hat…yeah, this story centralizes around his delinquent daughter that can’t seem to get her head on straight after Dad left. Dad is Jotaro Kujo who, by this time, is completely done playing “vampire killer” and has lived a happy life being a biologist or something which results in him having to do a lot of traveling and with his daughter, Jolyne, she uses this opportunity to play while dad’s away.

This kinda leads her in and out of juvenile detention centers and eventually lands her in jail…and the story starts with her banging her head against the bed-spread (pissing off future ally, Hermes Costello) after learning that a security guard found her masturbating (that’s actually how this series start, Hirohiko, you dirty, dirty man). Fast forward to the transfer to the Green Dolphin Street Prison where the fun really starts after our spunky little protagonist finds herself going to jail for fifteen years because of a frame job organized by one of Dio’s loyal followers (get this, he’s a BLIND SNIPER) who is using the assassination attempt to take out Jotaro. After seeing her father for the first time in god-knows-how-long, Jolyne is given stand powers by Jotaro and pretty much, it’s pummelling time after that. We then find out that the actual bad guy (who’s a black man, gotta put that in there) is another follower of Dio that uses God to justify his insane means to “find heaven”. Finding heaven for this guy is learning something from Dio (who’s been dead for a while) that will apparently change the way he thinks.

Okay, the story is pretty to the point, but if you’re the type of guy that don’t like series with over a hundred chapters, this ain’t for you. If you’re the kind of guy that don’t approve of the retro manga style (where the characters mouth takes up 2/3 of their face when they scream and their thighs not twisting at all when they turn around), this ain’t for you. If you don’t approve of multiple sidekicks and an actual progression of strength from the protagonist, this story ain’t for you. In the meantime, I was patient enough to follow this story up until the end simply because of one reason, Hermes Costello. I like Hermes, she’s that foul-mouthed, actually useful, badass kinda sidekick that you don’t get now’days. One thing I didn’t approve of was Emporio, he always looked like he was trembling and slightly cowardly even though you meet him inside of a freakin’ prison where he has a murderer living in the same room as him (Anasui).

The story is pretty to the point as far as plot goes, Jotaro’s in trouble, Jolyne (with band of convicts and Emporio) to the rescue, Antagonist who has own personal agenda tries to prevent it, Jotaro’s saved, epic battle amidst antagonist and Jolyne’s band-a badasses (and Emporio). But what’s going to surprise everyone is the actual ending of this series…It’s so random, it’s ridiculous and you’ll find yourself scratching your head wondering what the hell happened.

I actually gave a lot of the story out so I don’t plan to spoil the ending for ya, I’m a good reviewer. [TCS: So…what you trying to say? I suck? Gee, thanks Manneh…’preciate ya…]

In any case, since I’m a biased reviewer and I enjoy the Jojo series, I’m giving it a decent review. But I will say this though, a lot of the story is f–ked up, and there are some things you’ll question once you read it, but the gratifying violence and storyline will make anyone continue this. Oh and did I forget to mention that Jojo is still continuing (Part 7 is Steel Ball Run and Part 8 (and most recent) is Jojolion), I plan to keep up with them and review them as well because I’m nerdy like that..but yeah, check out the Jojo series, but don’t bother reading them in order, after chapter four, everything’s haywire anyway.

Oh and I gotta ask…WHY AIN’T THIS ON TV YET!? I mean, probably not for Adult Swim, but jeez, this is at least HBO good!

[TCS: Thanks for that great review, Manneh, and we look forward to many more. Now, as for my own review on “His and Her Circumstances”, I’ve finished the series and am currently working on the review now! I recently caught a bit of a cold, so work is a little slow, but it is coming! Also coming down the line is a new “Drew Threw it to You” winner and something special for the Christmas Season and a few other changes to our growing blog! Keep on the lookout!]

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